‘A product of unity’ – Femi Adebile applauds Femi Adebayo’s Jagun Jagun movie, charges gospel drama ministers on the power of unity

Femi Adebile a.k.a Fejosbaba has applauded the beautiful effort put into Femi Adebayo’s latest movie, Jagun Jagun movie.

Jagun Jagun tells the tale of a young man who is determined to become a powerful warrior. He joins an elite army while encountering the wrath of a maniacal warlord and the love of a fierce woman.

The movie features the host of Nollywood stars such as Ibrahim Yekini Itele, Fathia Williams, Debo Adebayo, Lateef Adedimeji, Bukunmi, Oluwashina, Muyiwa Ademola, Odunlade Adekola, Adebayo Salami, Yinka Quadri among others and was released on Netflix yesterday, 10th of August, 2023.

As the movie mounts the mouth of viewers, Femi Adebile took to his Facebook page to drop a short review alongside a short charge for gospel drama ministers.

According to Femi Adebile, Jagun Jagun is a product of unity among Nollywood actors as they put in their best to ensure the movie was well brainstormed and came out well.

Femi Adebile applauds Femi Adebayo ‘Jagun Jagun’ 3. jpg

He added that the result showed that many of the actors involved obviously worked hand in hand with the producer with no selfish interest.

He therefore urged gospel drama minister to encourage collaboration so as to have another beautiful production that will win souls in mass far beyond what Esin Ajoji did.

He added that Jagun Jagun confirmed that cordial relationship is potent enough to buy what money finds hard to transact.

In his words;


I had goosebumps all through the movie,

Looked like a story of David and Saul, Saul grew in hatred when people shouted David’s Praise

Looked like the story about our Leaders, Sponsoring hatred among citizens

That same story could be made into a Gospel Movie that will talk about Gbotija (Lateef) who was sent to Egypt to learn encountered troubles before pharaoh and God rescued him all through the three difficult task placed before him!

I saw Collaborations with a lot of Veterans and captain of Industries, I saw the wisdom of Cooperate sharing of influences around…

Nobody was looking for a name for themselves, they are united together to make a successful movie and even continued to support themselves in publishing the movies of each other

Close sources even told me it was more of the currency of relationship than money! Like I always say anything money can buy, Relationships can also buy!

I am celebrating the movie and the actors, Oh CAPITAL YES, They did so well

Just like I will celebrate a beautiful building with nice architectural design when I see it without caring about who built it or who designed it

Now we can achieve even more when we begin to think cooperatly, when there is true love and unity

When our major aim is that the message reach the world, Because you see, the times are here that God will begin to breathe through people with influence to propagate his agenda and we will all see it!

Let’s all arise in Unity! United we Stand, Divided we Fall! Music ministry believes so much in unity, Collaboration and influence sharing

Pastoral ministry believes in it and you see them holding big conferences together!

Awa nko! Unity! MASSIVE RESULT, More than that of ESIN AJOJI, Another one can be!

N.B: Evangelism and soul winning can be effective if Influence is the Tray that serves it”