Court tells lady to pay N150k for collecting N3k from man as TFare and not showing up

An Enugu court has reportedly awarded N150k in damages against a lady after she collected N3k to visit a man but failed to show up.

A Nigerian lawyer @Egi_nupe_ who shared the story on Twitter said that the lady switched off her phone after collecting the money and this infuriated the man.

The displeased man approached the Enugu law court and won. In the judgement, the magistrate held that the lady’s act was deceitful.

The sum awarded was intended to serve as a deterrent to other ladies with such deceitful behaviours.

The tweets blew up and sparked a debate among both genders as people weighed in on the matter.

Social media reactions
@IbejiNoble said: “So happy for that young man….if u no say u no wan do,no collect money …ladies have always been greedy just like their mama Eve,but their greed for this present generation has shifted a notch higher…..”

@Klintzmann said: “Inspiration: Use 30k invite like 10 girls, give each 3k Tfare. When they refuse to show up, go to Enugu court. 150 * 10 is 1.5m. “No say I no cut soap for you ooo.”

@elgeotaofeeq said: “We need someone to help us file a case against urgent 2k too, that request is killing guys.”

@Sholexx_ said: “They don’t need to rush to Enugu court. All they need is to reference the judgement to gain lawsuit.”

@DareHardy09 said: “Good judgement and guys it’s in the law ooo so take advantage of it if them wan scam you urgent 2k and don’t show up.”