It missed its way, APC says about bullion van found in Tinubu’s house in 2019

Tinubu's house in 2019

During the build-up to the 2019 general elections in Nigeria, a bullion van was sighted in the Bourdillion residence of the 2023 presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu.

The presence of the bullion van raised a lot of dust over the activities as regards vote-buying and ringing of the elections by the ruling party.

However, reacting to questions by journalists on the presence of the bullion van in his residence, Tinubu at that time had said that the money was his and not for the government.

Tinubu had said:

“Bullion vans, are those ballot papers? Where am I voting now? Excuse me, is it my money or government money?

“I don’t work for the government, I am not in an agency bof government and let anybody come out to say I am taking any contract from the government of President Muhammadu Buhari or APC in the last five years.

“The  should prove it, I am on my own,” he finally added.

But further reacting to more questions on the same bullion van on the Morning Show of Arise Television, the organizing secretary of the PC in Lagos state, Adewale Ayodele claimed Tinubu was only making a joke of the incident when he spoke to reporters in 2019.

Ayodele also said that the bullion had actually missed its address and somehow found its way to the residence of Tinubu during the election.

His words: “I think that matter has been put to rest. There was no money in the bullion van. The bullion van that even came had missed the address to even come there.

“It missed the address to have come there that was why it was there.”

He also said that the bullion van was not sighted in Tinubu’s house on election day. When reminded that Tinubu while answering questions about the presence of the bullion van in his residence during the 2019 election had said that the money was his and that he has not stolen public funds or even done any contract with the government.