Dont ever call me Alhaja again – Lizzy Anjorin lashes out at fan, gives reason for renouncing

Controversial Nollywood star Lizzy Anjorin, in a fiery Instagram live interaction, launched a scathing attack on fans who opted to address her using the Islamic titles she had wholeheartedly embraced as a Muslim.

Lizzy, notorious for engaging in online battles and hurling verbal volleys, highlighted her preference for being hailed by her traditional title, Yeye Mesho.

The actress, in the video, said she has opted to sever connections with Islam and Muslims, having undergone intense online bullying and harassment.

According to her, this decision stems from the perceived lack of backing from fellow Muslim individuals or Islamic organizations during her ordeal.

Lashing out in Yoruba, Lizzy Anjorin said:

“ Don’t ever call me alhaja or iya adini again, I did not see any Muslim defend me on social media”

The filmmaker, initially known as a Christian, suddenly became a Muslim about ten years ago.

Lizzy Anjorin, in an Instagram post, said she switched to Islam because pastors refused to help with the burial rites of her mother.

The actress said she had to hurriedly bury her mother because she had asked not to be taken to the mortuary when she died.

“I could remember right from when I was a teenager, my mother used to tell me that she does not want her dead body to be taking to the mortuary when she dies,” Anjorin wrote in an Instagram post.

She said her mother was born into a Muslim family but they slept in the church “several times during the struggles so we are automatically Christians”.

Anjorin said no less than ten pastors refused to perform the funeral rites because her mother was not a member of their church.