“Demons must go” – Little boy lays hands on his mother, speaks in tongues while praying for her (VIDEO)

A young child is shown in a viral video speaking in tongues and laying hands on his mother in prayer. The young prophet was spotted fervently praying to the heavens and placing his right hand on his mother’s head.

He was praying for his mother, who was kneeling in front of him on the living room floor, while he was speaking in tongues. The young boy’s father, @2owenkz, posted the video to social media, showing his son in action. It’s interesting to note that a lot of internet users were struck by the young boy’s laser-like focus and sincere faith.

@brand 77 reacted: “Amen I will get pregnant in Jesus name.”
@pheona reacted: “Never joke with the prayers of a young baby.”

@user3250741122461queen said: “Another pastor Ezekiel.”
@yazy67 commented: “And people will say”omwana aliko amafuta.”

@ketratina reacted: “Did I hear yesu agenda.”
@Zulitums diehardi said: “When your big sister fails to get married.”

Watch video below …


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