Moment Damilola Mike-Bamiloye prayed in his native tongue (Yoruba) at ICVM Storyteller’s conference in USA (VIDEO)

A video clip making its way around the social media space has captured the moment Mike Bamiloye’s son, Damilola prayed in Yoruba during the ICVM’s (International Christian Visual Media) storyteller’s conference held in Nashville, USA.

GFNG had earlier reported that Damilola Mike-Bamiloye represented his dad, Evang. Mike Bamiloye of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries at the just concluded ICVM’s annual conference, where he was invited to speak on the topic “FAITH-BASED MOVIE MAKING IN NIGERIA AND THE IMPACTS IN AFRICA NATIONS”.

Due to Mike Bamiloye’s line-up of activities on his schedule, his son filled up the space as he gave a brilliant speech touching on various aspects of gospel filmmaking in Nigeria.

In Mike Bamiloye’s words; “I was invited as one of the Speakers in this year’s event – the 50th Annual Conference. But I could not make it because of other previous commitments here in Nigeria, so Damilola Mike-Bamiloye was invited to represent me.

The making of Christian movies in Nigeria has commanded the attention of the Western world and the faith based movie makers in America and Europe. They have observed that Nigerian Drama ministers and Christian film makers have impacted the African nations and Africans in diaspora. So the invitation was to speak on the secrets and the motivations for this move. The seminar and speech was based on “FAITH BASED MOVIE MAKING IN NIGERIA AND THE IMPACTS IN AFRICA NATIONS ”

And the Lord helped him. He did well. One of the high point of the international film festival was when he was invited to pray for the whole crowd in his mother tongue, YORUBA LANGUAGE. He projected the Nigerian Christian Film makers , he made Drama Ministers Proud, He lifted up the flag of Jesus Christ. He represented Nigeria well.”

Not long after Mike Bamiloye’s post celebrating his son Damilola for representing Nigerian gospel filmmakers at the event, he also shared a video clip that captured one of the beautiful moments at the event when Damilola Mike-Bamiloye prayed in his mother’s tongue, Yoruba.

The video clip generated various reactions because many have never seen Damilola speak Yoruba in movies, let alone hear him pray in the language. SEE VIDEO CLIP and Reactions BELOW

See some reactions below

Oluwabunmi Bamitale: Baba D! I had goose pimples watching this. I celebrate you, my brother. Thank you for representing the Kingdom so well.
Precious pearl: I’ve been looking forward to this video since I saw Daddy’s post about it yesterday 😂. The Baba wa ati Olorun was legendary, and I was nervous on your behalf after that line😂. Well-done bro. More grace

Jayceesoda: I love this so much. In the last few months, I have beening reading Bibeli Mimo. I recently memorised Psalm 139 in Yoruba and it jumped at me more than studying it in English
Naceebosslady: You shall not fall or falter lagbara Olohun! Thanks for making us proud

TosinFayor: I was practically expecting that phrase ‘Baba wa ati Olorun wa’ to start the prayer just as my mom would start her prayers back then and till date😂. You did well bro! God bless dad and mom for the wholistic good training.
Phemmy Sticks: Same way I use to start prayers in Yoruba “Baba wa ati olorun wa” – “Our father and our God”

Tope Ilori: Nice one. You must be part of the next Abejoye and you must speak Yoruba ooo. 😂 God bless you
Victor_653: The fact that they didn’t understand but had the faith that you were proclaiming good thing to their life tells it all that God is beyond imagination

Iconiciconreality: I so much love Yoruba prayer even though i don’t understand it, I just feels there’s this bond between God and David with the Yorubas that he always show mercy and answer their prayers ASAP.