BREAKING: Chef Dammy’s Pastor Adegoke Jeremiah sues her for N20m, gives 7 days ultimatum

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BREAKING: Chef Dammy’s Pastor Adegoke Jeremiah sues her for N20m, gives 7 days ultimatum

Prophet Adegoke, Chef Dammy’s pastor has slammed a 20 million naira lawsuit against her, only days after she called him out online.

Only a few days ago, the chef went public with some facts regarding the pastor who had sponsored her Cook-a-Thon, an attempt to break Hilda Baci’s record.

In her most recent post, she warned the world that her life was in danger and that she would hold her pastor accountable if anything happened to her.

In an unexpected move, the founder of Spirit World Global Mission, Prophet Jeremiah Adegoke, has filed a lawsuit against Chef Dammy.

The pastor voiced his amazement at what he perceived to be a defamatory statement made by the chef in a petition submitted by his lawyers.

He has demanded for a retraction of the libelous statement and is being asked to pay the sum of Twenty million naira (20,000,000) for damages.

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“She Sent N700k to Her Family”: Insider Narrates How Chef Dammy Fell Out With Her Church Pastor

A new explanation has arisen for why Damilola Adeparusi, aka Chef Dammy, disagreed with her pastor and the Spirit Word Mission.

Chef Dammy was the poster girl for the Spirit Word Mission’s 120-hour cookathon.

Chef Dammy’s freedom was taken away after the cookathon, according to an article published by the Foundation for Investigative Journalism, FIJ.

Her phone and social media passwords were maintained by the church, which she despised.

A source from the church told FIJ: “She was restricted, as her phone and ATM card were with the organisers of the cook-a-thon.A lot of people couldn’t reach her by phone calls and she couldn’t reply her social media messages also. She personally told me that she wasn’t enjoying herself anymore and that she wanted to go back to her previous life, where she had her freedom.”

How Chef Dammy’s problem started

After the 120-hour cooking marathon, Chef Dammy’s church started preparing for a new cookathon, in which she would also be the poster chef.

This did not go down well with her as, according to FIJ’s source, she was yet to recover from the earlier cookathon.

“Dammy didn’t want to do another cook-a-thon as she was even yet to recover from the one she had just finished. Her family also immediately rejected that proposal, which got the church organisers angry.

Dammy’s family was unhappy to hear about the new cookathon and reported the matter to the Ekiti state government.

The church was summoned and asked to release Dammy’s phone and social media passwords to her. Things got worse when Dammy transferred N700k to her family, as, according to the source, this marked a severe turning point in the crisis between the chef and Pastor Jeremiah.

“Some of us in the church who had listened to both sides didn’t join the church to hate Dammy as they wanted. While we were still looking for the way forward, they heard that Dammy had transferred N500,000 to her mum and N200,000 to her elder brother out of the N1.2 million in her own account. The church became angry.”

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