Can we move on now? – Jaymikee asks online wαrrισяs after Enenche apologized to Veronica.

On Sunday, the woman identified as Vera came on the altar of Dunamis Church to share her testimony of how God made her the “only graduate in her family.”

During the testimony, Vera said she graduated with a “BSc in Law” from NOUN and the clergyman accused Vera of lying as there was no Bachelor of Science in Law.

He further went on to express that she couldn’t speak good English and that lawyers are meant to be fluent.

The issue had irked much frenzy on social Media and Nigerians had dug into it and had brought out evidence that showed the woman in question wasn’t lying.

A photo of her in her graduation gown made rounds online and her name was listed in the names of people who graduated.

Shortly after the incidence, Pastor Paul Enenche reached out to Veronica to tender his unreservered apology alongside a memo for the public to have a glimpse that the issue has been resolved out of public eyes.

Reacting to this, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye a.k.a Jaymikee also shared on Twitter the memo alongside new photos of Venorica, Pastor Paul Enenche and his wife, Becky, asking the online warriors defending Venronica to return their swords in their sheaths.

He also addressed those who felt the memo was not good enough to consider an apology from Pastor Paul Enenche to hold their peace. SEE BELOW