“How can you say my pastor is thr€atening you” — Church member questions Chef Dammy over recent utterances

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A church member of Spiritworld, has made a video questioning Chef Dammy over her recent accusations of her pastor.


Recall that only recently, Chef Dammy had come out to accuse her pastor and had specifically stated that if anything happens to her, he should be held responsible.


However, another church member, a young man, has come out to debunk this accusation, claiming the pastor had not make such threats towards her life.


According to him;


“Our pastor should be held responsible, for what reason? On what basis?

Tell her to give evidence for what she’s saying, everything she’s saying they are lies, she’s just lying everywhere.


What is she trying to say, that they should go and carry my pastor, for what?

What did he do? No, answer me, what did he do?”

The young man claims that Dammy has noticed that she cannot do anything outside of the church,

she is no longer trending and the ministry no longer accepts her so she has cooked up lies against their pastor online for trends and public sympathy.


The church member further clarified that the Pastor has not been in contact with Chef Dammy in over four months.


Watch video here:

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