Part 9
©️Toyin Taiwo

Now it’s time to share. If there’s anyone who needs an advice or solutions from the house please signify by raising up your hand.

Crystal: Sorry to interrupt, we have some pending issues on ground, I think we should start from there before going into fresh cases.

Me: That true. Feso and Enitan’s issue is still pending. Let’s start with Enitan.
Enitan stepped out. “How is it going with your step dad” Onochie asked her.
Enitan: Well… we are still on it, my step father still insisted that I can’t marry an Igbo.

Jay: What’s your mum’s take on this?

Enitan: Well, at first she was indifferent but later as usual nau…her husband get into her head. And she said she’s in support of anything he says, imagine.

Me: Seriously, this man as no say in this matter, he’s a step for crying out loud.

Soma: You are right, Onochie but if we don’t thread carefully this man will keep on prolonging the matter.

Jay: What do we do now?

Soma: I suggest we talk one on one with Enitan’s mum.

Dume: Please help me beg them to give me my wife.

Onochie: Who gave you wife? She’s not yet your wife bro.

Dume: Is it because, I just want to do things the right away, I’ll take her out of this country and let’s see who can stop me.

Crystal: You know that’s a wrong approach, just exercise patience.

Soma: Like I said earlier, let us meet her mum and convinced her, once she’s on our side….

Me: Then the step father can go to hell.

Feso: Soma’s right, once her mum agreed, then one of Enitan’s Uncle can sit as the father on the engagement day.

Jay: Then give her hand in marriage to the priest in church.

Hauwa: Case closed. Let’s stick to Soma’s plan.

Me: Final solution?

All: Final solution.

Me: Next is Feso, please step out

Feso: Hi friends.

Me: How is it going with you and Senator ( I said it sarcastically)
Everybody laughed because Feso was already boiling.

Feso: Hauwa, I’m sorry. (apologizing to her fiance)but Senator is bossing me around and I don’t like it at all. Imagine, he asked me to come to Canada this week for wedding plans.

Jay: Again!

Feso: Yes, making it the third visit.

Hauwa: Now what other choice do you have, I’ve told you to endure him till the wedding is over.

Feso: What if this continues after we get married. He will just pick his phone and summon me out of the blue!

Enitan: Like Hauwa said just exercise patience Feso.

Feso: I hate been bossed around, I’m not cut out for this. Hauwa knows, my parents can try this with me.
Crystal: That’s why they are called in-laws. Let’s just endure till the wedding is over.

Feso: You guys haven’t answered my question. What if this continues after marriage.

Soma: Let’s hope it won’t get to that stage.

Me: And if it does?

Soma: We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. So my guy just let him have his way this time at least till you get your woman.

Me: Final solution?

All: Final solution.

Me: Any other person who has something to share?

Me: Ok then, I have a problem. My girlfriend just broke up with me.

Soma: Again!
______________Toyin Taiwo

“Zite please stepped out and anchor this, since it’s Onochie’s case we have on ground now” I said and Zite stepped out.

Zite: Guys, Let’s hear your thoughts on this.

Feso: I thought you said money and good s€x keeps girls, so what happened again this time. Why did she leave?

Dume: Maybe he’s now lacking in that department, I mean the latter.
Some of the guys laughed.

Onochie: Dume and Feso, I’m not joking here. By the way stop deceiving yourself, claiming you don’t sleep with your women.

Feso: Leave our women out of this and face the truth.

Onochie: What truth?

Crystal: I have told you times without number not to spend too much on women, let them love you for who you are and not for what you have. But you prefer to flaunt your money in their faces. “I work in multinational company, I have a house on the island”(she mimicked him) They will spend your money and leave once they are through exploiting you.

Feso: Imagine he just bought a car for this girl o.

Soma: Onochie I’ve told you times without number, money is not love. Let a girl loves you naturally, when you are sure that you’ve gain her heart, then you are free to do anything for her. Look around you and see our friends, do you see anyone who lure their women with money. So please change that mentality of yours. Do things right this time when you meet someone else.

Dume: I pray he listen.

Crystal: In addition to what everyone has said, I think. you should pray about it in case it’s spiritual. Because it’s not only ladies that experience rejection, it happens to men too. Please before starting any relationship pray about it and let God guide you.
For the first in time in Onochie life, he was remorseful. I think those words get to him.

Zite: Conclusion, pray and stop spending unnecessarily on women. Right?

All: Yes.

Onochie: Thanks everyone.
__________Toyin Taiwo

Zite: We still have one more thing to discuss but let’s go on a break and take our refreshment.

Enitan, Hauwa and I displayed all the foods on the stand You are not serve yourself.

Jay was the DJ of the day, the music was playing. He entertained us by playing latest hits back to back.

Everyone served himself except Hauwa who served her fiance by herself.
We stepped on the dance floor and dance. You are free to dance with anyone, either the person is your partner or not.

I looked around to check on Ezinne, she was on the dance floor too and all the guys took turn to dance with her, she was all smiles. I’m glad she was enjoying herself. No one trade the fun we use to have amidst us with anything in the world.

I excused myself to make use of the restroom, unfortunately I ran into him. I brushed pass him but he caught my hand.


“What’s the meaning of those scenes you shot at my house and in your office?” He queried.

“I thought I made it clear to you, that we can only talk in the presence of our friends nothing more”

“That’s your stupid decision not mine”

“Whatever, can I go now?”

“Crystal, why are you doing all this, why are you bent on torturing me emotionally”

I looked away. “Let go of me, I don’t want anyone to walk up on us”

“I don’t care at this point”

“That was not the agreement”

“You are hurting me Crystal?”

“That’s is not my problem”

“Really, I’ll go out there now and tell everybody what’s going on between us”

“I forbid you to speak, you dare not” I said and walked out on him.
__________Toyin Taiwo

An hour later, Zite stepped out and told everyone to settle down for the next matter on the Agenda.

Onochie: I think Ezinne, should excuse us, you guys understand that this situation is kind of different.

Zite: Ezinne we are very sorry, can you please excuse us. I promise you’ll get to hear everything later but we don’t want the people involved to be uncomfortable.

Ezinne: No problem, I understand.

Hauwa: Have my key Ezinne, you can sit in the car and relax.

She handed the key to her and she left.

Zite: We have a big issue to trash today and we won’t leave this place until we get to the root of the matter.

Immediately he finished those words, I knew what Zite said as to do with me.” No ooooo Zite you can’t do this to me” I said under my breath.

I looked back to pass Hauwa’s phone I was holding to her. He’s eyes met with mine but I shifted my gaze.

Then I came up with an idea.

Me: Excuse me everyone, I just got a message from the office, my attention is needed now.

Zite: On a Saturday! Crystal, seriously!

Onochie: My friend sit your butt down.

Feso: Crystal… now!

I was bursted, so I had no choice than to sit, there’s no hiding place for me this time.

Zite: Crystal had a secret affairs with one of us in school. I mean the guys. Which obviously turned sour and she’s been carrying the hurt over the years. And she refused to move on. Today that guy must come out clean.

“So who is the guy in question?” Zite asked.

I met with the Pastor on Saturday. I explained everything to him. He said God had already revealed everything to him.

“That woman you were dating then actually had a child for you, I’m sure that’s the girl you’ve been seeing in your dream. You have been under a spell all this years, it was that same spell that made you denied the pregnancy then and forget everything about woman” he revealed.

“Pastor, I just remembered, that woman told me, she was pregnant but I told her, I was married with kid but then I was supposed to be divorced why I claimed to still be married is what’s baffling me right now” I explained.

“Mr Afam, I’m sorry to say this but I have to, your ex wife turned your present wife is behind all this”

I stood up pacing up and down the office. “Pastor what’s the way forward now?” I asked.

“First you have to leave that house, that woman will not go down without a fight”

“You are right, I’ll do just that”

“The next step is to look for that woman you impregnated” he stated.

“Pastor, I can’t remember where she stays but.. but… I think I remember where she works. Yes she is a teacher. But I’m not sure if she still works there”

“You have to look for her. You can start from there”

“If I meet her, how will I face her, Pastor after all this years”

“Mr Afam, one step at a time, but you have to take each step prayerfully from now on”

“Ok sir, thank you very much Pastor. I appreciate your help, we just met and you took my burden upon yourself”

“That’s why I’m here, no need to thank me”

I left his office straight to my home, I need to get my things out of the house before she comes back from her store.

I got home and thankfully the house was empty. I parked all my things I left the house. I have two other houses but I don’t want that psychopath woman finding me so I decided to go lodge in an h0tel instead.

I closed my eyes tightly praying inwardly. “God, please don’t let him talk”
20minutes later.

Enitan: Did you two swear an oath or something? Crystal should speak up for Christ sake if the guy refuse to talk na.
10 minutes later

Hauwa: Crystal refused to talk, the guy in question too won’t talk. Eh…..

Dume: If you like don’t talk that means we’ll all sleep here today.

He said and relaxed well on his chair.
15minutes later

Jay stood up, walking towards the door. All eyes now on him.

Zite: Jay where do you think you are going?
_____________Toyin Taiwo

I sat in the car, though I had many things on my mind. I wasn’t upset because I was told to excuse them, not at all. I already know how open they are to each other when discussing private matters and I’m still new. I enjoyed the gathering, infact it was just as Mummy Ejiofor said, if you are part of this family, you are sure in the right place. The way they received me was overwhelming, even the engaged guys are so free. And to crown it all Hauwa and Enitan are not the insecure type, they were all dancing and cheering their men when they were dancing with me. As for the rules, for me it’s okay but personally for me, I don’t see anything bad in dating a friend’s ex but this is a close circle, so I get the reason why the rules was made.
I wondered what took them so long, I already spent more than 45minutes in the car. I decided to get busy with my phone. I checked out the pictures we took, it was so lovely, It was a great privilege standing right next to this wonderful people. I posted the pictures on Facebook and Instagram with the caption. “My New Family”
____________Toyin Taiwo


Feso: Jay nobody is permitted to leave this place, so come back here.

Jay: I want to go and get Ezinne, there’s no point keeping her waiting. It’s obvious we won’t leave this place anytime soon.

He said and headed out.

Hauwa: He has a point o, let him go and bring her.

Jay returned with Ezinne. Zite apologized for keeping her outside. He also briefed her on the matter on ground. Ezinne looked at me and back at Zite.

Zite: Like I said earlier, we will wait until the guy in question speaks
10 minutes later.

“Excuse me” I heard Ezinne voice. Everyone’s gaze turned to her.

Zite: Ezinne, you want to say something?

Ezinne: Yes please.

Zite: Go ahead.

Ezinne: I know the guy in question.

All: What! How!

I was shocked did she know what she’s talking about. I looked her in the eyes, she really look like she’s sure of what she was saying. I pleaded with her with my eyes just in case she knows something.

Ezinne: I’m very sorry Crystal but I have to talk. You need to carry this weight off your chest, so you can move on. You are wounded but you won’t heal if you still to continue like this.

” Mmm” She sighed heavily.

Ezinne: I went to the restroom to relieve myself after the dance but as I was about to open the door that leads to the restroom, I heard voices. I wanted to go in and just do my thing and leave, then I heard Crystal’s voice, then I decided to wait. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but it was an heated argument though not loud. I didn’t pick the guy’s voice, so I decided to hide to see his face. Crystal was the first to leave followed by him.

Enitan: Who is he?

Then Ezinne pointed at him. And I almost fainted.


Part 10
©️Toyin Taiwo

Everyone shifted their gaze to Ezinnne and followed the direction of her hand.

All: SOMA!

There was silence for like 5minutes or there about.

Then the next thing I saw, Zite rushed to Soma and hitted him repeatedly, the other guys rushed up to him hurriedly to pull him away from him. He didn’t hit him back.

Onochie: Guy take it easy now…. You are not the only one angry here.

Dume: Feso please take over from Zite, he can’t handle this o.

Feso stepped out and moderate this time. I was just recovering from the shock.

Feso: Ezinne, thanks so much, you are a blessing to us, God has really use you to shine the light into this mystery.

Onochie: Imagine, we even shut her out, not knowing she’s the solution to the problem.

Ezinne: It’s ok, I’m glad I could help.

Feso: Soma, please come forward

He stepped out quietly.

Feso: Soma, what transpired between you and Crystal. What’s that secret you both are keeping from us.

Soma: First I apologized for keeping you in the dark. It wasn’t intentional but things were beyond my control. Crystal and I started dating in 200 level.

All: What!

Jay: Unbelievable, the three of us were course mates. How come I didn’t suspect a thing!

Zite: Why did you keep it a secret? We want to know.

Soma: We kept it a secret because of the likes of you. You were in love with her then and I doubt if you’ve really gotten over.

Zite: Of course I’ve moved on, ever since I met Bisi but I won’t standby and allow anyone hurt her.

Feso: Zite, enough.

Soma: We all had a Crush on Crystal back then in school.

Onochie: True, we all wanted to date her. And she successfully friend zoned us.
Soma: I really love her and I know she loved me too but she kept on holding back.

So I persisted. She said she’ll date me on one condition….

Onochie: We get it, to keep the relationship a secret.

Zite: Soma what…did.. you.. do… to.. her?

Soma: I slept with her without her consent.

All: You raped her!

Now I had to talk. I brazen up and stood up.

Me: No he didn’t rape me!

Zite: Crystal, stop defending him.

Me: I’m not defending him.

Feso: Soma, What happened between you too?

Soma: It all happened when I lost my father.

Precisely the night he was buried. If you could all recollect, after

God bless you