Drama at bank as Nigerian man shows up with Bed, Gas Cooker and Pot, demands his money (Video).

Customers have in recent times resorted to unconventional means in expressing their displeasure against their banks.

A frustrated Nigerian man has gone viral after he arrived at a bank with a gas cooker, a bed and a pot.

In a TikTok video, the unhappy man loudly lamented that he was tired of visiting the bank everyday with no success.

According to him, he wanted nothing more than to get assess to the money in his account but is always disappointed.

Joining others in the seated queue, he ordered that the bank be opened, saying they must give him his money.

Customers showed him support as they helped him seat down. Someone suggested that he placed the bed on his head.

Social media reactions

user1573550284283 said: “Nigeria is full of drama.. dts y we keep getting stronger despite everything we are going through in dis country..one love to everyone.”

user552557744847 said: “See what d mass ar go in tru all in d name of new naira note top leader u all need to wake up.”

preciousdaniel930 said: “Abeg anybody wey leave Nigeria last should not forget to lock door and keep key in the nearest country I’ll be back when normalcy return.thank you.”

agbarhahelenawelu said: “Abeg stay there I de bring rice come make we cook, we ho follow stay there until them give us our money.”

JasmineGrace said: “Whatever you go through in this country make sure to have Data cos drama no dey finish.”

christabelbeauty4 said: “Monday go hot pass make bank rest tomorrow and next on Monday they go even beat bank manager join.”


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Young man storms bank to close his account over a birthday text

Meanwhile, SM previously reported that a young man had stormed a bank to close his account over their failure to send him a text on his birthday.

Flaring up as he poured out his heart before the customers, the man slammed the bank, stating that other banks he has accounts with sent him texts.

The Imo comedian and content creator knocked the bank for only knowing how to debit and charge VATs on accounts.

He told the bank officials to choose between sending him a text on the spot or closing his account.

While he painfully kept demanding that they close his account, customers burst into a birthday song for him