Evangelist Gospel Agochukwu buys rented chair Apostle Suleman sat on, claims it raised a dead boy

Evangelist Gospel Agochukwu of Shekinah Arena Gospel Ministry International, Port Harcourt caused a stir on Facebook after claiming that a chair Apostle Johnson Suleman sat on brought a dead boy to life.

The native of Awalla autonomous community in Isiekenesi, Ideato South in Imo state said he rented the luxury gold chair for Apostle Suleman who graced his program.

He said that he had to buy the chair after it brought a member’s son back to life.

Evangelist Gospel shares how the chair resurrected a dead boy

According to the evangelist, a Ghanaian neighbour visited his church with her dead child after efforts to resuscitate him medically and locally failed.

He said the member was advised to bury the child but refused and called his line but it was switched off. The clergyman said he was away and this made the woman put the dead child on the chair after praying on the altar.

He said the boy sneezed and resurrected. “…Her last option was to come to church and pray as she tried my numbers all switched off. “

After she prayed on the alter she took the child and kept on the white chair apostle sat on the boy sneezed and came back to life,” he wrote. Evang Gospel said he had to buy the chair after hearing the testimony when he got back.

Mixed reactions trail Evangelist Gospel Agochukwu’s testimony

Achebe Grace said: “Go and return someone’s property if you didn’t pay to buy it biko,lying because you want crowd in your ministry. “Onye mmili fulu ukwuia ka oya eli. “It’s people that believe such gibbe.rish I pity cos they like this kind of story.”

Aroo Ibra said: “Gullibles. How many dead child have they raised in Nigeria? Fake testimony. How can a human being believe this type of story? When will government start arresting people like this! Go try such miracle in USA if all of u won’t end up in prison.”

Ọgbẹni Ajakaye said: “DJ YK… “Show us the pictures and Videos.. Only your mumu slaves followers go believe this… Rewrite the script abeg.”

Prince Alex Madojemu said: “The chair should be taking to a near by hospital so it could heal more people. Or probably be donated to any hospital so that more people can get heal. Una head they pain una.”

Favour Mayor said: “Nor Be this guy see new money for Bible? “I dey with you papa, Ride On, you’re the only begotten son of our generation.”

Evangelist Gospel claims heavenly bank sent him money

It was previously reported that Evangelist Gospel had claimed a heavenly bank sent him money.

The cleric said he was really in need of the new cash, but he was unable to access any, but miraculously, he found some new naira notes within the pages of his Bible.

He said: “Needed Cash to get something urgent and help a family without bank account but couldn’t find; I opened one of my bible and found some new Naira notes. “Bank of Heaven has supplied me already. Miracle no de tire Jesus.”