Part 7
©️Toyin Taiwo

I woke up in the middle of the night. I can’t believe I have this same dream again. I’ve been having this dream for months now and this time around the dream now come on a daily basis.

“Who is this little girl I see in my dream?” I asked myself.

In my dream I use to see a little girl running to me but by the time I stretched my hands to give her a bear hug, I saw a huge wall of darkness that stood between us. I will only hear voice from the other end crying but I won’t see her.

The difference about the dream I had today is that I told her to go back to her Mummy and I promised her I’ll come for her later.

I talked to a very close friend of mine Tobe. He is a very good Christian and very spiritual. He insisted I need Jesus. I want to fulfill the promise I made to that girl, I want to do something about the darkness that he’s holding us back in my dream.

And I’m prepared to do anything so I could hold her the next time I see her in my dream.

“Afam, you need Jesus” Tobe said.

“If Jesus is the solution to this nightmare then I’m ready to accept him into my life”

I said and he led be to Christ. I confessed my sins and promise to allow him be my Lord and master. He prayed with me after my confession.

“I’ll take you to see my Pastor” he and I agree to go with him. He called the Pastor who gave us an appointment.

We got to the Pastor’s office and I explained everything to him. He was glad that I’ve surrendered my life to Christ. He said that way it will be easy for God to hear my prayers because I’m now a son and not a slave to sin.

He said I should fast for seven days and he strictly warned me that nobody should know I’m fasting which include my family members.

The next day I started the fast. On the 7th day of the fast. I heard a dream, God showed me something related to my past. The past that I had completely forgotten.
_________Toyin Taiwo

I woke up and saw the woman sleeping next to me. I woke her up rudely.

“Di m, kedu ihe na-eme gi n’ututu a?”(Husband, what is it, this early morning)

“Onye bu di gi, gini ka ina eme n’akwa ndi nam?”(Who is your husband, what are you doing on my bed?” I queried)

“You better go back to sleep, if sleep is still in your eyes, because I don’t understand this question you are asking me” Beatrice hissed.

“I say what are you doing here” I repeated impatiently.

“Abum nwunye gi ole ebe ichoro kam jee?”(I’m your wife, where do you expect me to be?)

“Ibukwaghi nwunyem ozo nihi na agbagom gi alu kwam” (You are not my wife, the last time I checked, we were divorced)

“Afam, are you sure you are ok, I think you should see a specialist” She said with spite.

“What are you insinuating?”

“Asim kam kwuo”(I’m just saying) Beatrice rolled her eyes.

“Obu gi bu onye aru na- adighi mma”(You are the one that is mad)

I left the room to take my bath. I dressed up all ready for work.
“Woman, don’t let me meet you in this house by the time I come back” I warned and left.

My driver was already waiting for me. We left the house, he drove me to work. I own a pharmaceutical company here in Enugu which is well recognized in the country with great credibility. I also have affiliation with some pharmaceutical company in US, India and China. My driver parked in my personal parking space, one of my employees was already there waiting. He took my bag and we both make use of my private elevator.

I settled down in my office and I started seeing things clearly. It was as if my brain was formatted before and my memory just came back.

I remembered clearly now. I caught Beatrice red handed with different men twice.

I had filed for divorce and we were seperated, I was also given the custody of my son then. I can’t phantom how I ended up having three kids and still married to her.

Now the biggest of it, I remembered I was in a relationship with a woman back then after I got divorced. We plan on getting married, I even fixed a date with her to go and know my family members. That is all I could remember.

I picked my phone and called the Pastor who asked me to come see him at his church office on Saturday. He was out of town for a crusade to return on Friday evening.

I was so nervous on Friday night that I couldn’t sleep in my house, Crystal said something about ”The initiation’ I told her to explain what it meant but she refused to. I decided to go to pass the night at the Ejiofors. I just hope they will like me. In less than 18hours we’ll be set for the picnic. I called Mummy Ejiofor that I’m coming over, she already noticed that I was tensed so she told me to calm down.

I left my house 8pm and left for Crystal’s place. I already took along with me everything I needed for the picnic. I met Mummy Ejiofor in the sitting room.

“Good evening ma”

“Good evening Ezinne, how was your day?”

“Nice ma and yours?”

“Good, you don’t need to be nervous, they are nice people, you’ll like them. Crystal is in the kitchen”

“Ok ma” I went to the kitchen but I saw not only Crystal but two other ladies. They were busy with one thing or the other. I guessed they are her two female friends.


“Ezinne! I didn’t know you are coming” Crystal said and gave me a side hug.

“Yes” I only informed Mummy”

“Don’t tell me you are nervous” She said with a look of suspicion.

“Something like that”

“Relax my friend”

“Now meet my friends, Hauwa and Enitan” She introduced us.

“Nice meeting you two, I’ve heard so much about you two” I said as I shake hands with them.

“Hope she said good things about us Sha” Enitan said.

“Yes she did” I smiled.

We all exchanged greetings. Despite the fact that they were in the Kitchen, they all look beautiful especially the hausa lady, she’s slim, dark and pretty.
____________Toyin Taiwo

I was happy. My girlfriends liked Ezinne. They engaged her in their conversation.

“Can I join you, is there anything I can help you with” Ezinne asked.

“Yes you can, drop your things in my room first then you can join us” I said and she left the kitchen.

“Crystal! They use fine girl do you” Hauwa said playfully. I just smiled.

“The girl is damn pretty” Enitan added.

“I told you guys I met her through my mum na..and you are talking as if, I personally went in search of a fine girl”

“Do we still have single guys among us?” Hauwa asked.

“Three of them are not in a serious relationship, just girlfriends” Enitan replied.

“What’s the meaning of that” I frowned.

“This one girl must not marry out of the circle o, we want home match for her too.

She’s too fine to play away match” Hauwa pointed out.

“It’s not compulsory we marry each other” I stated.

“Like you abi” Enitan said

“Enitan please…. not this night”

“Ok o”

Ezinne walked into the kitchen, I showed her the things she needed to do to help.

We later went back to our chatting mood. We laughed at Enitan’s jokes. Ezinne too flowed with us.

My phone rang, I checked the caller’s ID. “Bisi is calling” I announced.

“Our wife” Enitan said

I picked up the call and placed it on loudspeaker.

“Hello, good evening” Her voice came up

“Our wife and a caring one at that” I said. Bisi is really caring, it’s not flattery. The few days she spent with Zite is enough to tell as my friend added weight. Though she has a petite figure while Zite is tall but she’s beautiful and has a very nice shape. My childhood friend has eyes for good thing. ____________________Toyin Taiwo

“How are you, how’s the preparation going?” Bisi asked.

“Preparation is going o, Hauwa and Enitan are here too”

“Hey! Sister in-laws! How are you doing?”

“We are good” they replied her.

“Shebi you came to Lagos and camped under your fiance. Imagine you spent a week in Lagos and you can check up on us” Enitan queried her.

“I’m sorry, you know Zite is always busy, he comes up very late. You know your Lagos nau…”

“What happen to our Lagos, anyway we understand, we pardon you” Hauwa said.

“Thank you don’t worry, the next time I come to Lagos, I’ll pay you guys a visit”

“Ok o, no problem” Enitan said

“Ba masala” Hauwa interpreted in hausa.

“I wish I’m there to help” Bisi said.

“Don’t worry, very soon, you’ll be part of us” Enitan replied her.

“Guess what, we are going to be plus one” I informed her.

“You mean another person is joining you?”

“Yes, a she” Hauwa replied.

“Huh! This is unfair, imagine I’m not among the circle and you brought someone else”

“Your case is different, you will be part of us by marriage, don’t worry”

“You don’t invite me to all your gathering nau..”

“That we soon change, All girlfriends and fiances are to attend the next get together. Then once you are married then you can attend all picnics with us”

“That’s good news, I can’t wait”

“Yea, now meet our new friend, Ezinne”

“Hi” Ezinne said

“Hi, you are lucky o, you don’t know how much I envy you right now” Ezinne blushed.

“Anyway welcome to the family”

__________Toyin Taiwo

“Good night….. Good night Everyone, have fun tomorrow”

“We will, thanks. Good night” we all replied her.

She ended the call and we continued with our cooking. An hour later, we were through. We already made the fruit salads, salads, all in the refrigerator. Our meat has been fried. Stick meat and all are ready. The rest will be done very early the next morning.

Before now, Hauwa and Enitan sleeps in my room. But this time we are now four. So I told them to pass the night at the guest room. While Ezinne was to sleep in my room. Enitan disagreed, her jealous mood was immediately activated.

“Ehn en, you now have a new wife and want to discard the old abi”

“Leave her, see the new arrangement” Hauwa added.

“Geez! Why are you girl like this nau…this is the best arrangement I can come up with. Ok, Hauwa sleep in my room while Enitan and Ezinne sleep in the guest room”

“Never” Enitan said

“See….ok, You sleep in my room then”

“Haba! I offend you before now!” Hauwa exlaimed.

“Oya let’s stick to the first arrangement then” I said

“I know that’s the only thing that will work”

Ezinne was just smiling at our melodrama. She really has a big competition before her like Mum said.

We went into our rooms, took our bath and changed into our night dress. We all went back downstairs to have the night prayers, my mum was still awake. We had our prayers. My mum warned us to take things easy at the picnic. She warned us against quarrels. Anything that happens amidst you, make sure you settle it before you leave that venue. She warned.

We thanked her and we all went to bed. I got my room and thought about what my mum said. I just hope it had nothing to do with me. I close my eyes and said a little prayer before sleeping.


Part 8
©️Toyin Taiwo

(The Picnic)

We woke up very early the next day, and resumed at the kitchen to finish from where we stopped last night.

We prepared the small chops, fried rice, jollof rice, few wraps of swallow.
I heard Enitan calling her fiance to help her pick up the cake and bring it down to the venue.

By 10am we were set to leave. I already had the gist that Hauwa’s a senator’s daughter. She came with Enitan the previous day, she picked her up at her house.

We boarded her Range Rover. I left my car in Crystal’s compound.

We got to the venue all the six guys too just came in their luxurious cars.

When I saw all of them, I was like “Is good look a criteria for joining this circle!”

The guys are all handsome in their own ways. Tall, good looking. I think it’s just two that has an average height but their built compensated for the height. That all hugged and pecked each other on the cheeks. I just stayed back watching them.

They shaked me one after the other. No introduction yet. “Crystal where did you get this goddess from” I heard one of them asked. “Why is everybody asking me this question” that was her reply.

We all stepped into the venue, the guys moved in the drinks they brought, they also helped move in the things we brought.

They prayed briefly and sang worship, to appreciate God for bringing them together again. I was really moved during the worship led by Crystal, they held each other’s hands in circle. I felt that unity and love among them. We all took our seats thereafter.

Enitan stepped out, giving the opening speech and all. She then called me out to introduce myself. I stepped out and introduced myself.

My name is Ezinne Sota. I’m Igbo, from Anambra state. I just finished my NYSC and currently working with a telecom company here in Lagos. I do patronize Mummy Ejiofor. She took me in as her own child and that was how I got to know Crystal. __________Toyin Taiwo

Enitan: Famz, she just introduced herself, it’s time to introduce ourselves too.

Each person stoop up one after the other to introduced themselves. They gave their names, there state of origin, where they work. Some work in big companies and for those who are self employed among them as really make a big name for themselves. I was impressed by their successes. They were so open that they even stated their age during the introduction.

Enitan: It’s time to ask our new friend questions, if there’s anything you want to know about her, please ask

Jay: Hi, Ezinne you didn’t tell us about your relationship status.

Me: I’m single.

Onochie: We know you are single, what he meant to ask is if you are in a relationship or not.

Me: I’m not in a relationship.

Jay: A beautiful lady like you?

Zite: Sorry Ezinne, We forgot to tell you that you are beautiful.

Me Shy) Thank you.

Onochie: Why are you still single? If I may ask, you are a beautiful lady.

Me: Well, I was in a relationship before but it ended. I’m based in Anambra, when I was posted to Lagos for service, I and my boyfriend started having issues which was caused by the distance. Five months into my service year we eventually broke up.

Feso: Sorry about that.

Soma: You didn’t mention your age, we all stated ours!

Me: I’m 24.

Hauwa: That makes you the youngest among us.

Onochie: She’s the youngest, the baby of the house. He said playfully and they all attested to it.

Enitan: Any other questions?

All: No

Enitan: Let’s move on then.
_____________Toyin Taiwo

Enitan continued. ” I know you are scared when you heard about the initiation, reason why you didn’t sleep in your house last night.
(Everyone laughed)

Onochie: Somebody is scared.

Enitan: This is not a blood sucking circle. The initiation means stating all our rules and you pledging to abide by it if you want to join us.

I sighed deeply. “So this is it and I almost died of anxiety”

Enitan : here are the rules please listen to it carefully.

-Love : You have to love everybody, it’s love that kept us all together for years.

-We don’t keep grudges, malice. We do fight but we settle immediately. When you have a fight with someone, you have to resolve it right there and then.

-No curse words, abusive words. No F words (Fu*k) or B words(Bit*h) You can’t use it amidst us.

-We don’t double date, either you are dating in or outside the circle. We groom ourselves to be responsible.

-We don’t keep secrets from each other we are all opened to each other like a book.

-Be your brother/sister’s keeper. We always look out for each other.

– We are blunt, we call a spade a spade and not a spoon. Say things the way it is, we don’t polish words.

– The only language allowed in her midst is English. No indigenous language is permitted. You know we are not from the same tribe. For example you can’t speak Igbo with another Igbo fellow here when Hauwa and Enitan are present thereby keeping them out of the conversation.

-We say No to premarital s€x. We discourage ourselves from such practices.

-Lastly, You can’t date anyone’s EX here in the circle. We can’t afford to be hopping from one person to another within the circle.
__________Toyin Taiwo

“Do you agree to abide by this rules?” Enitan asked.

Me: I agreed, God help me.

“Welcome to the family” Enitan said and hugged me.

Everyone came out one after the other to hug me. Their colognes filled my nostrils. I was warmly welcomed into the family.

They all went back to their sit and Enitan continued. ” Here is the brief History of the circle.

Crystal is the cord that binds us together. She had only one friend while growing up, Zite. She gained admission into the University of Lagos along side her childhood friend. She started having friends in school and introduced them to Zite.
Zite became friends with all her friends too and before we knew it we started this circle. Crystal is the mutual friend we all have in common and that’s why she’s fondly called the great grand friend while Zite is called the grand friend.

Zite: Crystal’s childhood friend.
Hauwa and Enitan: Crystal’s Room mates(100l)
Jay and Soma: Crystal’s course mate.
Feso: Crystal’s fellowship mate( her fellowship buddy)
Dume and Onochie: Crystal’s co- Executives at SUG(Student Union Government)
_______________Toyin Taiwo

Crystal: Welfare
Onochie: PRO
Enitan: Secretary
Matron: Mummy Ejiofor.
Patron-: Chief Akpotha (Zite’s Father)

Enitan : As for the welfare office, you can meet with Crystal if you need anything at all. Financial, what have you. Cases she can’t handle alone she forwards it to the house. We have a common purse as well, we’re you can get emergency funds to run a project or contract. You can get a million naira and above. We also donates to orphanage home and visit at the end of the year. Every other things, you get to know them as times go by.
Thank you everyone, over to you Onochie. Enitan said and went back to her seat.
Everyone gave her a round of applause while Onochie stepped forward.

God bless you