‘Don’t fall for it, it’s a money making tactic’ – Jaymikee advises his twitter followers who engage in tweets ridiculing spiritual leaders


Joshua Mike-Bamiloye, the son of Evang. Mike-Bamiloye of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries has advised his twitter followers on how to deal with users on X formerly called Twitter who derive pleasure taunting men of God for engagement and impressions.

It is no longer a news that the owner of X, Elon Musk announced that the platform now pays its verified users based on the impressions that are able to get every month.

However, in a bid to farm impressions by all means, some twitter users have made it a job to drag spiritual leaders for the sake of impressions and engagement knowing fully well that Christians on the platform will react at the sight of their tweets.

In a tweet shared by Jaymikee some hours ago, the gospel movie editor encouraged his followers to avoid engaging tweets aimed at ridiculing spiritual leaders, instead they should ignore tweet and block such user.

According to him, verified X users derive joy when christains come all out to counter their tweets because tweets as such will generate enough impression and will also yield revenue for them.

In another tweet, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye added that their hatred for the church is not little and most times, it makes no difference explaining the contribution of the church towards the growth of the nation.

In Joshua Mike-Bamiloye’s words;


You’re feeding them exactly what they want, especially the blue ticked ones. It’s a money-making tactic. Just ignore and block.

You can show them pictures of you and your church members dying for the country, IT WONT CHANGE ANYTHING.

Darkness will never love light. Insanity is only cured by healing not arguments.”

In reponse;

Brother Bubby wrote: Exactly. Shun profane BABBLINGS. Your argument won’t convert them

Guy Ahmadi: It’s a waste of time, they know what they are doing

Sam Adegbonmire: I block anyone that tweet or retweet nonsense to my timeline

Oluwamayowa wrote: The more we give them attention, the more they’re emboldened to speak more nonsense about them.

Taj wrote: I always imagine where people have the energy when it comes to criticizing men of God, 

They are not your mentor… They are not your leader…. You don’t go to thier church….. You didn’t elect them….. You don’t contribute to thier ministry…

Then mind your business naw🤷

Festush wrote: Sometimes I want to reply to certain things on this app, but as I want to do so, I will just hear the “is it necessary” caution in my spirit. 

Na so I will look away

Bigsheyi: Honestly since that blue tick things, Twitter lost intellectual discussions to me

Stephen Bami wrote: Apart from being a spiritual leader, those that are well brought up will not insult a man old enough to be their grandfather the way young people on this app does. We are raised to respect age.

Daddy to the Mos wrote: I’ve tried to tweet this since morning, unfortunately didn’t send it but it’s in draft. I had to tag @abolajiadeola and @PastorNaija. The boys they’re engaging lack home training (physical and spiritual)

Richard Chile wrote: If the religious leaders are accountable to their people FIRST, then they wouldn’t be criticized. Christianity is about responsibility.

Jesus was responsible for his disciples. He cared, PROTECTED and provided for them. That’s responsibility.

Charity begins at home.

Pendar Emmanuel Wrote:  It’s wrong by hailing insults on them but sometimes their actions need to be questioned using scriptures.

God called Saul with all he did David still respected him by not kiiling him when he had the chance, but what Saul did was it right?