Part 49
©️Toyin Taiwo


I waited for days for Oba to call but he didn’t. I made up mind to call instead since he didn’t have the courage to call first. I called all his lines but to my surprise none was reachable.

“I don’t get it” I said to my self. “Did he actually put off his phone just to avoid me?” I asked myself.

Through out the week I got the same ‘not reachable’ response from all his lines.

I decided to go to his apartment, that’s was the next step to take although at the back of mind I was getting scared and nervous.

The place was locked up and he’s car wasn’t there. I saw one of his neighbours, we exchanged greetings and to my surprise he asked after Oba “Did he travel, I didn’t see him through out the weekend?” The guy asked.

It took me some seconds to process his question. So Oba did not come home all week!” I started searching my bag for the spare key


“Oh, I’m sorry, I got lost while searching for the key. Yes, he travelled. Thanks” I replied.

“I thought as much. It’s like you didn’t come with your key ”

“Yes, I think I left it at home”

“Eyah! Hope your place is not to far from her?” He asked concerned.

“It’s a bit far. Thank you” I said and he went into his apartment.

I went into the car and search every where for the key but it wasn’t in the car either.

I got home in the evening and went to my parent’s room. I wasn’t thinking straight so I forgot to knock on the door.

“Jesus! I exclaimed.

“Goodness! Crystal!” My mum exclaimed.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

I met them in a compromising position as I dashed into the room unannounced. I was really embarrassed. Thank God they still had their clothes on.

“Mum! Dad! I’m truly sorry” I said and made to turn back to leave the room.

“Crystal!” My Dad called out.

“Dad, I’ll come back” I said cause I’m so embarrassed to face him. He called again so I turned back to him.

“I didn’t raise a spoilt brat for God sake. You never barge into my room when I was even single. So what came over you” Mum lashed at me.

“More reason why I called her back. You know she wouldn’t act that way on a normal day” Dad defended me.

“I know so too”

“So what’s eating you up young woman? Dad asked.

“Daddy when last did you see Oba?” I questioned.

“Last week”

“Crystal what’s the problem?” My mum asked.

“I’ve been trying to reach him all week but all his numbers are not reachable”

My dad picked up his phone immediately and started trying his lines and he got the same response.

“What’s going on, it’s not reachable” He said and dropped the phone on the bed.

“I’m just coming from his apartment and his neighbour said it’s been a week he saw him”

“Really! That’s serious” Mum said.

“Do you have his spare keys?” Dad asked.

“Yes, but I didn’t go with it, so I couldn’t get into his apartment” I replied him.

“Take the key with you tomorrow and see if we can find any clue or something”

“Ok sir”

“Let’s call his parents” Mum suggested.

“I think I should go to his apartment first before informing his parents” I said and they both agreed with me.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

The next day, I woke very early in the morning and went down to his apartment. I opened up and to my surprise the sitting room was intact the way I left it. The wine bottle, wine glasses, the scattered Scrabble tiles and the board, the dictionary. It was there the way I left it. I went to his bedroom, opened his wardrobe and noticed some of his clothes were missing. I kept on searching, no note, no clue, nothing.

I was more scared now. “Did he actually leave because we had s€x?” I said trying to figure out what was going on.

I called my mum and told her that some of his clothes were missing and his apartment was the same way I left it. She said I should call his parents immediately.

I ended the call and call Oba’s mum. I couldn’t believe my ears when she said Oba came to pack his car at their place and left without telling them his where about. She was shocked that he didn’t inform him. I thanked her and disconnected.

“He didn’t leave because of s€x. Did he? The s€x was consentual. Is he blaming me for making him fornicate or something” I kept on asking myself various questions.

At least from what I heard from his mother, I was rest assured that he wasn’t kidnapped or in any form of danger. He left on his own.

I sat on the bed where we made love and cried holding tight to the sheet. “Maybe he needed a break. He’ll come back” I consoled myself. In tears, I went back to the sitting room, picked all the tiles and kept them in the sac. I took it back to the room. I cleared the wine glasses returned them to the kitchen and washed them. I locked up the doors and left.

The following weekend was Hauwa’s wedding and the next was Enitan’s. I had so many this to do as both of them were counting on me. So I tried to push my worries aside so I can concentrate on the weddings.

Some days to the wedding, though my moods wasn’t good but I tried not to let the bride’s to be noticed anything. I can’t ruin their happiness because of my personal problems especially Hauwa who is highly emotional.

Senator has finally fixed a date and acknowledge Feso as his son in-law. They are now good friends and he told Feso to just go ahead with all the wedding plans.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

He said he will support any decision Feso made. Indeed it’s good to be patient.

Thank God he didn’t give up on Senator.

On Hauwa’s wedding day all my friends where asking after Oba and I told them he was out of town.

Hauwa and Feso postponed their honeymoon so they won’t miss Enitan and Dume’s wedding. The couples plan to go for their honeymoon the following week.

On Enitan’s wedding, I forced myself to be happy as Oba’s disappearance was really telling on me. I kept on seeing him in my dreams.

At the wedding, I was just praying for every thing to be over so I can return back to my shell. The wedding was great, One of Enitan’s Uncle stood in as the father of the bride. To our amazement her step father who has vowed not to come also attended the wedding.

Thank God Enitan took my mum’s advice. She told her to go on her knees and pray concerning the rift she has with her step father. And for that man to come to the wedding it’s pure miracle.

Hauwa and her husband didn’t go for their honeymoon just to attend Enitan’s wedding. So they left for the airport after the reception. We saw them off to the airport while Enitan and her husband stayed back till the next day before going on their honeymoon so as to have their wedding thanksgiving before travelling.

I returned home on Sunday after the thanksgiving. I was so tired that I didn’t accompany them to the airport. I excused myself while the others accompanied the couples.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

A month Later

My daughter has not been doing great since Oba’s disappearance. Some weeks back, His parents came and explained everything to us and pleaded on his behalf.

We are all hoping he’ll come back to us safely.
I saw Crystal climbing down the stairs. I called her when I realized she was heading towards the front door.

“Crystal, where to?” I asked.

“I want to get some fresh air”

“Come here and sit with me” I said as I beckoned her to come sit with me in the sitting room. She obeyed and sat beside me.

“You look pale Crystal, and I mean very pale” I said observing her closely since I hardly see in broad daylight to confirm my suspicion.

“Mum you know what I’m passing through lately”

“You lived with me all your life Munachisom Afam. This is not about Oba. You are pregnant!”

“Mum!” She stood up immediately frowning.

“What’s going on here” Daddy asked as he walked in on us.

“Nothing” Mum and I chorused.

“Hmm…that reply sounds suspicious” he said sensitively.

“Go to your room Crystal. I’m after you, let me pick up something in my bedroom” I said and she obeyed. I watched her climbed the stairs back to her room.

“Honey, what’s going on” My husband asked again when Crystal was out of sight.

“We’ll find out in some minutes” I said and left him standing while I climbed the stairs in a rush to my room.


Part 50
©️Toyin Taiwo


I tapped on Crystal’s door lightly and went in.

“Mum, I don’t get you, what are you insinuating?”

“Take, I bought this from the pharmacy yesterday”

“Mum what’s this?”

“What does it look like. My friend go in there and pee on it” I said as I handed over the pregnancy test stick to her.

She took it reluctantly and still sat down looking at me.

“Mum, I know I’m late but it’s because of the stress”

“Yes ma, just go in there and do as I say” I said pointing at her bathroom.

She stood up, dragged her feet sluggishly and went into the bathroom. I knew she would have suspected too, but she’s not just bold enough to face it.

For like fifteen minutes my daughter still locked herself up in the bathroom.

“Crystal is the pee not coming?” I asked but she didn’t answer. “I’m coming right in” I said and opened the door. She just sat on the toilet sit though she didn’t cry out loud but tears was falling freely from eyes. Her top was already wet with tears.

She handed over the stick to me, without checking I already know what it is. My daughter is pregnant.

“Clean up and get up” I reached out for her hand and pulled her up when she was through cleaning herself. I led her into her room and sat her down.

“Mum I’m pregnant!” She cried out and wept bitterly.

I couldn’t stand seeing her in tears. I moved closer to her and hugged her.

“Mum I’m sorry…..

“It’s ok my daughter”

“Mu…mmy… I’m having a child without a father”

Now that statement hit me like a blow. What I feared most in my life has finally happened. Having my own daughter make the same mistake I made. Her wailing interrupted my thought.

“Mum Oba left me the way Dad left you” she said crying uncontrollably.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“Don’t say that, that will never be your portion in Jesus name. Oba is coming back” I assured her.

My husband walked into the room, we did not even hear him knock.

“Now will someone tell me what’s going on here” he demanded.

“Your daughter is pregnant!”

“She’s what! I thought she said they never had….

“Yes, until the last time they saw each other”

“Oh my God and Oba is still no where to be found” He said gesturing with his hands.

“Afam!” I broke down into tears that I’ve been trying to control. “My daughter is having a baby without…..

He hushed me and hug me . “Don’t you dare say that. He is not like me, he is coming back”

“When Daddy! Twenty six years later?” Crystal spoke up. He released me and pulled Crystal up and hugged her. He assured her like he assured me and release her after some seconds.

We all sat on her bed. But Crystal hasn’t stop crying.

“Tears won’t solve anything. You guys should dress up we have to find him by all means” He instructed and stood up.

“Where’s are we going dad?”

“You are taking me to his parents, so start dressings up now” he said and left the room while I followed him.

Few hours later, we were at Oba’s parents resident.

“Crystal! His mum said as she opened the door. Then she later realized she was not alone when she saw my parents. She ushered us in. We all exchanged greetings and we sat down quietly. She told us she’s the only one at home. She offered to entertain us but we declined her offer.

“I hope there’s no problem sir” She said facing my husband and I.

“Crystal is pregnant” He broke the news to her.

“I knew it, I knew this is the reason why he left. This pregnancy just confirmed it.

So you two had s€x despite all my warning and pleas” She said shedding tears.\

“I warned them too. I told them there’s a problem lingering if they refused to keep themselves” I added.

“I don’t get you women, what is all this warning about. Is there something I need to know?” My husband asked.

“I had a dream and by the time I seek counsel concerning the dream. I was told my son’s glory was about to be snatched from him and the only way he can avoid this is to abstain from s€xual sins. I called him and warned him, infact I told him to be fast about the wedding but my son insisted on getting a good job before getting married” Mummy Oba explained.

“Now I get it, but why did he had to leave everything behind. I told him severally that he’s free to come work for me but he refused. That is not even the issue now. Madam please where is Oba, where can we find him”

“Sir, ma, we don’t know Oba’s whereabout”
Oba’s father walked into the discussion and greeted his August visitors.

“Sir, my wife is telling the truth, we can’t know his whereabout and keep it away from you. I was here when he left despite his mother’s cry and pleas. He only drop the car key and left. One thing I can tell you about my son is that he hate failure and he will make sure he fix that before he comes back home. When he’ll come back is what I don’t know” he explained and everyone sighed heavily.

“But there must be a reason why he left” Afam said suspiciously.

“Wait I just remembered something” Crystal chirped in.

“What do you remember?” I asked anxiously.

“Oba is to resume work the next Monday, we plan to tell you in person and not on phone that very day. Infact we already choose our wedding date and we plan on telling you everything before the…..

“Go on we understand” My husband said.

“That day we both felt bad, I left when I don’t understand him, he kept on saying he has destroyed his life. I took my things and left and because he didn’t call me, I didn’t call to ask after the job he was supposed to start.

“See the devil o, so Oba got a job” I said

“Yes, he did.

He was offered a full-time job at Exxon Mobil” Crystal replied.

“Jesus!” They exclaimed at the news.

“And you even fixed the wedding date!” Oba’s mum added.

“Yes ma, we were supposed to get married two months from now”

“Oh my God. What happened to the job” My husband asked.

“I don’t think Oba got that job, I think we now know the reason why he left” Oba’s father said.

“Hmm, you are right. I doubt if he got the job” Afam said nodding in support of what Oba’s father said.

“Then we have to find out. Do you know anyone who works there?” Afam asked.

“No, he got the job without any connections”

“You can imagine. God did his part but you two didn’t” Crystal’s mum said.

“I have an idea, let me call his Pastor” Oba’s mum said.

She went into the room to get her phone and came back with it. He made the call.

She sighed heavily and sat down after making the call.

“What did he say?” I asked as everyone is anxious to know.

“He said Oba lost the job. He said we should just continue to pray for him, that he will come back home” she said and started crying.

I tried comforting her but she was still Crying and Crystal too joined.

“When will he come back. Oh my God, I don’t even know how my son is faring.

Please God help help us, I know it’s our sin, please forgive us, forgive him, forgive both of them” she cried out.

They both stop crying after persuasive them.

I later saw Crystal checking something on her phone, after some seconds, she tossed the phone on the chair and resumed her cry.

“What is it again Crystal” I was even scared because I don’t know the information she got from the phone.

“I have access to Oba’s email. I just thought of checking it now and I realized he was declined of the other jobs he applied for on that same Monday. The final interview he was supposed to have with the companies was cancelled, the mail said he should try again next time”

“Oh my God” I exclaimed while the two men in the room looked at each other and shaked their head.

“Ha…..ha….and you said my son it’s fine. Hope he hasn’t harm himself” Mummy Oba wailed.

“Easy woman. You know Oba, he will never do such a thing. He is a fighter and he will fight things through wherever he is” Oba’s father said and the words calmed his wife down.

“I think we all now know the reason why he left. All the doors of opportunities shut at him all in one day and it’s obvious, this is the aftermath of his actions. After all it had already been foretold” My husband concluded and stood up.

“You are very right sir” he stood up too.

“We all have to hope for the best and let’s continue to pray for him. Any where he goes, may God be with him” Afam said and we all chorused “AMEN”

“We want to be on our way now” He said but Oba’s mum stopped him.

“What about Crystal and her condition?” She asked.

“We will take care of her and the pregnancy. She is expecting your grandchild, so you are free to come check on her anytime” My husband replied her.

“We can take care of her too. Let her stay with us or better still I can go stay with her at Oba’s apartment, so I can watch her closely” She said.

“What my wife is trying to say is that it’s better for her to come stay with us than to stay at her parents. You know our society, people will talk” Oba’s father added.

“I appreciate your concern but I don’t care about what people say. She will have the baby right under my roof and she will move on with her life. Remember they are not married”

My husband made the final decision. They all agreed and we left.

That very night, I couldn’t sleep. I went into my closet to pray. I knelt down and wept bitterly before God.

“God is this a curse?” I asked and he replied me.

“Yes it is. But what did my word say?” God asked

“Your word says no causeless curse shall stand and every ordinances that is written against me is blotted out” I replied.

Then be calmed it is settled” He said.

“Thank you Jesus. What about Oba?” I asked and he replied again and this time I held my peace. I returned into the bedroom and lay beside my husband who I thought was asleep. He held me close and soothed me. “All will be well” he said and replied him same as we drifted to sleep.

God bless you