Part 55
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A week later. I decided to try my luck again. I stayed at my parents temporarily till I fix my issues with Crystal. I walked into the sitting room and met one of the house helps and ask after everyone. She told me Daddy and Mummy Afam are upstairs. She asked if she should inform them that I’m around but I told her not to bother to call them that I came to see Crystal.

“Should I get her for you?” She asked.

“Don’t bother. I’ll just go see her myself. Thanks” I said and went upstairs.

I stopped at her doorstep and knocked. “Crystal it’s me again” I said and I heard her voice after years.

“Come in” was the response I heard. I couldn’t believe my ears at first. Did she just say that. As much as I’m expectant, I was still surprised. I can’t remember the last time I heard her live.

I entered into her room she was sitting on her bed in a casual outfit. She was still as beautiful as always. She didn’t age one bit, just as beautiful as I left her. I opened my mouth to talk nothing came out, mere looking at her my eyes were clouded with tears. I swallowed hard to control my emotions. Consciously or unconsciously, I found myself lying on the floor in front of her. With my gaze fixed on hers pleading for forgiveness.

“Oba you can take a sit” she said calmly, pointing at the chair close to where I prostrated.

“Let me stay like this” I found myself talking for the very first time I got into the room.

“If you want me to hear you out then you have to do as I say” she said firmly and I hurriedly stood up and took a sit before I blew my chances.

“You can talk now, if there’s anything at all you have to say” She said with a sarcastic tone.

“” I cleared my throat and adjusted my sitting position. Then I noticed she was wearing a ring. The sight of the ring made me lost it instantly. I gave an engagement ring before I left but I don’t think it’s possible for her to still wear it after all this years. I wish I could take a closer look at the ring.

“Oba!” she jeered me back. “I said you can talk now” she repeated.

“That night change everything because I know the repercussion of what happened between us”
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“Your Mum told me everything. You never told me you never had s€x before”

“I plan on telling you on our wedding night. I don’t want you to feel somehow, that’s why I kept it from you”

“So where were you all this years?”

“I went to the East”


“Yes, far east. Though when I left my parents house the day I left, I have no destination in mind. I had some money on me and went to the motor park. I met one of the NURTW guy and told him I want to go to a state that is very far from Lagos. He suggested North but I told him I don’t want North, then he suggested the East. I boarded a bus and that was how I left Lagos” I explained.

“With no destination in mind?”

“Yes, I got there and started strolling around the town. I know the number one thing I need is a means of lively hood in a strange land. I saw and estate and I walked into it. I walked passed a gate of a very beautiful and mighty house and saw a notice that says a care giver is needed. I called and the person who was in charge and happened to be a doctor, picked the call and told me to come to his hospital for discussion. He gave me the description and I had to ask around to locate the place since I didn’t know anywhere as at that time.

He told me the man who owns the house is very sick, he had stroke and terminal illness.

I told him I’ll take the job since the job we also secure me an accommodation because he said I will have to move in with my employer, I mean his patient. He drove me back to the place, so I could meet the man. I saw him and was scared at first, the man defecates on his body since he has no control over it. He can’t do anything by himself without an assistance like a baby but in this case a old baby.

His room was stinking the first day I got there. I almost opted out. I wanted to quit without even starting but my Spirit didn’t allow me. Something keeps telling me to stay and I obeyed the voice. And that was how I started working in the house”

I explained the rest to her. She was already crying before I was even through telling my story.

“You don’t have to cry for me Crystal. The man was a good man”


“Yes, was. The man is dead” I said and she stood up immediately and came to my side.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“Oba, the man died on your watch! Hope you are not wanted?”

“Far from it”

“Oba are you in trouble?” She asked curiously.

“Relax Crystal and let me explain the concluding part of my story”

“Ok, I’m listening” she said and went back to sit.

“Two weeks before Pa Kenneth died, he called his doctor and told him he needs a new lawyer. I don’t know what happened between him and his former lawyer.

Before the doctor arrived, he asked me to wheel him to the basement I never knew existed in that house for years that I worked there. We got to the dark and dusty basement. ‘where is this place’ I asked him but he just said I should just continue wheeling him. I was a bit scared because I don’t know where we were going, I switched on the torch light on my phone to lighten the place a bit. Then we got to another inner room. In that room there was a big painting hung on the wall all covered up with cobwebs. He ordered me to remove the painting from the wall. I did and placed it on the floor. Then I saw a safe attached to the wall. No one would have known a safe was there if the painting was not taken down. PA Kenneth told me he wants to get somethings from the safe. The safe was locked, so he gave me the code in order to open it. I opened it and he told me to bring out everything in the safe. Which includes some documents and foreign cash. He already told me to come with a bag. I kept everything in the bag and he asked me to wheel him back to the house.

When we got back to his bedroom, he told me those are the documents to all his properties both home and abroad. I also saw some insurance policy and some other documents

I was so surprised, I knew he was rich but by the time I went through all the documents, I never knew he had such great assets. Also, I don’t know why he was telling him all those vital informations. He told me to keep some of the documents aside, there’s a name of a bank boldly written on it. Not quite long, the doctor came in with the lawyer.

Then I got the shock of my life when he told the lawyer he is handing all his properties over to me. I was so shocked that I gasped for breath. It was beyond my comprehension. The lawyer did a tape and video recording as he declared his assets. He told the lawyer how he wants it to be shared. Largest share of his assets was given to me. He willed some to the doctor and the rest to some orphanage homes.

He told Pa Kenneth to sign all necessary documents which he did. I was told to sign the change of ownership’s documents and all. The lawyer said we should give him a week to complete some paper work in order to legalize the agreement.
That same week, Pa Kenneth asked me to take him to a particular Bank in the city.

He asked me to call the lawyer and tell him to meet us in the bank. Some minutes after we got to the bank, the lawyer arrived. When we got there, he ordered to see the bank manager and we were led to the office. I realized he had some money in fixed deposit. And it was already mature to withdraw. He told them he wants to transfer it into my account but the bank manager realized I wasn’t using their bank so he pleaded with me to please bank with them as they offer good services to their customers. So I agreed to open a current account with them, then the transfer was made. Also he had fifty billion US dollars in his foreign account that was linked to his account here in the country. All was transferred into another account in my name.

Then we went to the insurance company. Where he changed the name of the beneficiary of his policies to my name. It was millions of naira worth policy. In less than a week, I became a billionaire.

We got back home in the afternoon, I wheeled him into his room. I cleaned him up and change his clothes. I went to the kitchen and prepare him lunch.

I served him and when he finished eating I knelt before him and held his hands crying. I knew where I was coming from and everything I had pass through over the years.

“Papa! Why, why do all these for me. I’m not your blood, we are not even slightly related” I asked to him since I’m from South West and he is from the east. And he answered me back.

“David! What you did for me is unexplainable, even my blood wouldn’t have done better. You never saw me has an employer but you took care of me as if I was your biological father. You pack my feaces, urine and all my messes with your hands even though you wear hand gloves but you never do it grudgingly or humiliate me.

You never made me feel less of a human because you are always there telling me ‘Papa it’s old age’ I don’t have a wife or Children or is it family members who thought I would be dead already that I’ll hand over my properties to. They ran away because they thought I don’t have anything again. Thank God no one knew the secret of my wealth, thank God I never confided in any of them.

They would have k!lled me and take over everything I had worked for all my life. You deserve much more my son. You don’t deserve to live in slavery. This is the rough path the brave and great ones tread upon. It’s now time to shine and rule your world my son. Go out there and impact your world, the world is already awaiting great men like you”

“Who would have ever thought that this stinking job I took was the path of fulfilling destiny. Now my hair has grown again” I thought and cried the more.
He gave me advice based on life experiences and he told me never to forget my God who brought me out of the miry clay and make me sit on a throne. He also told me not to let pride set in at any point in my life. Because the end of the proud is destruction.


– S€xual sins.Fornication is the most common means by which the devil attacks people especially youth who has glory and potentials of becoming great in life.

Examples are not far fetched from the Bible: Samson, Solomon even David, thank God he had a special grace that speak for him.

The devil can easily strip and Rob one of his/her glory once he can successfully lure you into s€xual sin.

He had stole and he’s still stealing many youth’s glory through this means.

Youth who should have made impact in their generations has lost it all to s€xual sins and they ended up been an empty vessels.

The Youth in this generation believe it’s nothing, we are in 21st century. God will never change his standard for anybody. If you like call it civilization, jet age, computer age. Fornication is still going to be fornication and the Bible says fornicators will never have a place in God’s kingdom.

When this so called civilization has not come down to play. Our fore fathers only have farm lands and still they build houses, they have enough food to cater for their homes. They live large then. They are not even educated but they had a fair share of a good life

Why? Because those days premarital s€x was a taboo. Men and women kept themselves till Marriage. Hence the glory was intact and they use it to do well for themselves. Their cocoa, farming, blacksmith business enriched them.

And the funniest thing is that there was no Christianity then. But our fore fathers have a rich cultured that teaches values and they held on to it.

But today civilization took those cultures away. It even took God’s commandment away from us and gave us the world revised version.

And we exchanged our glory with s€xual pleasures. We now celebrate pre- marital s€x not knowing that some are celebrating their doom.

Why do the rate of poverty increase in our society today? The youth that ought to take their families out of poverty are empty as the devil as cunningly milk out their glory by serving them the meal they love best- S€X.

That is why our graduates still struggle after years of working and toiling.
Some parents still feed and cater for the needs of their married children.

Why? ICHABOD- The glory has departed.

We can blame it on the country’s economy but the is that we have some youth who are doing well, youth with good jobs and legitimate money. What’s the secret? God is there secret. They work in his steps and obey him.
S€xual sins steals glory. It rendered Samson useless. A warrior became a grinder in the camp of the enemies. Even though his hair grew again but it was unfortunate he died with his enemies.

As the devil stolen your glory? Just like Samson, your hair can grow again.


Just run back to Jesus, he is the Destiny Changer and I assure you will he will give you back your lost glory. And you will never be a waste to your generation in Jesus name.

Nevertheless, the foundation of the Lord standeth sure, having this seal. The Lord knoweth them that are his. And let everyone that nameth the name of Christ, depart from iniquity. 2Timothy 2:19

I’d like to acknowledge all Families going through separation or divorced. From the story of Afam and Amara. You realized nothing is impossible may God mend your broken homes and bring peace, happiness and joy to your homes again. The sun will shine again!

Thanks so much for reading. God bless you.
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