‘Don’t criticize Christians watching BBNaija show if you are also a football addict’ – Joshua Mike-Bamiloye

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye, the second son of Evang. Mike Bamiloye of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries, has once again come after another set of vulnerable and unshielded Christians.

Some days ago, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye called out Christians who attend shows and concerts organized by secular artists.

In a tweet he made, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye subtly called them ‘bogus’ Christians who are yet to set boundaries and flee from such gathering.

Yesterday, 25th of July, 2023, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye aka Jaymikee again took to his twitter page to raise more dusts as he nailed football addicts who criticize BBNaija show addicts to the cross of hypocrisy.

According to him, there is no difference between a football freak and BBNaija show addict if both can place their interest over the things of God.

He added that a BBNaija show addict who replaces ‘quite time’ with the show and a football addict who check live scores while church service is on going are in the same category.

He further acknowledged that the BBNaija show contains some contents that are not adding values yet anything that pushes God down the list of priority of any Christians should be thoroughly checked.

In his words;

“Before you tackle Christians watching BB, be sure you’re not a football addict.

Before you tackle ladies that know everything about their favorite character, be sure you’re not the same with all the football players.

Before you criticize them replacing devotion time with the show, be sure you haven’t skipped a fellowship over a hot match, Or you haven’t been checking live scores during the service.

The fact remains that whatever competes with God in your heart is on the same boat, ofcourse we know the show contains immoral scenes and isn’t exactly productive (life of over 80% of entertainment content today).

So let’s encourage building our walk with God and placing him as top priority and it’ll reflect in how much wisdom we apply in handling these contents”

However, some of his followers who replied his tweet acknowledged to have a link with the category Joshua Mike-Bamiloye mentioned and they promised to have a change of heart while some said BBNajia shows and football should’nt be compared.

Check some comments complied by GFNG below;

Nonso: The problem with you is your gatekeeping stance on Christians and your commands that are mostly unscriptural. You guys are using your parent’s name tag to enforce laws and narratives that even if Jesus was here won’t let any fly. Allow Christians Breeeeet. Mr Joshua!

Tobiloba: Jaymikee Why do you specialize in breaking tables? I just knew you were cooking something since

Luffy: I agree with the crust of the message. However, the harm one day of BBN can do to your soul cannot be compared to one day of football. Both of them can be weights but even with weights, some are heavier than others.

Olayemi Adegboyega: Omo agbelebu ni Joshua. Your parents raised you well spiritually. You have never disappointed me, your siblings too. More of God in you brother in the Lord

Joshua Oyebamiji: Jay I agree that nothing should replace God in your heart but I don’t think comparing BBN & football is right. I can watch a football match & not see, hear or feel anything lustful. It’s not the same with BBN. BBN is built around lust.

Benjamin Itiotio: Apart from football taking devotion time, which is a big NO No, there is huge difference in the entertainment style of the two events… BB is purely adult entertainment and I think you can only compare it to football if you natural hate football

PeaceNation: You’re absolutely right sir. For those of you who don’t agree, the point is that you should not avenge the disobedience of others if your obedience isn’t complete!

Rotimi Babajide: I get the point that football can compete with your time for God if not properly managed…. But nevertheless football is different from BBM o Inside BBM there’s lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life. If these are in football show me

Papa Bryan: How does these two relates? I’m not a fan of either but I see no point or correlation…

Just Nedu: Bro you are totally wrong. The main issue people have with BBN is the immorality.

Mike Bamiloye warns Christians against secular Music

GFNG had earlier reported that Evang. Mike Bamiloye warned Christians who feed on any genre of music especially ‘secular music’ should take heed.

In a post shared on his Facebook page some days ago, the gospel filmmaker revealed that many of the songs by secular artists are gotten from demonic sources.

In his words;


Beware of rhe Music you listen to

And be careful of the Music you dance to.

When you listen to Secular Music that does not glorify God, you are opening your heart to the Music that glorified the devil and you are opening the door of your heart to Demonic Ministrations.

Many Secular Music has hidden Source.

The Source of some Musics are very demonic.

Some secular Music have their Source from Demons.

Some Dance steps were originated and created by Demonic spirit beings and introdyced to the world by Selected Music Artistes in exchange for hige riches and wealth.

Some musical lyrics are INCANTATIONS AND SPELLS upon the hearers and fans, causing them to misbehave whenever they hear and sing it.

Some music artistes brings their Music and percussions from the spirit beings from the depth of the Sea.

Some Music Artistes are taught and coached songs and steps in their dreams by their demonic partners.

Some artistes got on stage and become something else, another spirit taking them up.

Another spirit talking and singing through their mouths.

Fans dancing and going crazy and wild!

This is why we must be careful the type of secular songs and dance steps we introduce into the church for our praises and worship.”