Chapter 3
“Decent Assistants”
Opeyemi Akintunde

Nurse Kemi helped Cherry Cupcake to the door of the private room with Husky behind them. They had over 10 private rooms which was referred to as “Assisting rooms”. “Don’t do any rough style tonight” Nurse Kemi warned her.

Cherry Cupcake nodded as tears poured out of her eyes like a fountain. She was in pain, though not the physical pain, but heart-pain. She wanted out.

Cherry Cupcake walked into the room. Nurse Kemi couldn’t hold back her tears. This was not what she signed up for when she saw the advertisement of the job online. The caption that drew her to the job was “𝐀 𝐟𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐥 𝐨𝐟 𝐨𝐫𝐩𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐝 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐚 𝐍𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞” She had thought she would be helping humanity.

As she stood outside one of the many “Assisting rooms” the house had, she couldn’t help but travel back to how it all started. Two years had gone by so quickly… “You can leave!” Husky said to Nurse Kemi cutting the flow of her thoughts.

“She might need me, I just patched her up here, I have another one in case I need to help reduce the pain” She said showing him the bottle of pain relief she brought along. “Ok” Nurse Kemi remembered it was Husky that led her to Mrs Jaiyeola’s Office two years earlier. ******

“She is here for the Nursing Job” He had said to Trust… “Wait!’’ Trust had told her to wait outside. Nurse Kemi remembered how she had been feeling uneasy about bodyguards in a female hostel for orphans, it was not sitting well with her.

She had told herself she wasn’t going to take up the job, she couldn’t wait to get out of the place. “Let her come in” She had heard the voice of a woman. Husky had motioned that she go in. On getting in, she had seen a masked Mrs Jaiyeola. She had been taken aback when she saw the mask.

“Come in… Wow! You are beautiful “ “Good After…noon ma” Nurse Kemi had stuttered “Why are you stuttering? Are you afraid? Or is my mask scaring you… Let’s take it off” Nurse Kemi watched her yank the mask off and thinking back , she wished she had kept it on, because the next statement from Mrs Jaiyeola told her that was a move not in her favor…

“Well, now that I have taken my mask off, you won’t be able to say no to the job offer”. “What” “Yes! Only those who work here know my real identity” “I don’t know you ma and I don’t intend telling anyone about you, besides I don’t know what happens here, so there is nothing to tell” “Well let me tell you, since you are already a part of us”

“We are the Decent Assistants” The beautiful Mrs Jaiyeola said. Nurse Kemi remembered how she naively thought she was referring to housemaids. How gullible. She had thought the woman was running a housemaid agency using orphaned girls, but oh boy! She was wrong

“We know how tired wives can be when they are the only ones satisfying the ever insatiable hunger of men for s£x, especially how weak women become after having kids, losing all that blood, I decided to come up with a solution. A solution that makes these women still keep their homes and not worry about mistresses or side chicks.”

Nurse Kemi’s brain was working so hard to understand where she was driving at, she had a hunch, but she gave into denial, not wanting to believe what the woman was saying.

“I am a Christian, a faithful worker in my church and I see how women who have suffered so much for their men lose their marriages to these young girls. I carried out a survey and I realized what the men were actually in search of was regular sweet s£x.

So I came up with a survey and asked a few women, how they would feel if their husband got clean s£x with masked girls who will never have emotional attachments to their husbands… Guess what? 90% of the women bought into the idea.

So I sprang into action recruiting girls who were interested in making clean money through clean protected s£x and yet their identity would be protected, so here we are growing and meeting the needs of beautiful marriages including Christian marriages.” “Jesus!” Nurse Kemi remembered how she had exclaimed …

“Don’t worry, we don’t need you for the Assistant job, we need you to be a live-in Nurse. Out of all those who submitted their CV’s, you were the most experienced. I saw that you have worked with different doctors, including surgeons and midwives. We need all that knowledge here.”Mrs Jaiyeola said

“Ma… I promise not to say all you have said to me to anyone. Please I am not interested in this job” Nurse Kemi said shaking. “I’m sorry Dear. We’re past that already.You don’t have a choice, your job starts today. You won’t be going back home today”. My bro…oooother is waiting outside”

“I am aware” She said pointing to the CCTV. “You will go meet him. You will tell him to go home, that you have decided to start immediately. He must not suspect a thing. If he does, we will bury you both here, and all those who live in No 9, Kalejaye Close, Ebute road…” Mrs Jaiyeola said

Nurse Kemi couldn’t hide her shock. Tears started pouring out of her eyes. She could tell she was in deep soup. “Ma that’s my house… address… How did you?”. At that Point, Nurse Kemi knew she was in a dead zone. she quickly nodded in agreement to save her family. “I will do it, please don’t touch my family.”Nurse Kemi said in tears

“No I won’t, if you play by the rules of the game. Also,if you behave well, I can give you days when you go home to visit your family.” Mrs Jaiyeola said smiling. “OK ma” Nurse Kemi remembered sobbing profusely at that point.

“God!, why would you let me come here?’ She had thought. She was a devout Christian, so why would God let this happen to her… “Good girl, I knew you would be a smart one. Husky! take her to bid her brother farewell and afterwards, take her to our mini clinic, she has a patient waiting for her”. Nurse Kemi remembered how her legs had felt like iron as she walked towards her brother; Femi.

Chapter 4
“Decent Assistants”
Opeyemi Akintunde

Femi on seeing her had been so excited… “How was it?” Femi asked excitedly. “Fine”Nurse kemi said trying to hiding her pain. On her way out of Mrs Jaiyeola’s Office, she had wiped her face.
“Ok?” Femi wanted more …
“I got the job” Kemi said with a fake smile as she kept looking over her shoulder.

Femi unaware of what was happening hugged her in a rush, this was an answer to silent prayers of the family.
“Thank God! When do you start?” Femi asked
“Now” She replied
“Now?” Femi couldn’t hide his surprise.
” Yes, they have a patient they want me to attend to” Nurse kemi said as she kept trying hard to hide her emotions.

“Today? Tell them you will come tomorrow. We need to go celebrate it at home” Femi said laughing, but he notices the fake smile on his sister’s face…
“Is something wrong? Are they kidnappers? I can raise an alarm…Kemi talk to me” Femi was very Streetwise and Kemi knew he could raise an alarm.

“No… everything is fine, they need me as in A.S.A.P, I will come home by weekend”
“Okay… Are you sure?” Femi wasn’t convinced
“Yes, I am sure. Go home and wait for me till weekend. Trust me” Kemi said urging him to go. Femi could tell something was not right with her…

“Something is not right!”Femi said as he was ready to raise an alarm…
“Yes, all is not right but don’t think about calling the police or else they will kill our entire family, they know our house address ” Nurse Kemi said as she kept faking her smile and pushing Femi out of the compound.

“Jesus!”Femi exclaimed
“Femi, calm down, I am here as a nurse…this place is a brothel, they have guns in there, they can see us through the CCTV. Let me stay for a while, I will find a means of escape”
“Oh my Good Lord! ” Femi muttered as he also had caught sight of Husky.

“So go now, don’t tell Mummy and Daddy the true picture, just tell them I got the job, I will chat you up later.” Nurse Kemi remembered how she had pushed him out of the compound and with legs as heavy as brick, she walked towards Trust.
“Right Choice, if not, your bodies would have kissed the earth today.” Husky said as he ushered her back inside to the mini clinic/ sickbay. ******

As Nurse Kemi walked into the ‘Mini Clinic”as it was referred to, with Husky following her closely, she looked around the room and saw that one of the beds was occupied by a teenage pr£gnant girl. Nurse Kemi wondered who the girl was.

“Maybe, she is one of the girls. She must have gotten pr£gnant. Does it mean they don”t use any form of protection here?’ Nurse Kemi felt worse than she had been feeling.

“Hello” Nurse Kemi greeted, but the girl on seeing her faced the wall.
“That’s my biological daughter” Mrs Jaiyeola said from the doorway
“She got herself pr£gnant while I was trying to work hard, so I could give her a good life” Mrs Jaiyeola said bitterly

Nurse Kemi remembered how she had rolled her eyes at the ridiculousness of that statement.
“She wanted a good life for her daughter and yet was destroying the lives of other girls” Nurse Kemi thought

“I am sure you will say this is karma, but no it is not, almost all the girls that are here walked into this place on their own, I didn’t put a rope on any one’s neck, they came looking for money, but this stupid child of mine had all the money in the world, she was not lacking anything, all she had to do was read, pass and be great, but instead she decided to take after her father. Nurse Kemi, I protected her from this business, and made my son, her brother to be involved in this business, because I had high hopes for her.”

Nurse Kemi’s brain was trying so hard to process all that the woman was saying.

“The part I skipped earlier in my mission and vision statement rolled out for you, is that my husband is actually the motivation for this business. Kola sleeps with anything in skirts and it was becoming embarrassing and threatening for me, when the side-chicks began to post him on their social media handles. Remember the Bible states the wise woman buildeth her house, so I decided to build my house. ”

Nurse Kemi Looked down and shook her head mildly but pitifully. The Scripture that came to her mind was “My People perish for lack of Knowledge”. What a life!

” So my first client was my husband, I got the first girl, her name is Icing, you will meet her soon. I arranged for my husband to meet with her every weekend in my house with a mask on her face, Guess what! It worked. My husband started staying home, there were no side-chicks to contend with. I started getting him newer girls and today, our marriage is still strong” Mrs Jaiyeola said quite proudly like what she had just said was an achievement.

Nurse Kemi looked at her in controlled disdain and asked…
“Ma, do you think that’s what the Bible meant by saying a woman should build her house?. I don’t think so”|“Oh really? I like you, enlighten me? Mrs Jaiyeola said

“Bible tells us that except the Lord builds a house, the man builds in vain. When the Bible says a woman should build a house, it was telling her to build it with God as a co- builder, and the building materials would include Godly virtues like that of the virtuous woman , not you helping your husband continue in sin like in the case of Ananias and Sapphira” Nurse Kemi managed to say boldly.

“Wow! I didn’t know I brought a pastor to my house! You are exactly who I need to be around Rejoice. You will Teach her more about the Bible,…I want her to have a better life than I had”. Mrs Jaiyeola walked out after saying that…