‘Your light will not go dim’ – Fejosbaba’s wife, Rebecca prays for him on his birthday (PHOTOS)

Nigerian gospel filmmaker, Femi Adebile also known as Fejosbaba turns a year older today, Thursday, January 11, 2024.

To mark the special day, his wife, Rebecca Femi-Adebile to her Facebook page, where she showered prayers on him. She described him as her King while enjoining her followers to join her to celebrate her husband’s birthday.

“It’s world Best day Happy Birthday to my smiles Thank you for all that you represent in my life and to the world at large, Your light will not go dim, Welcome to your best year, Oya make una come help me celebrate my KING”

Meanwhile, Femi Adebile has taken to his social media pages to celebrate himself by appreciating God over his faithfulness towards him.

Sharing some of his new photos, Femi Adebile appreciated his wife who equipped him with new wears for his birthday shoot. SEE HIS FULL POST BELOW

“Here I am again against all odds  It’s not me anymore but the Grace of God upon my life, Thank you Jesus for helping this small boy, Thank you Jesus because na you dey fight na me dey win, It’s all your grace upon my life and my living, Through it all! You proved yourself as the one who sent me

You have done more than I can imagine! I never saw it this way! You introduced speed to my journey and Destiny, Thank you For Prem Films, Thank you for FTW, Thank you for my beautiful wife, Thank you for my handsome boys.

Thank you for a lot of things that I can’t mention here for now, If there’s anything you like in the life of this boy, don’t give it to me, but to GOD, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FEJOSBABA, DOCTOR TRUTH, FEMI ADEBILE, BABA NIFE and all

Bro, Reduce your ego and celebrate GRACE, don’t pretend you don’t like it!,

P.S: My wife bought me all the clothes I used for this birthday pictures oooo

Watchout for Kembe Isonu in the City EP 1 on Fejosbaba TV Yoruba as my birthday gift to the world & A special Birthday Broadcast on Fejosbaba TV (it will bless you because I will exposing some of my secrets)”