Father Shouts to Wake Baby Up for Crying All Morning, Kid’s Shocked Face Stirs Massive Reactions

Father Shouts to Wake Baby Up for Crying All Morning

A father’s mischief towards his newborn has stirred thousands of reactions on social media as he interrupted his daughter’s sleep.

At the start of the video he shared on TikTok, his baby was suckling on her thumb as she slipped into sleep.

Father interrupted baby‘s sleep

Not wanting her to enjoy the comfort, the father shouted for her to wake up.

He revealed that the girl had been crying all morning and now wanted to sleep.

Many people who watched the video wondered why the dad is so wicked as they laughed at the way the baby looked so disturbed.

The video has gathered over 4,000 comments with more than 600,000 likes as at the time of writing this report.

SM compiled some of the reactions below:

Keaunna Cruse said: “Cause why you scare her like that.”
Gvldmind said: “She looked up like “lord is the you’.”

nakato Sylvia mummy’s daughter said:
“l thought she is going to cry bambi she’s strong.”

LILRUEEEEE said: “BE READY FOR TONIGHT. She gone get her get back for sureee.”

Lisette Arelis said: “Aww, why did you do that to her.”
adorechelsea_ said: “My stomach dropped when she jumped.”

Thamibelle said: “Don’t scare her like that bruh. This cutie was still enjoying the thumb.”

Sharon Rahmah said: “Let her enjoy her sleep in peace, she’s so cute.”

Watch the video below:


When your child think they can sleep in peace after crying all morning 🥴😭 #cute #baby #fyp

♬ original sound – Reek Mayes


Arright this the last one y’all 😭 if you’re too sensitive keep scrolling #baby #cryingbaby #cute #fyp

♬ original sound – Reek Mayes

Woman found baby her parked car

Meanwhile, SM earlier reported that a mother, @nathashankosazana, shared a video that captured the moment she was looking for her child and found him in an unexpected place.

The woman stated that she had been looking for him for one hour. As she approached the house park, she suddenly saw the baby crawling out from under their car.

The mother was so surprised. The kid gently came out without saying a word. After getting to a place he could sit down, he let out a funny laugh.