“Derick led her to Christ”: After heartbreak, lady changes tattoo of Ex, Derick to Cross sign (Photos)

derick to cross

A woman has gained recognition on TikTok for her creative conversion of her ex-boyfriend’s name tattoo into a cross.

The woman had previously had her ex-boyfriend’s name tattooed on her shoulder, but she later changed it to a religious symbol when their relationship ended.

She finally decided to honor God with her body art after realizing that he was the only person who would never abandon her or let her down.

The video has received thousands of views and comments on TikTok since it was posted, indicating that some people may be able to identify with it.

Senior Man compiled some of the reactions below:

Aiatmaghandi18: “It’s now time for Derrick to fly.”
Joe Derrick: “Kamiri come and see you have grown wings.”

Kojo Dimples: “The Pillar Behind the Cross is Derrick!!”
Special dml: “Derrick continue to win souls for Christ.”

Dv86363ygege said: “Bless Derrick for Winning a soul the angels are glad.”
YourExcellency wrote: “Evangelist Derrick praise the Lord.”

NanaAbenaoriginal: “But still Derrick is the foundation.”
Gloriaalale: “Jesus came and rescued her from Derrick.”

Songlledong: “Derrick I pray u win more souls for Christ.”
MissT: “Derrick out here winning souls for christ.”

YrnPaper: “Derick won this soul.”
Rm591: “Derrick has grown wings.”



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