Chapter 5
“Decent Assistants”
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Nurse Kemi…” Kemi heard Husky voice calling her from the land of remembrance she had travelled to…
“The man just walked out… You can go in…” Husky said
Nurse Kemi rushed in and met Cherry Cupcake sobbing profusely

“God help me! Help me” Cherry Cupcake kept saying in pain
“Sorry cherry… can you get up let’s take you to the clinic”
“No…if God will not help me today let me die” *******

Aunty Favour was fast asleep, but she could hear Cherry cupcakes voice…
“God help me… God help me”
Aunty Favour woke up startled. She looked to her side, her husband was fast asleep.

“Holy spirit what is this? Who is crying for help! Lord I pray for children and teenagers connected to the Deep Thots Lighthouse Academy for the creatives who may be in need of help, oh Lord, let help arise for him or her in Jesus name” Aunty Favour begins to speak in tongues in intercession. ******

Rejoice was deep in sleep, she felt a hand tapping her. She opened her eyes and saw five girls from the Decent Assistant…
“Rejoice! Help us, send help our way, we want to enjoy this life you have. Please help us” They all began to wail.
Rejoice looked around, all her room mates were still fast asleep…

“We will not give you rest until you send help our way” Cherry Cupcake said *****
Rejoice snapped out of her sleep…
“Jesus! Oh my God, what is happening with the girls at the D.A?” *****

𝑻𝒘𝒐 𝒚𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒔 𝑬𝒂𝒓𝒍𝒊𝒆𝒓.

“Honestly, I didn’t know everyday s£x would be this terrible. To think that I have always fantasized about s£x as a thing to die for, now I just want to never have it again” Rejoice had heard Savory saying
“There is no point crying over spilled milk, We have signed a five years contract, we better get used to it “ Cherry cupcake answered

“I wish the roof would just open one day and I would escape” Fragrance said
Pr£gnant Rejoice had been eavesdropping on the girls’ conversation by the door to their hostel room.

Rejoice travelled back memory lane as she sat up in bed. She remembered how she had delivered a still born baby and her mother had walked in on Nurse Kemi. “A boy or a girl?” her Mother had asked
“We lost her” Nurse Kemi replied

“All the better” Her mother had said with no sympathy whatsoever.
“Ma!”Nurse Kemi exclaimed very surprised.
“Clean her up and help me research a good Christian Private school with a boarding house I can send her to.” She said

Rejoiced remembered watching her Mother walk out of the Clinic. She remembered how she had sobbed profusely at her mother’s callous attitude.

Nurse Kemi had searched out DEEP THOTS LIGHTHOUSE ACADEMY FOR THE CREATIVES for her. She had told her she was not interested in going to school anymore but Nurse Kemi had motivated her with these words…

“Why don’t you see it as an escape from this life, I have read good reviews about this school” *****
“Rejoice! Rejoice!” Inioluwa tapped Rejoice|
“ You are not writing. Mr George said he is marking our note after class”

Rejoice picked up her pen to write
Just then she sees the D.A girls in her class shouting and crying
“Help us! Help us!
Rejoice jumped from her seat and started crying…

“I can’t help you, you know I can’t help you! Tell them I can’t help them, there is nothing I can do”
Everyone looked in shock at Rejoice’s behaviour, Ini tried calming her down but she was not listening… Mr George turned towards her…

“I speak peace into your heart, calm down Rejoice, calm down in Jesus Name”
“No! Mr George, tell them I can’t help them,my mother will kill me”
“Frederick, Michael let’s take her to Aunty’ Favour’s office”. ******

Rejoice had calmed down a bit in Aunty Favour’s office.
“If you are not going to tell me what this is about, I will be forced to call your parents. At least, this will be a good time to know your parents” Aunty Favour had said. It was a ‘Miss Kemi’ that registered her at the school. The Lady had identified herself as her Aunty.

“No! don’t call my parents, call my Aunty” Rejoice had asked. “You mean Miss Kemi” “Yes!” “OK!!” *****

Kemi walked into Mrs Jaiyeola’s office, she was the one everyone knew at Rejoice’s school. Mrs Jaiyeola had never stepped into the school since her daughter had been attending there for two years. She had received a call from the school and she had rushed into Mrs Jaiyeola’s office earlier that day..

“Ma, Rejoice seems to be under the weather, the school asked that I come over to see her”
“Ok,you can go”|
“Thank you ma” Nurse Kemi said as she moved towards the door.

“Kemi” She heard her name and froze on the spot. She was hoping to use the opportunity to get some fresh air. It had been over a month since she last stepped out of the D.A house.

“You have been a good girl for the past two years, you deserve to see your family, on your way back from Rejoice’s school, stop by your house and stay the weekend with them. Stop by the accountant and pick up some money from her. I will text the approved amount to her”

“Thank you ma… Thank you so much” Tears flowed. She couldn’t believe she would be seeing her family after two years.

Chapter 6
“Decent Assistants”
Opeyemi Akintunde

She couldn’t believe she would be seeing her family after two years. After Femi had left that day and she had been introduced to Rejoice, Trust had brought her a document to sign. Kemi remembered wanting to read through before signing but he had shouted at her…

“Does it seems like I have the time to waste for you to read through. Sign it for me” Trust had literally barked at her.

With shaky hands, she had signed the papers, only to find out later that she had entered a five years contract of working in the D.A without leaving the premises except authorized by Mrs Jaiyeola. Although she had left the house a few times but this was to take Rejoice out anytime she needed to go out.

However, it was always under the supervision of Husky. She was in charge of taking Rejoice to school anytime she resumed. Mrs Jaiyeola trusted no other person with Rejoice except her.

Rejoice spent her holidays at he D.A house with Kemi and that made them very close. Kemi was always happy whenever she shared stories about the Lighthouse Academy with her and she was always grateful that was the school she picked for her.

Mrs Jaiyeola had told her to take a cab instead of Husky dropping her off, since she was going home from there. As she stepped out of the gate on foot like a prisoner who just got out from jail, she just wanted to run around like a school girl after school hours but she restrained herself because of the consciousness of the CCTV.

“Gotten your freedom?” Kemi heard the voice of the most annoying person in D.A.H. The only and First son of Mrs Jaiyeola; Rejoice’s brother, Anthony. The boy lacked manners and was fully in support of his mother’s business. He was in charge of luring young girls to the D.A Program. He had an annoyingly sweet mouth…

Kemi didn’t see the need to answer him, instead she picked up her pace and left. *****

As the cab drove her to Rejoice’s school, she was tempted to tell the cab to turn back and go to her family house and possibly escape with her family to a neighbouring state.

The money Mrs Jaiyeola approved was enough to rent an apartment in a new place but she couldn’t just desert Rejoice like that. Rejoice had become a younger sister to her, not after how she sounded on the phone earlier when speaking to her . She would attend to Rejoice first and later think about escaping or not. *****

“I keep hearing ‘Help us’ and they keep appearing to me” Rejoice said to Nurse Kemi in Aunty Favour’s office.
“And I keep telling them I can’t help them… Aunty Kemi you know I can’t help them right?” Rejoice said sobbing profusely.

“I saw Cherry cupcake, Savoury, Fantasy and Fragrance* Rejoice said
Aunty Favour looked very lost…
“Can you please help me here? Who or what are these flavours she is calling” Aunty Favour said

“Ma, it’s a long story and we are not permitted to tell it” Aunty Kemi said
“Are you sure you don’t want to tell it? Rejoice is on the brink of running ‘gaga’ (Mad). Tell me what is happening, there is nothing new under the sun”

“Hmm…” Kemi heaved a sigh.
It felt safe to open up to this woman. Rejoice had told her so many things about her and how through her God had helped a lot of people. *****

Kemi’s mum kept touching every part of her body to check if she was okay.
“A Pastor told me I would see you before the end of this month, I did not believe him”
“Really?” Kemi answered smiling.

Her eyes were tired from crying, Femi sat in a corner looking at her
“Femi, what’s going on in your mind?”
“I wished I had stopped you that morning from attending that interview, you said you felt uneasy about going but I volunteered to follow you”

“Things happen Femi, I am alive and okay”
“But not free… Kemi, you are coming out free soon.”

“This is not a matter of Amen, I am already working on something “
“Femi, please don’t work on anything, I have only 3 years left to work there and I will be free”
“And you think Mrs Jaiyeola Cole would release you?”

Kemi was taken aback….
“ How did you know her name?”
“ Come with me” ******

Aunty Favour couldn’t believe all she heard earlier….
She knew about the SCA (Sperrm Collection Agency) and the WCA( Womb Collection Agency), but she didn’t know there was another woman who owned A Decent Prostitution Program for young girls…

Aunty Favour thought about the cry that also woke her up… The cry for help…
“God, are these two related and if they are, how can I be of help?* Aunty Favour rested her back

“𝙂𝙤 𝙪𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙘𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙠 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚” Aunty Favour heard loud and clear.
“What?” Aunty Favour jumped from the chair like what she heard was an abomination.

“Go undercover in a brothel?” No Lord!, I can’t handle that, Go to a polluted environment, what will happen to my spiritual life? God are you sending me as a spy to a brothel? Is that even biblical? I reject this negative voice disguising as the voice of my father.”