“Please all of you should close your mouth” – Ekene Umenwa’s husband breaks silence over viral wedding video raising eyebrows

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Ekene Umenwa’s husband breaks silence over viral wedding video raising eyebrows


IMG 20231106 081725


The husband of Ekene Umemwa has spoken out in response to the allegations and conjecture surrounding their wedding video clip. He posted a photo of himself and his spouse on social media along with a thought-provoking statement.

He said that everything turns pink when God is involved and blessed his wife’s close friend Deacon Famous and Moses Bliss for surprising his wife. He made fun of Instablog and told everyone to “close your mouths.”

“When God is involved everything becomes rosy.. @ekene_umenwa God bless you @deacon_famous, @mosesbliss thank you for surprising my wife. God bless you. Please all of you should close your mouth @instablog9ja”

This message speaks directly to the internet community’s reactions to the viral video. In the video, Ekene Umemwa was clearly excited when gospel singer Moses Bliss showed up to their wedding as a surprise. Many things happened when she abruptly left her husband, raced to meet Moses Bliss, bent down, and gave him a tight hug.

By making this statement, Ekene’s husband appears to be standing up for his wife and not giving a damn about what the public thinks. It is implied by his suggestion that others “close their mouths” that he disapproves of how others are responding to his wife’s joy.

Recall that Senior Man had reported some minutes ago that that Deacon Famous, Ekene Umemwa’s close friend, had previously come forward to offer an explanation.

Deacon Famous revealed that Moses Bliss was Ekene’s favorite artist, and although initial arrangements had been made for him to attend the wedding, Moses had a busy schedule and initially couldn’t make it. Deacon Famous worked diligently behind the scenes to ensure Moses could attend, explaining Ekene’s overwhelming excitement upon seeing him.

Deacon Famous also emphasized that her actions were driven by the joy of the moment and her admiration for Moses Bliss, not any disrespect towards her husband.

In light of these statements, it becomes clear that Ekene Umemwa’s husband and Deacon Famous are united in defending her actions.


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