As a popular saying goes ‘cut your coat according to your cloth’, the above words explains the gospel actress and film producer, Lady Evang Toyin Fatunsin’s opinion on people who are after impressing friends with their wedding at the detriment of their own conveniency.

The popular filmmaker, Toyin Fatunsin shared on her social media platforms some advice for the singles preparing to get married to only do what they have enough money to do and not aim to compete with friends by incurring unnecessary debts on themselves with huge wedding plans.

To make this advice more convincing, she shared in details how she planned her wedding, how it went and finally concludes that expensive wedding is not a factor for a happy marriage.

She wrote;

One of the things that was impressed on my heart when I was getting married was that I won’t waste money unnecessarily. For years before I got married I knew I would have a wedding ceremony with less people in attendance as instructed by the Lord unlike the typical weddings we host at home so we didn’t print a wedding invitation card, we invited verbally and the people we invited, we strictly forbid them from telling others or coming with another guest. 

Initially I didn’t even plan for Aso Ebi, it was one of my close sisters in drama ministry that accompanied me to shop that persuaded in taking a few “ankara” for our very few friends, ministry members and younger ones for the wedding. I can’t remember if it was up to 20 pieces. I was following divine instructions more importantly I wanted a simple wedding as much as possible. I was not out to impress anyone, just wanted to do the needful.

Decoration was done by my team members, I rented the fabrics and pay the men that work for me, at end of the day it was a stipend compare to what I would have paid. I was able to cut down several thousands of naira. Back home in Nigeria I was into cake making, training, decoration and catering for events as my secular job. I wanted to give out the cake but the blessed women whom I have trained took it upon themselves to bake for my wedding and engagement. All events was done in a day in the same hall, church was a walking distance to the event hall. In all God was glorified, we (my husband and I ) didn’t bother how others did theirs, we focused on what we have.

Today, many singles get married incurring unnecessary debts just trying to make sure their wedding is a big one and more better than their friends. Wedding ceremonies are not for competition, cut your cloth according to your cloth. It is not the number of guests, the hall you used, the shoes, food served, musician that played that will determine the success of your marriage so don’t put your self into debt by trying to impress others. Do whatever you can, don’t borrow to get married so you won’t loose sleep thereafter. 

It’s not compulsory to buy many clothes to change into, at the end of the day the guests will go and in a week or two they won’t even remembered what they ate at your wedding or the decor or the what you wore. I sowed my wedding gown that too at a good price and yet today it’s still beautiful 9 years after. I didn’t go to the big shops, I went to where I can afford. Nobody will give you an award of best wedding gown or wedding party. The hall I used was a hall people don’t use and that too at a stipend compare to what obtained that time. My husband and I did what we could afford and we are happy.

Beloved Singles planning to get married, godliness with contentment is great gain. There are still many more celebrations ahead so do what you can now and have peace. It’s not compulsory to invite the whole city to your wedding, don’t go above your purse.

Toyin Fatunsin.


Published By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
Founder, gospelfilmsng