Dad of 7 begs on the streets with babies after he was fired from work for arriving late and wife abandoned him


It is not always men who are left with the daunting task of taking care of their children by their spouse.

Woman leaves months after delivery

A father is struggling with feeding his children and taking them to school as he has no source of income.

Byago Donat was unceremoniously fired by his boss for arriving late to work as he took care of his little ones.

“I am a father of seven children. I had five before we got the last two, who are twins. We spent a month and a half in the hospital, and I came home with my wife. We spent another two and a half months together thereafter before she left,” the man said.

Woman runs away with money

He recalled arriving home from work one day when he found the little ones alone.

She left when the twins were still breastfeeding at just four months without notice.

Donat thought she would come back, but when he saw she had carried money and clothes, he was worried about the nature of her departure.

“When I called her phone, it was off and I thought her battery had died. I started looking for her and went straight to the bus station hoping to reunite with her but people told me her bus had left,” he recalled.

Father almost removed kids from school

Donat struggled to balance family with work as the parenting burden was heavy on his shoulders.

He even thought of taking two kids out of school to help him care for the little ones, but he did not.

In the end, his work suffered as his employer released him for being inconsistent.

In desperation, he started begging in the streets, hoping for a few coins to pay rent and buy food for his family.