EVOM sets to hit the shelf with a new movie titled ‘The Abductor’

The founder of EVOM Film Incooperation, Evang. Shola Mike Agboola has announced via Instagram that the ministry is releasing a brand new movie very soon that will bless lives.

Few weeks ago, Evang. Shola Mike Agboola announced that he celebrated his birthday at the shooting of the new movie, appreciating God for how far He has been helping him.

“IT’S MY BIRTHDAY [09-09-2023]

This year’s birthday is particularly special to me because it met me on active Kingdom duty as EVOM is currently on location shooting a brand new movie. I THANK MY GOD for everything. Shalom!”

Days later, the gospel filmmaker took to social media, asking his followers to guess the title of the new movie EVOM World Network just shot as the release date draws closer.


In September 2023, God helped EVOM to film a brand new full-length movie. Thanks to God. The movie is coming to EVOM CHANNEL (on YouTube) very soon.

TITLE? Please keep your fingers crossed. It will be revealed very soon. Shalom!”


Few hours ago, Evang. Shola Mike Agboola revealed alongside a design that the title of the new movie is ‘The Abductor’. He added that the movie would soon be out on ‘EVOM Channel’ YouTube Channel for the online audience.

In his words:

“…and the TITLE is… ‘THE ABDUCTOR’ Coming Soon to EVOM CHANNEL on YouTube.”

the abductor EVOM Shola Mike Agboola