‘We waited till midnight’ – Damilola shares throwback photo of when Evang. Mike Bamiloye got his first car (PHOTO)

Gospel filmmaker Damilola Mike-Bamiloye has shared a throwback photo that captured the moment his dad, Evang. Mike Bamiloye got his first car, a Mercedes-Benz.

He took to his Instagram page on Wednesday to share the photo that got many of his followers talking, pointing to the fact that everyone in the photo was happy and the celebration was top-notch even though the car came in almost in the middle of the night.

Sharing the photo, Damilola said that when the car arrived, joy filled the faces of everyone; they celebrated and partied hard. He concluded by appreciating God.

‘Throw back to when Daddy @mikebamiloye got his first car. We celebrated! We partied! We… we.. let’s just thank God 😆.’ – Damilola captured the photo

His followers took to the comment section of the post to share the things they noticed, while some used the photo to iterate the message of ‘Life is full of vanity’ while others appreciated God for the growth in Mount Zion Ministry and its members.

GFNG captured some comments below,

gabrielclementowoholeyi: This is a beautiful reminder of Daddy Mike’s message on Vanity, imagine the joy, infact this was one of the best cars of that generation, but had someone told u that this car would become classless as of today you will not believe.

One big lesson, all the latest cars of today will one day become the old school of a Generation, never build your life on any form of materialism, only on Jesus, only him remains the same yesterday, today and forever. Only him is reliable
iamtoyinroberts: Car or souls 😂

magnificientclothing: This reminded me of how we celebrated when we first got a television in my house. Omo including my mum and dad and my siblings nobody eat from morning till 4pm when NEPA took off the light😂
fiyinthefirst: Awwwn! 🎉 “The blood of Jesus “

folafabulous: Mercedes Benz 230E 🔥 The joy in that picture is reminiscing 😂
teeworship5: Wow wow… The Benz seemed to have come around 2:30😂

thatloba: Can’t help but notice how happy everyone was. 🥺
dararamondcs: This reminded me of how we celebrated when my wonderful late dad and mum brought this exact car home that year…Chai, God you are faithful ooo

iamega1: Thank God for how far He’s brought this amazing family of God. The blessings of God shall not cease in this family. Cheers to you, dear brother. Keep blessing lives.
damilolatosin1: It was worth celebrating then…. Adupe fun Oluwa for growth

cyberzikk: Ahhh Na Benzo 😂😂.. I’m sure that must have really been the happening car that year
restoredglory: See how far you’ve brought me, Lord I’ve come to worship YOU… Oh THANK YOU JESUS SEE PHOTO BELOW