“He has started again, he can’t keep his family private” Critic fault Davido over his interview on the birth of his twins


Critic fault Davido over his interview on the birth of his twins

Davido, a celebrity of Afrobeat music, has come under fire from a critic for his initial interview regarding the birth of his twins.

The musician and his wife Chioma welcomed twins on Tuesday, a boy and a girl, according to reports that circulated at the time.

The couple didn’t confirm the reports, but Davido insinuated that his wife will become “Mama Ibeji” (mother of twins) in his song “In The Garden,” which also features Morravey.

The musician had already tweeted on Sunday of last week that it would be his finest week ever.

After a video of Davido and Chioma leaving the hospital with their twins appeared online, the news was eventually verified.

The music artist spoke out for the first time about the birth of his twins in an interview, describing how he and Chioma were left speechless by the news.

He called it crazy and mentioned that his twins were born the same month as his late son Ifeanyi.

His statement didn’t sit well with a critic, who faulted him for publicizing his family affair.

Following the tragedy with his son Ifeanyi last year, the critic noticed how Davido has recovered by giving interviews about his family, something he is expected to keep private.

Davido is unable to just keep his family a secret. He did not resume the interview. I ask God to grant you the knowledge you need to manage your family’s concerns. Congratulations to you both.

He had started again he cant keep his family private Critic slams Davido for granting interview on the birth of his twins Kemi Filani blog min

Coming to his defense, many noted how the singer was only speaking about the birth of his twins and not really publicizing his family life. SEE SOME COMMENTS BELOW

One Snowflake wrote, “Really? When he bashed that useless Samklef for posting the video y’all said he was doing too much. If he didn’t want it private, would he bash him for posting the video online? Y’all should think for once.

One Annie Ubok wrote, “So he shouldn’t talk, praise God or testify of God’s goodness again because of your opinion? Do you know the number of people that would be blessed by this interview?

One Quincy Igue wrote, “He’s thankful to God. Let him scream pls. God has blessed him. It is his testimony

One I Am Bobby Official wrote, “If Davido wants to speak about his entire generation, wetin concern una ehhhhh. U ppl will always look for what to say”.

Netizens defends Davido against critic who chastised him for granting interview over the birth of his twins Kemi Filani blog min 768x768 1

Recall that Davido had blasted music producer, Samklef for allegedly leaking a video of him and Chioma with their newborn twins.

Calling him a clout chaser, he stated that the video wasn’t supposed to be released online as he urged him to delete the video.

However, Samklef stated that he clarified to the singer that he obtained the video from the public domain on Twitter.

He stated that he and Davido are cool as he has made it known that he didn’t leak the video.

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