‘This is the End-time, dεmons now live among us, shine your eyes!’ – Mike Bamiloye warns

Popular gospel filmmaker, Evang. Mike Bamiloye recently took to social media to post a cryptic message that has left fans and followers puzzled. In a post simply captioned “THE HUMAN DEMONS HAVE INVADED US!”, Mike Bamiloye stated that things are no longer the way they used to be, as demons who have taken the form of humans now live among us and they are already taking charge of many sectors, which include the fashion and entertainment industries,  to mention a few.

In his words,

“This is the End-time, This is Perilous Times, The time the Bible Says in 1Timothy 4 says there shall be falling away from Faith. This is the Time the Bible says the Demons would invade the world and deceive many and if it were possible, deceive the very Elects of God.

This is the Time, many things don’t seem to be the way they actually are. Too many deceptions. Too many Falsehood. Too many Lies. Too many Coverups. Too many Hypocrisy.

Many human beings in Suits and ties are not actual Human Beings. Many Ladies in Skirts and blouses are not actual Human Beings. Many Demons have invaded the World of Men to co-habit with the sons and daughters of Men.

Many of them just appeared. And many are born into families of Men, and grew up as human beings but are far in age than their grandfathers. They are human-demons. They have come to divert men from Godliness.

They have come to initiate the agenda of their Boss, the Devil. They have come to manufacture and sell immorality and ungodliness among men. They have come to turn Man away from God through VARIOUS UNIMAGINABLE MEANS.

Many Pastors now, are not Human Beings, they are Agents of Darkness who have been assigned and demonically anointed to do miracles and prophesy into people’s lives.

Many Pastors and Ministers of God have been sent from Dark Worlds to enslave Men and Women and put them in fetters of iron.

WE DON’T EVEN KNOW THE ROOTS OF MANY MEN OF GOD NOW. We don’t think know when they began or where they came from. And many Preachers started well and had been initiated into the Circles of Demonic Agents and enriched with wealth and riches to enslave multitudes of Human and harden their hearts against the Truths of God.

Many University and College students are not Humans, but Demons in Human flesh. They have held many fellow students in Captivity through S3x and Gifts. Many Lecturers and administrators are Agents of Demonic forces, enslaving Innocent girls and boys in deadly habits and immoral behaviours.

Many Prostitutes on Campuses and on Streets are not ordinary Humans. They are in partnership with Demonic Bases, to initiate Boys and Girls into Permanent immoral lives and turn many , them against the Move of God.

Many Musicians are groomed in the Pits of Hell. They are supplied their Beats and Lyrics from the Covens of Demonic Assemblies. They give them the Dance-Steps that would trend for a while in exchange for temporary fame and riches.

Crazy Fashion designs. Astonishing Wedding Gowns. Designed and initiated by Demonically inspired Fashionists. Violent Movies and sensual Cartoons, made for Youths and children to harden their hearts against God.

They are human demons! Sent to fight the battle of the End time for the Souls of Men. Probably! Probably a very Large Percentage of Human Population is even NOT Humans! FOR, THE End Time, the Perilous Times are HERE.

Children of God! Shine Your Eyes! Demonic Deceptions are here All around Us. Know Your God! Know The Word! The End Time and The Perilous Times are both here!”