Didn’t get any land, car or house: Toyin Abraham drags real estate firm

Toyin Abraham

Nollywood movie star, Toyin Abraham, and a popular real estate firm based in Nigeria have parted ways after working together for some years.

Unfortunately, the separation is not an amicable one as indicated by a series of posts shared by the movie star on her Instastory channel

Before going on her lengthy tirade, the Ijakumo filmmaker pleaded with officials of the firm not to push her against the wall as there would be no stopping her once she begins

The warning was, however, short-lived as the next series of posts saw the actress heavily pouring out her heart and going on to reveal that the firm terminated her contract with them

According to Abraham, the partnership was brought to an end because the firm felt that she wasn’t efficiently carrying out her duties as an ambassador.

Abraham, however, wondered why the firm also attempted to keep her quiet after terminating her contract.

“After terminating someone’s deal yourself because you feel she doesn’t post your company or publicly do advert, and you still want her to keep mute that she’s done with the company, you came to me because of my fans and following, so I shouldn’t protect them after asking them to go ahead,” she wrote.

Abraham mentioned how she also gets threatened on a daily basis by customers who listened to her and proceeded to invest with the real estate firm.

The movie star recounted how she went above and beyond for the firm behind doors and did more than what was stated in her contract.

Read her posts below:

In a different portion of her lengthy rant, Abraham told those who are asking her not to talk to bear in mind that she has a life and reputation to protect.

She accused the real estate firm of refusing to address the existing concerns of customers and urging her to keep advertising to other unsuspecting people.

“For the record, I never collected any land or house or car from Revolutions plus company. I was paid for my services and get paid for product placement in my movies if need be, so please once again I wasn’t given any land at all or house at all pls,” the actress wrote while clearing the air further

Still pressing forward, Abraham shared how she has cried and begged all in an effort to get the real estate firm to address the concerns of existing customers.

According to her, her efforts fell flat as the firm simply insisted that she continues advertising to get more customers

“I have begged on Twitter, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, asked for strangers’ number just to beg them and you decided to terminate my deal because in your words ‘reduced affection and reluctant approach towards publicly identifying with the brand’, because I said it’s wrong to post when some people haven’t gotten what they paid for, thinking I was coming to beg you people, God forbid.”

The actress encouraged the firm to keep throwing shades at her on social media, adding that the Lagos state government would have to intercede this time around

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