Court allegedly grants full custody of kids and mansion to May Edochie, warns Yul Edochie to keep distance

Popular Nigerian vlogger Gistlover has disclosed that court has given the first wife of Yul EdochieMay full custody of their three kids.

The family issue of May Edochie and her husband Yul Edochie has been one of the running topics on social media for a couple of months.

According to a new development, the court has granted full custody of their three kids to May Edochie and also granted her full custody of their mansion.

According to Gistlover, the court has warned the actor never to go near the mansion to disturb his first wife as they stay married.

Gistlover further divulged that the actor has been fighting his first wife and also asked her not to return to Instagram to avoid being dragged again by social media users but the wife ignored him as she informed Pete Edochie that most of her works are on Instagram and has to make a living.

Hello tueh tueh,The Edochie battle continues as Court grants May Edochie full custody of their kids and the also temporary custody of their Ajah mansion,

warns Yul not to ever go near the mansion again, as it is, May and Yul and not divorced yet but they are currently separated as the court is doing a follow up on Yul to make sure he stays out of Mays way,

Yul on the other side is fighting tooth and nail with May, first he told her not to return to Instagram , say if she return him dragging go start fully,

say people go begin troll am again,May refused, seeing that he can’t control her,

he called his Popsy, but May insisted that she got businesses she works for on Instagram and she can’t afford to go off, she also said Yul and his new wife are back to Instagram , why make she come go off?

na the matter wey Dey ground be that now oo and they have been stressing may ontop say court don tell them to stay off, even Zuma rock yansh and the mgbeke judy has been running from pillar to post,

paying mushroom bloggers saying Yul marrried judy because May cheated on him,

remember before them start the propaganda, I don tell una, them Dey run kiti kata now, looking for another Means of attack ,

May our homes never encounter the likes of Judy and yul ooo, strange women are on the rise, wife make una Dey pray for una home oo,

husband make una prick Dey Zukwanike ooo, stop opening prick wa up and down, some women are destroyer, igi ewedu ibi wo pawa ooo, I come in peace