She said she was shooting content – Man shares encounter with content creator girlfriend he caught in b€d with a man

A man described how he discovered his TikTok influencer girlfriend having an affair before she pretended to be filming some video.

The distraught man used an internet forum to explain how the incident had happened and to ask for advice on whether he had been overly concerned.

The man said he had intended to surprise his fiancée on her birthday but discovered she had shut the door.

He screamed in shock when he peered through the window and saw her sharing personal moments with another man.

The girlfriend and her sidekick were startled out of their conversation by this, and when she eventually opened the door, she wondered why he had interrupted her shooting session.

He wrote: “Hi Auntie Momoza. Please post as anonymous.
I’m 34 and my girlfriend is 22 turning 23 this year. My girlfriend is a TikTok influencer, she has a huge following.

On Thursday night I went to her room to surprise her. I noticed there was a car parked where I normally park when I visit her. I wanted to open the door but the burglar door was locked.

I noticed the window was not closed, so I immediately went there. I shifted the curtain and my girlfriend was on top of another guy. I shouted ‘yeeeeeyiiiiii’ and she got off him quickly. I went back to the door and started banging it.

She unlocked for me after about a minute. She was so calm and not panicking at all. She asked why I was disturbing her while she was busy shooting content for TikTok.

She showed me her iPhone which was on the tripod stand with the camera facing the bed. Then she started getting angry and accusing me of being insecure. The guy left while she was shouting at me. I ended up apologising.

Now I’m sitting here alone and not sure if that was really content. Is my mind playing games with me?”