Don’t Waste Time Abroad: Nigerian Man Suffering Overseas Hits Jackpot after Returning to Nigeria with Wife

A Nigerian man identified as @shamseddinGiwa on Twitter has shared his story of the struggles and challenges after relocating abroad.

He moved abroad with his wife several years ago in search of a better life. However, they soon realized that the reality was different from their dreams.

The couple started their life in a single room within a shared flat where they were even told when they could use the washing machine or turn on the heater, even in winter.

They found the jobs demeaning and tiring, and despite earning what they thought was good money, the exchange rate of their home currency deceived them.

They struggled to live an average life, and their marriage was strained due to their extreme work rota.

Giwa highlighted that many other people who had relocated abroad had it worse, with some having their spouses back home and their marriages going through even more difficulties.

He lamented:

“What’s the point? Relocating will test you and your marriage in different ways. Please be sure before you copy anyone and sell all you have to move.

However, if you find yourself stuck, have a good exit plan even if it means coming back home to start over.

“Many people and marriages are breaking due to the pressure unplanned. Don’t go this route, do your findings well, your home depends on it,” he said.

They were always at the mercy of the home office and this made them feel unsettled even while working.

In the end, they returned home and quietly started over, together. Decades on, everything they sought abroad got handed to them back home.

@Lindig0190 said: “Illegal migration is a disaster. Don’t embark on it.”

@drham said: “Interesting! The moral of this story is- do not engage in illegal relocation, and if you do, have 2-3 backup plans. “Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well and carefully planned! I’m glad things are working well for you now!”

@Adetade6 commented: “Maybe it’s the oldskool in me, honestly, I have never for once consider iapa for any reason be it hustle or settling down.”

@Oluwakayy reacted: “Moral of the story. Never leave your country as an illegal immigrant. That’s the part you ought to have underscored.

Most Nigerians leaving at this time leaves with student or work visa, so their reality is different. Of course, it’s not all bed of roses but it’s far better.”

@WillsOgb reacted: “I don’t want to rubbish anyone’s struggle or anyone’s pain but this hard “japa relocation story” only applies to Europe and the UK, not the US.

There are “illegal aliens” in the US and about 16 states recognize and go as far as allow illegal aliens to get driver’s license in their states.

“Interestingly, these folks run multiple jobs and do better than most legal immigrants. Whether legal or illegal migration, it is important that you have an introspection.

Although, I personally would not encourage illegal migration because the steps and journey takes longer than a legal migrant.

“Have a plan, learn skills, get certifications rather than tow the path of taking up “demeaning” jobs. Perhaps the only way your life can be destroyed as an Individual and you become homeless in the US is to venture into drgs. As long as you keep a straight head, you’ll do well.

Certainly not get legal immigrant or citizenship benefits, but at all at all. My two cents: Don’t japa illegally. The vicious cycle is devastating.”