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Part 5
©️Toyin Taiwo

A week later, I was having lunch in my office when I remembered I haven’t told my friends about Ezinne and we have just two weeks to the picnic. I picked my phone and chatted them up via our WhatsApp group chat

Me: I guys, how’s your day going?

A minute later

Dume: Hi dear

Onochie: Hi, Great grand friend! @Crystal

Feso: Don’t start your teasing, the day is still early abeg.

Onochie: So I should not talk, where’s the grand friend@ZiteZite: Here

Soma: Hi

Jay: Hi everyone

Enitan: @Dume, I thought you just said you are busy that you’ll talk to me later and you are the first to reply the chat.

Dume:@Enitan lol.

Onochie: Don’t bring your family problem here o. Mr& Mrs.

Enitan: @ Onochie- tongue out.

Hauwa: Hi

Feso: I think we are all here@Crystal

Me: Please I have a special information to pass across.

Zite: Let’s hear it.

Me: I just met a friend, and I want her to be part of us. She just finished her NYSC and she’s new in Lagos.

Onochie: What! Making us 10?

Zite: Onochie!

Onochie: Allow me express myself, ok!

Jay: I never thought we plan to bring in new people too.
______________Toyin Taiwo

Enitan: Same here.

Onochie: two is company: three is crowd what are we going to call this circle?

Soma: @Onochie Please stop guy, stop behaving like a kid.

Me: Guys, she’s an orphan, I think she needs the family.

Onochie: We now run an orphanage home abi.

Hauwa: Be serious for once @Onochie.

Feso: Let’s just trust Crystal’s judgement at least she brought us all together.

Dume: You are right.

Hauwa: When there is love 100 people can live in a room, it’s ok by me

Me: Guys I’m really sorry but I think she needs us. She’s a nice person you’ll like her. Are we all in.

All: We are in

Zite: Bring her to the picnic.

Me: Sure, thanks everyone.

Onochie: Anything for you GGM

Me: Abegi…..@ Onochie.

Feso: Lol. Don’t , you two.

Me: I’m out sef, I don’t have his

Onochie: Really.

Zite:@ Jay and Soma. Welcome back guys.

Jay: Thanks

Soma: Thanks, you are all invited to my house warming party this weekend.

Zite: We already save the date bro. Jay when is yours, you just want to move in without celebrating it, abi.

Jay: We’ll do everything together at Soma’s. Lol

Me: Bye everyone, I’m out. Love you….

All: Love you!

Wow! Those are my wonderful friends, they just agreed. Lest I forget please meet my friends………

My name is Hauwa’s, I’m from the northern part of the country. I have a very wonderful family. My father as only one wife which is my mum, contrary to the normal polygamy practiced in the North. I have four caring elder brother. I’m the last child and the only girl. My father loved me so much and pampered me being his only girl. He’s a Senator and he doesn’t stay at home. And my mum who doesn’t joke with her husband always follows him everywhere. Thank God for my fiance, Feso and our circle of friends. They are the only family I have here in Lagos because all my brothers too lives abroad.

They talked me into moving out of the country but my life is here in Lagos. I can’t leave my fiance behind because he also is not a fan of living abroad. He’s life, friends and business is here in Nigeria too. I have everything at my disposal but because, I’m always alone in the house with just the house workers. I decided to run a fashion house. Where I sell women clothing’s and all. And my business is really doing well.

My father is very nice but he’s controlling type. The first day I introduced Feso to my parents, I invited him over for a family dinner. My mum liked him immediately but father was indifferent. After he left my dad complained about his tribe. He said he would have preferred me marrying an hausa instead of Igbo but I told him that’s who my heart chose, I schooled in Lagos, so where did he except me to meet hausa men. The few hausa friends I have are not close to me they are the son’s and daughters of his friends and their is no much between us. My true friends are those in my circle and they are my family. At the long run because my father always want to make me happy he agreed to take Feso as his son in law. He has been of great help to my friends who are into contract businesses, he helped them get contracts from the Federal government. Presently preparation is going on as regards my wedding.

My father died before I was born, reason why I was name Enitan because there is a history behind my birth. Few years after I was given birth to, my mum remarried. I have a younger brother and two sisters, we all loved each other because we were raised together but my step father never loved me. He gave me hard time while I was growing up, he practically complained about anything I do. I never did anything right as far as he’s concerned, I endured all this till I gained admission into the University of Lagos.

Despite the fact that I live in Lagos, I don’t go home, I stayed in school even my break, I spent most of it in school. As fate will have it, I met all my wonderful friends and with them I forgot my pains. They are my new family and I love them with everything in me. To crown it all I fell in love with one of the guys,

Dumechukwu and he loved me unconditionally. When I’m with him then nothing else matters. I worked in one of the biggest food processing company in Lagos as the Human resources manager. I have my own apartment and a car.

After I graduated I Introduced Dume to my family. My mum was okay with him but my step father said I can’t marry a Igbo guy, initially I thought he was bluffing. We got engaged and I informed him and my mum and he said never will I marry Dume. Right from the very beginning, I know he was an enemy of progress, he thought I will never find happiness in my life until he met my loving friends. He also knew Dume was head over heels in love with me. That was the reason for his actions not because he’s Igbo and I even wondered how he made my personal choice he’s problem, he is not my biological father for crying out loud. Dume and I are ready to get married but he had also convinced my mum not to consent. I decided to go and seek help from my father’s relative and we are still on the matter.

I’m a civil engineer by profession. At first I worked under a construction company but recently I just started my own construction which is doing very great. Hauwas father had really helped pulled strings quite a number of times too. I’m Crystal’s childhood friend and she was my crush. Yes I’ve been crushing on her since our high school days but she actually friendzoned me. She only love me like a brother she never had and nothing more. I moved on and fell in love with a wonderful woman. I never thought I could do inter-tribal relationship. I’m a very cultured person and I believe in marrying from my own tribe. I met Bisi and everything changed. She’s a sweet Yoruba woman and all my friends loved her especially for her simplicity.

Our friends believe I’m over protective of Crystal and they concluded that I still love her. Yes, I love her but not in that way anymore. She is my sister from another mother and I’ll always protect her. ____________________Toyin Taiwo

I have a fiance I loved with my life. My problem is my father in law to be. I’m into business. I’m from a wealthy family, my family’s name he’s an household name in this country. The reason why Senator eventually acceped me into the family despite my tribe. He is a good man, infact he’s one of the good politicians we have left in this country, he’s also nice and he really inspire me a lot.

But the problem I have with him is the fact that he boss me around. He just call me out of the blue and excepts me to show up as his door step in Canada anytime he wishes. I have been in Canada twice for meetings regarding the wedding. After going there twice, we still haven’t reached any conclusions yet. He said he’ll be the one to pick the wedding date. The wedding date that I and my fiancee was supposed to pick. Agreed some parents still do but aside the date he still wants to stay on top of every other thing. I hate been bossed around, I don’t know how much longer I can take it.

I’m a contractor too and business has been doing great thanks to God. I shouldn’t be single by now, if not for my fiance’s step father who refused to consent to our marriage. The whole thing is really frustrating, I’ve been attending one Family after the other just to talk through with him. I’ve moved into my own house for the past six months and still there is no sign that the wedding is happening anytime soon.\

The only thing that made me stayed calm in this matter is because of the love I have for Enitan. If it we’re not so I would have leave her with her family palava. The most disgusting thing about this step father issue is that he doesn’t even have the right to interfere in Enitan’s business because according to Enitan he never spent a dime on her. Enitan only live on the property her father left her since she was the only child of her late father. I think the man is just bent on giving her a tough time and he never wanted her happiness because I’m very sure he can’t do this to his own biological daughter. To make matters worse Enitan’s mum is dancing to her husband’s tune, I don’t blame her anyway.

Our friends have already put some plans in place, I just prayed it works.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

I worked with the UNICEF and thereby I travel a lot. I decided to come back permanently to Nigeria I just completed my house, I planned to come establish my own business here in Nigeria. My family also needs me because I was the apparent head of the family as the only son. I lost my father to cancer some years back. I’m have a girlfriend.

I and Soma are the only out the country amongst our friends. I never liked living in Nigeria but my friends are so special to me and that is the only reason I still come back to Nigeria. We all planned to get married after we have all built her our house and God has really helped us, some are now in their house while some are close to completing theirs. I fall into the first category but I’m not sure if I want to settle down permanently in Nigeria although I have a white girlfriend in the US.

You can call me the black sheep of the family. But still my friends can’t do without me. Crystal and I are like cat and rat but still she is my confidant. I’m hilarious, an annoying teaser. I run my own business and I can call myself a young millionaire. I don’t womanize but I change girlfriends like clothes. Not that I dump them but they dump me instead. So my love life is nothing to right home about. I don’t believe in abstinence like the others. I live my life to the fullest and sometimes I wondered if that was why I’m different from the others who has a perfect relationship. The thing is just that, that lifestyle doesn’t sooth me.
This is me rich and flourishing but my relationship is zero. I only hope I find through love some day. ____________________Toyin Taiwo



Part 6
©️Toyin Taiwo

A week later. I got to the office on Monday and my secretary was not on seat. I was about to call her but her call came through first. She called in sick and I gave her three days sick leave.

Three days later, I called to check up on her and she said she was just discharged from the hospital. I made plans to pay her a visit, I asked her to send her new address because she told me she now stays with a family member.

On Friday, I went to her place when I left the office. I located the place and parked in front of the gate. I knocked the gate and the gate man came out. I told him my mission and he called someone on phone, he told me to come in after placing the call.

I entered the compound and headed towards the front door. I made use of the door bell. And the door was opened.

“Crystal! What are you doing here, how do you know my place”

“Excuse me, I don’t know you. I’m here to see Silver”

“Silver is my cousin but why are you doing this Crystal”

“Mr! Will you allow me in or what?” I charged at him.

“Who’s at the door cuz” I heard Silver’s voice from inside.

“Your boss is here to see you” he replied her and let me in.

“It’s a lie, I can’t believe this” I spread my hands and she hugged me. Her cousin sat on one of the chairs looking at me like I’m an alien.

“How are feeling now?” I asked Silver.

“I’m much better ma, please sit”

“Thank you”

“What can I offer you?”

“I’m ok dear, thanks by the way”

I handed over the basket of fruits I bought for her.

“Thanks ma, you are the best boss in the whole wide world”

I just smiled. She asked her cousin to thank me which he did nonchalantly. I told her I’m leaving. I stood up to leave and Silver’s cousin stepped out before me.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

Silver walked me to the door, I told her to go back in and rest. She promised to resume work the following week.

I stepped out of the gate and saw him already waiting besides my car.

“Crystal! As it gotten to this?”

“Which part of ‘I don’t know you’ didn’t you get”


“Now get out of my way or should I go back in and inform your cousin that you kept me outside?”

“No need for that, I will leave”

“Good” I said and entered my car. I left the place, angered.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

My boss really surprised me, I never thought she could come visit not with her busy schedule especially this week that I was absent from work.

She’s a nice boss, though she doesn’t take nonsense. You can only get her to like you if you are hardworking and descent.

There are times when she advised me not to fall prey to the bosses especially the whites men in the company. They only sleep with the female staff and dumped them after promising them Heaven and Earth.

I made up mind never to fall a victim. She’s also very generous. I heard she’s only child of her mum. Her mum really did a good job on her.

Ever since my boss came to visit me, my cousin as been acting wild. He asked if my boss have amnesia. I told him my boss is perfectly alright but he was bent on claiming that she knew her, that she’s just denying her.

On Monday, I resumed work and to my surprise. My cousin came to the office asking for my boss.

“Do you have an appointment with her?” I asked him.

“No, but I need to see her”

“I’m sorry you can’t meet her”

“Silver, call her and tell her I’m here”

“I love my job, how do you except me to call someone that claims she doesn’t know you” I objected.

“So you don’t believe me! I wish I could explain but I can’t.

“I know my boss is pretty, If you like her, use another approach, this one will not work”

“Silver, I’m not here for that and besides she’s……

“She’s what? See if you don’t have work to do, I have, so please dear cousin come and be going”

He ignored and left my desk, I looked up and saw him heading towards my boss’s office. _____________Toyin Taiwo

I tried to catch up with him but it was late, he had already stepped in.

“I’m… I’m… sorry ma” I pleaded. She sat in her sit and shot me a deadly look.

“Silver, leave us” he commanded.

“Leave you! Does this place looks like your office. Please leave and stop creating scenes” I said with a frown.

“I won’t until I have a word with her” He said pointing to my boss.

Silver! What’s the meaning of this?” My boss fired at me.

“Call the security now, I want him thrown out of my office, now!”

I was already trembling, I’ve never seen Miss Crystal as angry as this.

I went out to my desk to call the security but he came out before I could place the call.

I shook my head. “Just make sure you have another job for me or else”

“I’m sorry sis”

“Sorry? Just go, I swear if you dream of eating my food this night, then be prepared to eat poison. Good day”

He walked out on me, and I dumped myself on my chair.

God bless you