Don’t mess with me, I am my father’s daughter and not in your level MC Oluomo’s daughter, Ayinke blows hot, issues a quick PSA to critics.

Ayinke, one of the daughters of the Chairman of Lagos State Parks and Garages, Musiliu Akisanya better known as MC Oluomo has sent a message to her critics.

In a series of posts on her Instagram story, Ayinke noted how the only thing trolls can do is to stay behind their phones and insult her daily, which doesn’t stop her from being her father’s daughter.

Arike told them not to mess with her and to stay far away from her as she isn’t in their level.

Nevertheless, Ayinke revealed that she still loves the trolls and hope they stay safe and woke.

“Let me say this really quick. All of you that called me your friend and even those I grew up with are insulting me and my family and I find that shit [email protected] cause when you were posting your candidate I didn’t say shit to you but watch and left don’t get it twisted though.

I don’t hate you for your choice, but if you think me and you still cool after this, drink gutter water I’m not even mad at who you voted for but for the insults? Like come on Chelsea!!

We are not the same and if you really pained come fight me. I dey America and knowing dam well you no fit enter America! I be regular for Nigeria! Come beat me.

Also talking about I love in America and don’t seethe disrupt in Nigeria.

Ore mi ata ta (if that’s the spelling) I’m Nigerian citizen before anything else and I be regular for there!

Carry your whole home family and come and beat me! Let me watch you try. Just dey play!

All you fit do is stay behind phone and insult me. I will and always be my father daughter! Don’t mess with it. Stay woke and be safe.

I love you despite your insult. But stay far far away from me. We no dey close to level at all”.

We own Lagos, We own Nigeria – MC Oluomo’s son brags

Just days back, her brother King Westt had declared that he owns Lagos and Nigeria following Tinubu’s victory.

He told Nigerians to address him as King Westt of Nigeria as he now owns the country.

“Now you can officially call me King Westt of Nigeria.

I am ahead of them, no man fit talk shit to me ni Ilu Mi (For my country) you go collect.

Nah we get Lagos Nah we get Nigeria”.

Taking swipe at Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, King Westt belittled him as he considers the former governor a boy, who he is smarter than.

“Obi is a boy, I am even smarter than him”.

To his haters, he affirmed his love for them despite their trollings.

Speaking on Lagos State Governship election, King Westt made it clear that Sanwo Olu is returning for a second term and would defeat Jandor and Funke Akindele.

King Westt expressed confidence that Sanwo Olu would emerge the governor even if his haters relocate their family members from the village to Lagos to vote against him.

MC Oluomo’s son lashes out at Peter Obi’s supporters

Prior to that, King Westt had lashed out at Nigerians dragging him for campaigning for APC presidential candidate, Tinubu.

Taking to his Instagram story, MC Oluomo’s son urged them to continue cursing him as it doesn’t affect his account neither does it reduce Tinubu’s vote.

Taking a swipe at them, King Westt stated that he isn’t the reason why their parents are unfortunate.

“Make una curse from today till tomorrow e no dey remove 5 naira from my account and e no dey reduce the vote wey tinubu get.

No be me tell una parents make them dey unfortunate”.