Drama as Nigerian man catches girlfriend hiding juju inside his car (Video).

A Nigerian man made a scene after discovering his girlfriend trying to hide what is thought to be a love charm inside his vehicle.

A video that was shared on social media showed the man confronting his girlfriend after discovering that she had placed the fettish substance under the car seat.

She started pleading with him to be careful after he asked her what she was doing and that she wasn’t trying to hurt him.

The man told his girlfriend to remove the small calabash which was wrapped in red clothe, from the driver’s side which was where the lady was hiding the object before he caught her in the act.

She squatted and said that it was just a charm she intended to use to mak him to purchase her a car.

His companions had to intervene because the argument became so heated.

In the end, he kicked her out and voiced concern about whether he could still sleep soundly at home or drive without incident after what she did.

Watch the video below: