Evang. Mike Bamiloye warns of potential harm from Children’s Cartoons: Calls for parental vigilance

Renowned Christian Filmmaker, Evang. Mike Bamiloye‘s recent Facebook post has sparked a conversation about the potential negative impact of children’s cartoons on young viewers.

In a post shared on social media, Mike Bamiloye revealed a concerning anecdote from a pastor in Perth, Western Australia, whose child reportedly suffered speech impairment from watching the popular children’s cartoon “TellyTubbies.”

The pastor noticed that his child started communicating in a way that mimicked the characters in the show, prompting concerns about the effects of the content on young minds.

While Mike Bamiloye clarified that he is not against children watching entertaining movies and cartoons, he emphasized the need for parents to be mindful of the content their children are exposed to.

Drawing from personal experiences of enjoying classic films like Walt Disney’s “Bambi” and “Aristocats” with his own children, Mike Bamiloye urged parents to pay attention to the messages and influences present in the media consumed by their children.

In his words;

When we went to Perth, in Western Australia and during one of the drama lectures, I taught this lesson on the harmful effects of some children cartoons to our children, one of the pastors confirmed that the addictive watching of a children cartoon “TellyTubbies” nearly impaired the speech of his little child.

He suddenly discovered that his little child no longer talked fluently, but preferred nodding, shaking his head or grunting, just like those characters in “TellyTubbies” Until someone whose child had once been affected told him to stop his child from watching that particular cartoon.

Am I against our children watching interesting children movies and cartoons? No, up till now I still love: Walt Disney’s “Bambi” and “Aristocats” and some few others I had sat with my children and watched when they were growing up.

But, the import of this post is: we should not be praying and fasting for Open Doors and neglect to watch out also for the subtle ways the devil invade the hearts of our children too.

May the Lord give us wisdom.


In another post, he shared the comment of one of his followers who had a feel of the negative impact of cartoons on her child.

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@Chinweuba Adaobi

As parents we should always trade with caution.my son was watching power rangers but was always using his sister as punching bag after watching the Rangers.i have to stop him from watching it because of the negative impact on him.

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