E be like masquerade – Moment a groom’s face got painted with makeup during a kiss!ng session with his bride (Video)

A video of a groom and his bride engaging in a k!ss session at the registry has surfaced online and by extension generated mixed reactions online.

In the video making the rounds online, the groom and his bride who donned heavy makeup on her face were seen at the Ona-Ara registry with their family in Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria.

At the wedding registry, the young groom and his bride decided to spice things up and by extension decided to lock lips with each other and that was just the beginning.

As the groom and bride started k!ss!ng each other, it got a bit more intense as the locking of lips got erotic.

During the process, the groom’s face and lips are in a conjugal state with that of the bride who wears heavy makeup.

Upon releasing themselves following the intense k!ssing, the groom face is already painted with make up with the groom looking like a masquerade.

Despite the use of a handkerchief to clean up the makeup on the face of the groom, the man’s face refuses to return to its normal state as parts of the foundation from the bride are already glued to his face.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

an_na_bella11: How do I laugh in a way that pleases God?? Mind you, if you’re single pls do not laugh at them.

endylight1: May God bless their marriage, their union will last in Jesus name. Amen.

effedeborah: I have someone that will do it cheaper, now the result .

edithjonas91: When your makeup is on high voltage.

princewilson_: Lmao. It’s not even the groom that’s my concern I want to see the brides face after transferring that much makeup on him, Watin come remain for her face?.

icandypeace: Lol,those registry women will force you to continue k!ssing ooo.

discreet_fun_massage_magodo: God bless their marriage and everyone that’s seeking a good marriage. Amen.

kwinafric: Which kind unromantic k!ss be this.

dynamic_victoria:  I couldn’t hold the laugh .