Drama as pastor suspends church member’s wedding over absence of all her family members

Pastor Gospel Agochukwu puts a hold on a church member’s wedding as none of her family members were available during the ceremony.

The young lady who was getting married to another young man had already walked down the aisle while waiting to exchange their vows.

The pastor questioned if she had any male relative present who had the duty of giving her out in marriage and she replied in the negative.

He immediately called off continuing with the union because he believes marriage doesn’t work like that.

According to him, family ties are very important and there must be a male relative present to give her out.

He claimed she did not fall from the sky, therefore had living relatives and incase of any unpleasant scenario, there would be somebody who can represent her.

Eventually, the lady’s mother and her brother showed up at the ceremony and the wedding was successfully held.

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