Drama as pranksters hire bulldozer to ‘demolish’ actor Onny Michael’s new house (Video).

Popular actor, Onny Michael who recently unveiled his new house, was the target of a risky practical joke by a group of comedians and practical jokers.

Onny was led to think that they were government workers sent to destroy his home by Untouchables Comedy and Flowerboy Comedy.

In January 2023, Onny Micheal launched the multi-million naira home and thanked God for giving him his first home.

The comedians took a bulldozer to the actor’s residence when he wasn’t home in order to make the joke seem plausible.

The pranksters waited for him to come back, and when he did, along with his colleague Browny Igboegwu, they started moving the bulldozer.

Onny and Browny argued with Flowerboy and Untouchables, but they maintained that the house had to be demolished in accordance with the authorities’ orders.

While his buddy persisted in arguing with the fictitious government employees, Onny attacked the person operating the machine in an effort to stop them from destroying his home.

Watch the video below: