Chapter 11
“Decent Assistants ”
©Opeyemi Akintunde

“Imade, how did you get here? Were you kidnapped?”
“No! Peer pressure, my friends told me about D.A.H and how s£x was fun with different men who do not know your face and we get paid”

“Imade! your parents are rich”
“Yes, I wasn’t doing it for money, I just wanted to be free.. Teenage exuberance was calling. I had seen the ‘Collab” houses on the internet and I thought it would be fun living in a house without parents”

“Aunty Favour, all that you taught us at the Lighthouse, I see it happening live. For instance I know I carry several demons inside me. In the last two years, I have slept with not less than 200 men from different works of life and most times I feel like a lot of people are living inside of me. Sometimes I act in ways I can tell it’s not me”.

“Those are the spirit of the several people you have slept with living inside you, because when you join yourself with the body of the harlot, you have become one with her. Imade you have become one with all the men you have slept with, their lives now live in you, likewise your life in them

“Aunty Favour, I need help” Cherry Cupcake said. *****

Aunty Favour sat in her private bathroom, and as she had been instructed, she left the tap running, to cover up the sound of her sobs. Her tears were flowing continuously just as the tap was running. “God, how can I help her? How can I help Imade and the other girls?”

“𝗣𝗿𝗮𝘆 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗺, 𝗧𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗺, 𝗧𝗮𝗹𝗸 𝘁𝗼 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗺, 𝗧𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗶𝗿 𝗳𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝘁𝗼 𝘄𝗮𝗿”

“Ok sir” Aunty Favour took a deep breath. She flushed the toilet as usual and went to her bed. She laid on the bed speaking in tongues silently.

“May their eyes be opened, Oh lord may these children become uncomfortable with this place. May the veils upon their hearts be torn in Jesus name. May the light of God pierce through their hearts like a sword in Jesus name” Aunty Favour is praying from her heart.

“God, let the desire to do right suddenly overwhelm them in Jesus name”

“May they return back to their senses in Jesus name. Scriptures says the prodigal child returned to himself and he thought it is wise to return home. God may sense be returned back to this ones. May they come back to realization of who they are in Christ, may they understand that they are more than what they are doing. I speak to the ground they are stepping on, the ground co-operates with their deliverance. I speak to the air they are breathing in this place, the air troubles evil out of them”.

As Aunty Favour kept on praying, light travelled from her room to where the girls are seated in the girls’ lobby. The light is dropping in their heart. The light travelled to Cherry Cupcake’s room and entered her heart as well.


“Do we have to do this everyday? One of the girls spoke out of the blues, Savory to be precise.
“Can’t we have a break?” she continued.
“ Yes ooo, I tire oo” Sweet and Splash said

“Everyday person body go dey pain them, shey man dey grind mama like that?” Savoury said. ( We suffer body pain everyday, and it’s not like Mrs Jaiyeola gets to be slept with like that)
“You girls should better keep quiet” Icing said

“Icing, we are tired, we are not hosting any client today” Savory said with a serious tone
“Supported” Fragrance said
“Supported” Sugar said

“Even though Cherry-cupcake and I no gel, but see the inhumane thing mama did to her Thursday night, babe break hipbone because I fall her down, mama still say by force make man grind her” ( Though Cherry Cupcake and I are not best of friends, but it was very inhumane of Mrs Jaiyeola to insist that a man should sleep with her despite having a broken hipbone which was deliberately caused by me.)

“Tonight we no do, even Bible talk say make we keep sabbath day Holy, We sef want Holy day. We sef wan dey have church service for Sunday “ Savory said… ( Tonight we are not having s£x with any man, even the Bible commands that we keep the sabbath day holy, we need a Holy Day as well, Infact we would love to start having church service here.)

“Supported” Lollipop said with with the other girls.
“Even God rest for one day out of seven days”
“No grinding Today”

“No grinding Today”
They began to scream!
Icing rushed out of the lounge to call Mrs Jaiyeola. Aunty Favour also heard the noise.

Nurse Kemi also heard the noise.|
Cherry cupcake heard as well…
They all found their way to the lounge…

“Can you keep your mouth shut” Trust shouted at them but no one was answering him.
Mrs Jaiyeola decided to give them few minutes then she spoke…
“Shouting will not give you what you want, Talking will”

Savory went quiet and told everyone to do like wise. They all obeyed Savory.
“Savory can you tell me what this is about?” Mrs Jaiyeola asked facing Savory who could see was the instigator
“We have told Icing what we want” Savory retorted

Mrs Jaiyeola looked towards Icing.
“They want a day off grinding every week…”Icing was saying
“No two days o! God took a day off as per He is a superman and we are not God, so we need two days” Savory said…

“Fine!” Mrs Jaiyeola said and she was about to stand up
“There is one more thing left” Savory added
Icing looked confused…

“Church” Savory said to her…
“Oh! I didn’t know you meant that” Icing said
“What?” Mrs Jaiyeola asked
“They said they want to have church service here”

Mrs Jaiyeola laughed till she had tears in her eyes…
“Where is this coming from”
“Mama! from you” Savory replied sharply

“From Me?”Mrs Jaiyeola replied raising her eyebrow
“Yes, on Thursday, you told me to my face that I needed to seek for favor so that client can pick me from the slide. So I have decided to start praying. Give us church in this place, at least we can be pleading for forgiveness everyday and asking for favor to make your business grow” Savory said sarcasm obvious in her voice

“Fine…. Nurse Kemi will be your pastor “ Mrs Jaiyeola said
“Huh!” Nurse Kemi said from the entrance where she stood.
Mrs Jaiyeola stood up and walked out of the lounge but before she left the full view of the girls, she turned and said..

“I have agreed to your terms but you all must grind tonight because I didn’t inform my clients before hand”
She continued her movement but stopped by Nurse Kemi
“Nurse kemi, I know You read your Bible everyday. So teach them from what you know,”

As she was leaving, Mrs Jaiyeola spotted Aunty Favour, she stopped in front of her and said…
“Every mother knows how to pray, be the assistant pastor” Mrs Jaiyeola said laughing with mockery in her voice

“You want a church and a pastor, there you have it, Two Pastors. Use the client’s lounge for your church service” Mrs Jaiyeola said laughing as she finally disappeared into the distance.

Chapter 12
“Decent Assistants ”
Opeyemi Akintunde

Nurse Kemi was pacing around in her mini-clinic and Aunty Favour sat on one of the beds looking at her.
“What do I know that I want to preach to them?” Nurse Kemi said
“Calm down Kemi, I would have loved to hold you right now, but you know she can see our every move through the camera, so calm down”

“What do I want to preach without telling them fornication is a sin… This is a set up to kill me, Do you think she knows anything?”

“No… this is God at work… God works in mysterious ways. God is using His enemies to feed His children the Word they need. This is the move of God, don’t over think it”
“I am not one they should have picked as the pastor, it should have been you”

“Sometimes, the main work is actually in the background. Let me stay in the background while you stay in the front….”
“My God!” Nurse Kemi exhaled in anxiety

“Be their pastor and I will be your pastor as the Lord helps me”.
“So how do I start?”

“First message you have to preach to them is ‘All Things’


All the girls gathered for their first service a week after. Nurse Kemi stood in front of them all and swallowed hard before opening her mouth to speak. As she opened her mouth to speak, She didn’t need anyone to tell her she wasn’t the one speaking. It was God’s words He had given to Aunty Favour which she in turned preached to her that was pouring out of her mouth.

Nurse Kemi spoke verbatim all Aunty Favour had said to her.

“There is a beautiful story about a man that was born blind and when the disciples saw him, they asked Jesus who sinned for the man to have been born blind, they asked if it was the parents or himself and guess the answer. Jesus said it was for the Glory Of God. Sometimes bad thing may happen to us in this life and we question ‘Why are we victims of this?’ especially if we are innocent, some of us are here not because we wanted to be here…

Just like me, I thought this was an orphanage and here I am trapped but just like the boy, I want to accept that all these will end to the Glory Of God as long as I keep loving him. Scriptures specified that all things work together for good of those that love the Lord…

I don’t know if your story is different from mine, it is possible you got in here on your own or if it is your parents, guardian, friend, boyfriends that got you here, if you decide to love the Lord, He can turn all these to turn around for your good…”

“It was my friend Sweet that influenced me here” Cherry Cupcake said cutting Nurse Kemi
“I am sorry Cherry cupcake, it was my boyfriend that told me it was fun. I thought he was also going to be living here with us, little did I know he was paid to bring in as much girls as he can” Sweet replied

“My mum sold me here, she has seven children to care for, So as a way of reducing the number, one day she sent me here to collect fabrics from Mrs Jaiyeola, Little did I know it was a lie. I walked into captivity” Sugar said
“I walked into this myself, the truth is I have always loved s£x, so when I heard about it, I thought it would be fun but mehn, it is tiring, boring… Now, I think I want to make out something good for my life…”

“You can still make out something good out of your life, if you love him and give him your life… All things will work…..”
“Let me cut you there, how can this prostitution work we are doing work together for our good “. Savoury asked.
Kemi froze very confused, she had not rehearsed this question.
‘What answer am I going to give?’ Nurse Kemi asked within herself…