“Doing a DNA for her is a waste of time, energy and resource” – Father and daughter have the same receding hairline (VIDEO)


A heartwarming video of a baby girl and her dad who have the same receding hairlines has captured the attention of TikTok users.

The sweet daughter, who was barely a few months old, was sitting comfortably on her father’s lap, enjoying his cuddles.

The camera zoomed in on their faces and showed their striking resemblance and their identical hairlines, which were slightly balding at the front.

The viewers were charmed by the cute duo and their unique bond, and many commented on how beautiful they both were.

SM compiled some of the reactions below: RTRo0015 reacted: “Being mean is our Tiny Strokes Artistry love language.”

Emmanuel.x said: “This is exactly how my dad did me dirty Can you relate?”

Whytetheblogger: “Even the eyes and the lips. Yummy yummy moi.”

Eatnetwork: “They’re twins for real.”

TosinDjs: “Na so me sef carry my papa hairline been fighting for my come edges since birth.”

User7948671807213: “This is exactly my case oh,of all things, na him hair him give my daughter.”

User73847474837473: “In Nigeria we call Y’all be needing any them lowkey.”

Davidimoudu: “No DNA test needed.”

Nyaboke: “New fear unlocked.”

Lucy x: “My fiance saved this video for me, cuz this is also my pain!!! na bad character i If this happens, just accept.”

Watch the video below:


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