End-time event – Jaymikee reacts to viral video of Pastor Tobi who [email protected] his music ministers during a church service singing a ‘boring song’

A video making the rounds on social media shows the dramatic moment a Nigerian-born UK pastor, Tobi Adegboyega shut down his choristers in the middle of their presentation before berating their performance.

The choristers were singing when he interrupted them and asked everyone to sit down.  He then took the mic and said:  “Alright guys, thank you guys. Be seated please. Even though it was amazing but that song was boring me to death. So I had to come up men. But thanks guys. We would come up and sing in a minute.”

The video has generated mixed reactions of which the popular gospel film editor, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye also took to his twitter page to react to the video.

According to jaymikee who reacted to the video with series of tweets, he noted that the pastor’s reaction was one of the endtime events expected in a time like this moreover the song the choir members ministered was for God, not the pastor.

However, many of his follower shared a different opinion as some said they choir members deserved the public embarasement because of their dressing not seeming too decent to worship God.

Jaymikee again took to another tweet to address this stating that it is very wrong to hide under the improper dressing of the choir members by embarrassing them. See the tweet, and video below;

“The song was boring me to death…” Tor… Receive life in Jesus name. There’s a reason the song was composed for God not you, sir. Endtime events are just endtiming anyhow these days.

I see some replies pointing at the dressing of the Choristers. See, if we want to tackle improper dressing let’s tackle it directly, but to use that as an excuse for the manner the leader spoke is just not it. Stop.


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