Cat caught on CCTV dancing outside woman’s home at night (Video)

The video of a dancing cat outside an oyinbo lady’s home at night has gone viral, leaving netizens in awe and disbelief.

The clip, which features a domestic cat displaying extraordinary moves on its two hind legs outside a house in the late hours, has ignited conversations about feline behavior and sparked a myriad of reactions online.

The video, shared by Twitter user @TheFigen_, quickly gained traction on social media platforms, amassing thousands of views, likes, and shares within hours.

In the video, the agile feline can be seen swaying and grooving, as if dancing in excitement.

The woman, who seemed genuinely astounded by the peculiar sight, questioned the authenticity of her own eyes and asked the internet community if they were witnessing what she was seeing.

She wrote;

“I’m seeing right? Is the cat dancing?” 

See below;