Chapter 13
“Decent Assistants ”
©Opeyemi Akintunde

‘What answer am I going to give?’ Nurse Kemi asked within herself…
Aunty Favour gave her a signal to go to the toilet..
“Give me a minute “ Nurse Kemi stepped out…

Few seconds later, Aunty Favour stepped out … Cherry cupcake gave a knowing smile… *******

Aunty Favour entered the toilet where Kemi was… She quickly turned the tap on
“I can’t do this Aunty Favour”

“ Yes you can. The Holy Spirit will teach you all things. The scripture says Jesus was speaking to the disciples, he told them not to think about the answer they will give before rulers, authorities, people. Jesus said the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say. So Activate the Holy Spirit” Aunty Favour said

“Holy spirit help me, teach me how to answer questions posed at me” Kemi said.
“Good, open your mouth and I will fill it , says the Lord” Aunty Favour said as she pushed her out…
“As they got out, they meet Trust by the door. They were both startled

“Trust well done ooo” Aunty Favour said quickly. “I go help Nurse Kemi with something”
“ You left the tap running” Trust said.
He said it to imply he was suspicious of Aunty Favour.

Aunty Favour rushed back and turned off the tap.
“I am sorry for taking that necessary toilet break, so back to your question of all these can work together for our good… When your years of service is over here, I mean the five years, you will come out wiser and with full knowledge of how young girls should not live there lives, this can propel you to organize program, seminars for young ladies. For those of you who poverty led you here, you can come out of here and start an empowerment scheme for girls. I know some of you are creative, you can sing about it, write about it, be an advocate against it, that way you are turning it into good to save the lives of other young girls…”

“Time up” Trust said…
Aunty Favour gave her a thumbs up, and she smiled back in appreciation.
The girls stood up to return to their rooms.
As Cherry Cupcake filed out with the other girls, she stopped beside Nurse Kemi and whispered in her left ear.

“Well done, Pastor Nurse Kemi, you did well, Aunty Favour is a very good teacher”
Kemi was surprised but only nodded in agreement. *****

Aunty Favour and Kemi were in the toilet
“ You know Cherry Cupcake?”
“Imade you mean?”
“Is that her real name?”

“Hun Hun, she used to attend our camps”
“What a small world”
“I am happy we have an insider among the girls, it is a good thing for us, she will keep feeding us with information”

The door opens suddenly and Trust is at the entrance… Fortunately, Aunty Favour was washing the toilet and Nurse Kemi washing her hand.

“Ha! Trust wetin happen?” Aunty Favour said
“Trust what is wrong?” Kemi is washing her hands by the sink….
He looked around and saw they were using the taps running…

“I heard the tap running and I didn’t hear any voices so I thought no one was here”
“I am washing the toilet, they use am during the church service.” Aunty Favour Said
“And as a medical person, I am washing my hands” Nurse kemi said

“Oga Trust! your name na (is) Trust, try to trust people !” Aunty Favour said laughing
“I trust no one” He said before leaving…

Aunty Favour and Nurse Kemi exchanged scared looks. That was a close one. They had to be careful of Trust. The way he carried his gun around was quite scary.

Chapter 14
“Decent Assistants ”
©Opeyemi Akintunde

Aunty Favour retired to her room, she walked straight into the toilet to pray. She knew she didn’t have enough time in that house. Trust was very suspicious of her.

“Oh Lord, water the seed of the word that has dropped in their hearts. Water it oh God, give it increase among them. Your Word states that Paul Planted, Apollos Watered and the Lord gave increase, Lord, We have done our part, kindly give the Word increase in their heart.”

Meanwhile, Trust needed to find out what the Cleaner was always doing in her bathroom. He had a weird feeling about it. Trust carried a ladder, with the assistance of Husky. They laid it on the wall of the building, his plan was to climb up to spy on her. He had to plant a bug in her window.

“Oh lord, paralyze the powers standing in my way of the deliverance you are about to do here in Jesus name” Meanwhile, Aunty favour was in the toilet praying.

“The earth is of the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, you this D.A.H, everything must co-operates with my assignment here. The earth works against anyone that is against what I am doing here. The air works against anyone who is against my assignment here. Lift up your heads oh ye gates and be lifted up, let the king of Glory come in. Nothing hinders the move of God in this place. In this place, I have come in here to spread the light of God, I have brought the kingdom of Glory here, so anyone standing as an hindrance gate in this place, I uproot you in Jesus name…”

There was an immediate answer, a gold sword hit the ladder at the end and it broke into two and immediately Trust who was already half way fell down hard, colliding into Husky who helping him to hold the Ladder . Husky also fell to the ground. *****

Trust lay on the sick bed with his head bandaged and one of his legs bandaged.
Mrs Jaiyeola stood in front of him and Nurse Kemi by her side. Aunty Favour stood by the door.

“Trust, you need to work on your trust issues, what are you investigating? What could mama John be possibly hiding?”

“Abi Madam, you think say I want report to police or wetin? Me sef I be sinner na God dey hide all of us sin o” Aunty Favour said
“Trust do you know what this will cost me… Having you and Husky on the hospital bed?” Mrs Jaiyeola said angrily as she walked out. *****

Aunty Favour returned to her room. An idea had dropped in my heart. Trust and Husky’s displacement would be a good opportunity to hasten the work she had come to the D.A.H to do. As always, she kept the tap running as she paced in the toilet speaking in tongues….

“It is written that the Lord has given me a mouth and wisdom to speak before my adversaries and they won’t be able to refute or refuse me, as I approach Mrs Jaiyeola, whatever I ask of you, you won’t be able to refuse me in Jesus name. You lose your right sense of thinking and judgement” *****

Aunty Favour walked into Mrs Jaiyeola office. This time around there was no Trust and Husky to stop her.
“Yes mama John, what can I do for you, because of you I am short of my men” Mrs Jaiyeola said giving a dry smile

“I am sorry ma, that’s exactly why I come here, I be dey think say two of my boys no dey do anything for house, Dem fit come stand in for my two brothers at least for like two weeks till dem don dey ok… Nurse Kemi talk say e go reach like another two weeks before then go fit stand up”( I was thinking of bringing two of my boys to come work here for two weeks till Trust and Husky are fine. Nurse Kemi told me it might take two weeks for them to be fit).

“Your boys?”

“Yes Madam, dem be street! Dem go quickly blend here, any work wey you fit want make dem do, them go do. I think say you go fit promote the other brothers wey dey here, make them take Trust and Husky place while my boys take their own place.” ( Yes Madam, they are street wise and will blend in very fast)

“Very thoughtful of you but I hope they know how to keep secret”
“Na me born dem” ( They are my children)
“Alright tell them to come over”