Part 47
©️Toyin Taiwo


My love for Oba grew on a daily basis to the extent that my day was never complete without setting my eyes on him and that was same for him.

He had already relocated to a two bedroom apartment since we were already planning for our wedding. He apologized he couldn’t give me a bigger house like that of my parents but I don’t care.

Oba used up almost all his savings to pay for the accommodation. I told him to allow me assist but he didn’t let me. I had to take up the interior decoration upon myself without seeking his consent because he won’t agree. And I don’t want him to spend everything he has on him since I also work and earn my own money.

Daddy also offered to help but Oba never like living off people. All he wants from me is to believe in him 100%. Of a truth, he’s plan is so great that I draw inspiration from him myself. He’s a man with dreams and vision and a hard working fellow at that.

He just came back from work one day and met everything fixed. He called and thanked me for my support.

I took Oba with me to the last picnic we had in the circle. I introduced him to all my friends and he was gladly welcome into our midst. One of the things I love about Oba is his Charisma and how he package himself. One look at him, you’ll think he works in a corporate firm and when he speaks you will have no choice than to give him audience.

Oba applied for the Exxon mobil online recruitment. At first I thought, they will only recruit based on connection. But to my amazement, Oba made to the very last screening. And the last will soon hold the following month with very few candidates left.

Aside Exxon mobil, three of my male friends and myself are also pressing buttons here and there just to make sure he secure a job, I don’t want him to put all his eggs in one basket. Luckily, companies have been calling him for interviews. All we are waiting for is for him to be call up to resume his official assignment.
__________Toyin Taiwo

We already had a plan since we have many options before us including the Exxon mobil offer. And our plan was to sit and pray over it in order to choose the best when the job offers rolls in.

Oba gave me a spare key so I had access to the house. Ever since Mum got married we had moved in with Dad. We rented our former house out, mum said she’ll rather rent it out than to sell it, because that was her sweat. We still run both the Supermarket and pharmacy. Mum only visits on Saturdays.

Oba called me on Friday morning at work. He told me he had good news for me. I told him to tell me but he said I had to come over. I told him I have a 7pm meeting in the office and only God knows when I’ll leave the office. Since we already had plans for Saturday, I told him I’ll be in his house first thing on Saturday morning. I stylishly tease him so he could tell me but all he said was ‘see you tomorrow my precious jewel’

I gave up, I had to just wait till the next day to find out what the good news was.

I got back home some minutes to 10pm. Dad and Mum were in the sitting room watching network news.

I greeted them and went upstairs to my room. I showered and join them later.
“Your food is in the microwave, the house helps had already retired to their quarters” Mum said.

“We were served fried rice and chicken during the meeting. I’m ok”

“You didn’t give your secretary the food this time” Mum asked while Dad was engrossed in what he’s watching.

“She already left. Mum the food was so tasty. No wonder Silver always wait behind just to get the food” I said and we both laughed.
I informed them I’m going to Oba’s place the next day to spend the weekend.

My dad shifted his gaze from the TV screen back to me. When he heard me mention the name ‘Oba’


“Yes Daddy”

“When will you two pick a date or do you want us to do it for you, because that’s the normal norm it’s just that but things have changed this days so we allow you choose. But if you don’t, then I’ll summon Oba’s parents so we can fix a wedding date” he said.
______________Toyin Taiwo


“Don’t Daddy my husband young woman! I’ve told you and Oba same thing. Be fast about it so you won’t give room for temptations” says my mum.

“Mum! Dad! We’ll fix a date once Oba gets his appointment letter. And that will be settled in few weeks by God’s grace”

“Must you wait till he gets a job! You alone can sponsor your wedding not to talk of you having parents who will gladly take up the responsibility without any of you spending a dime” Mum tackled.

“Exactly my point, but Oba will never allow that. To even work for me is a problem for him” Dad added.

“Don’t worry, we’ll give you grandchildren very soon”

“Eh miss! This is not about grandchildren. Crystal, don’t just give the devil a chance. I know what I’m saying o. Infact stop going to his house. The two of you should meet in open space henceforth till you get married” She said authoritatively.


“What! That’s not a suggestion, it’s an instruction and it’s effective from now”

“Honey! Take it easy on her. Remember she’s not a little girl anymore, she’s a grown woman. Though I’m surprised that both of them never get physical despite their closeness which is very impressive in this day and age. I think you should just let them be since they know what their doing” Dad said trying to make mum ease up a bit.

All mothers are the same. Oba’s mum summoned Oba and I last week, telling us to avoid pre-marital s€x for some reasons.

“Mum, as much as I hate to discuss my s€x life in front of you, Dad and Oba’s parents, I still have to say this. There’s nothing like that going on between us. As for mum you know there’s nothing like s€x between Oba and I. So why the sudden insecurity?”

“Crystal! If you are careful before, you have to be extra careful this time around I beg you in God’s name” Mum pleaded with me.

“Ok ma. Thanks, I understand you are looking out for me”

“And as for you tell that stubborn son of mine, that I give you both one week to come up with a date or we’ll do it for you” Dad instructed.

“Ok Daddy, we’ll address the issue tomorrow”

I thanked my parents. We had our night prayer and we all left the sitting room.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

I was at Oba’s apartment the next day. The first thing I did was to raise the issue.
“Oba, dad gave us one week ultimatum to pick a wedding date or they’ll pick one for us. And by ‘they’ I mean both parents” I said while watching him arranging his washed clothes into the wardrobe.

He left what he was doing and took my hand. He led me to the bed to sit while he sat next to me.

“Then we have no other choice, let’s pick a date then” He said.

“Really! You want us to do that now?”

“Yes, we’ve been dating for more than six months now. I proposed three months ago, so let’s go ahead and have the wedding”

“So let’s pick a date and start praying on it”

“Will you pick for us?” He asked me.

“No o, you are the man, so go ahead and pick a date. If it’s not okay by me I’ll let you know”

“Can we have it in two months time?”

“Did I hear you right! Next two month! You want it that fast too!”

“Yeah! Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Now you pick the day” he said.

“Okay…. let’s see” I checked the calendar on my phone and he brought out his phone too. “Today is third Saturday in July right?”

“Yes” he nodded.
Let’s make it third Saturday in September” I said.

“That makes it exactly two months from now”

“Yes, so let the planning begin……” I said happily.

“And tell Daddy not to bother with the financial aspect. The two of us we cover it ourselves”

“Ok I will. But we both know that is not possible”

“Its possible sweetheart”
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“Dream on” I said and hit him playfully.

“Ouch!” He exclaimed feigning pain. I started laughing. He begged me to support him. I told him to cater for his personal things, handle his personal stuff and leave the rest to Daddy. I told him I will do the same too Oba insisted. I had to agree with him.

“Let’s call our parents now and inform them” I said trying to reach for my phone.

“No don’t tell them over the phone. We will both go home and inform them” He said.

“You’ve kept me in suspense for too long. Now what’s the good news” I demanded.

“You just remembered the good news abi now that the wedding date has been fixed”

“It’s not like that you need to see mum acting up last night. So I had to deal with the issue first when I got here”

“I understand, just joking anyway”

“So what’s the good news?” I asked.

“You guess”

“Oba stop, after waiting till now! I can’t guess, just tell me”

“Just try sweetheart. Think my love, what good news do you think we need right now?”

“Jesus! Oba you got the job! And please tell me I’m right” I said closing my eyes tightly.

“I got a job with Exonn mobil and I’m resuming Monday morning”

I jumped on him and we both fell on the bed.

“You are such a favored man, you got a job in Exon mobil without any connections. I love you….”

“I love you more. He replied and k!ssed me and I responded. I got hold of myself and stood up immediately.

“Let’s celebrate this” I said we left the room and went into the kitchen to get a bottle of wine and glasses. We had few wine. We agreed not to tell our parents the good news over the phone. Now we have two good news to share, the job and the wedding.

After our light celebration, we were still very much excited. We resolved to play games. We played scrabble. He won the first, the second and was about to win the third round again so I scattered all the tiles and on the board. I did that and ran far from him. He started chasing me round the sitting room playfully.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“Ojoro” he shouted.

“Why can’t you be a gentleman and let me win the third round” I said as he chased me round the sitting room. I ran into the room with the hope of locking the door from behind once I get in but my calculations failed as Oba cut up with me before I could lock the door.

He carried me and threw me on the bed. I was already panting. Next thing he was on top of me.

“Leave me” I giggled and he was laughing too.

“I won’t. Why did you scatter the game? Hun!” He asked as he held me down with his two hands.

“Why didn’t you allow me win” I said giggling.

“That’s why it’s call a game. Ehn!” He tickles me and we both started laughing.
He k!ssed me, I k!ssed him back. And before we knew it, we lost it. Passion took over, we took off the clothing we had on and we were lying on the bed unclad. I tried to resist but I couldn’t. One it’s been long I had s€x and two I’m in the arms of the man I love with my whole being. I made no effort to stop me as he rode me with passion.


Part 48
©️Toyin Taiwo


Yes, we ate the forbidden fruit. We both climaxed at the same time and reality hit us.

“Crystal!” He called out slowly.
“Oba!” I said looking into his eyes. “What have we done?”

We stared at each other. Just like Adam and Eve when they ate the forbidden fruit.

We realized we are still Unclad and we quickly cover ourselves up with the duvet.
As if on cue we bursted into tears at the same time as if a movie director said the word action on set.

He picked his boxers, wore it and left the bed. He started pacing up and down the room.

“God! I hope I haven’t destroy my life” he said those words repeatedly.
Fine, I know we’ve messed up but why that statement. He was beginning to scare me with those words. So I wore my clothes, pick my things and left the room. I picked my car key on the dinning where I dropped it earlier and left the house.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

I cried all through my drive home. I parked my car while my mum opened the door for me. I wished it was one of the house helps who opened the door. Though I’ve wiped my tears before alighting from the car but I know she’ll suspect something.

I greeted her feigning a smile but to my surprise she followed me to my room.
I had to go defensive. “Mum please….. not now. I want to be alone” I screamed.

“Crystal! I hope it’s not what I’m thinking”

“Mummy please leave. I beg of you, I want to be alone” I pleaded this time in an uncontrollable tears.

“You are crying Crystal and you are just coming from Oba’s place” She said still curious.


She stood up from my bed and left my room. I sat on the floor and wept. I feel like hitting my head on the tiles. I had promised God after I broke up with Soma that I will never indulge in any s€xual activity again until I get married. Now I had failed God and failed myself. I took my bath and curled on the bed, praying silently for forgiveness. Both for myself and Oba.
____________________Toyin Taiwo


My mum’s words was ringing continuously in my head.

“Oba you are like Samson in the bible, s€xual sin will strip you off your glory. You are destined to be great don’t exchange it for few minutes pleasure” That’s the last words my mom spoke to me last night when I gave her a call.

God actually used our parents to warn us yesterday but still we still fell into the deadly trap of fornication. I’ve always kept myself right from childhood. Even Crystal never knew I was a virgin. I plan on telling her once we are married.

I cried and cried. Something happened after the s€x. I felt empty.

I knelt down and prayed asking God for forgiveness.

“Lord please forgive me. Forgive us” I said and wept bitterly till sleep took over me.

The next day, I didn’t call Crystal and she didn’t call me either.

On Monday morning. I got emails from the companies where Crystal and her friends submitted my CV. All of them gave almost the same messages. I was advised to try again in their next recruitment as they already picked the successful candidates.

I knew what was going on. That’s the spiritual implication of what I’ve done. All the same, I thanked God I have a job already which I’m starting that very day. Exonn Mobil!

I dressed up and left my apartment. I got to the department where I was to report that morning and I was told to go see the HR. I went to the HR’s office and the secretary told me to wait for the HR. Some minutes later I was called in.

“Good morning sir” I bowed.

“Good morning Mr” He replied. “I’m sorry, I think there’s a mix up somewhere.

But for now we won’t be needing your services but we’ll contact you once anything comes up. Thanks” he said and it was as if those words were explosives because my whole body was on fire.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“Sir… sir…. truly there’s a mix up somewhere because I was to resume today. The two weeks training here at the Lagos headquarters. Sir, I was told I’ll have my own personal car, my personal office, #10million/ annum and…. and….

“Young Man, that would not be happening for now. All the same be strong and I wish you all the best” the HR said.

I left the office with a blurry vision. I doubt if I was still sane because as it was. I almost ran mad. I made sure I calmed down a bit before driving. I drove straight home.
____________________Toyin Taiwo


Mum came to my room on Monday morning as I was preparing for work. She didn’t step foot in my room since Saturday that I asked her to leave. She didn’t bother to also call me for church. I locked myself up in the room since Saturday evening, the house helps only bring in food and come back for the plates. Though I only open the door if I feel like eating. And I eat very little.

“How are you feeling now?” Mum asked and sat on my bed while I was still dressing up for work.

“Mum I’m fine. Thanks”

“Have you prayed and asked for forgiveness?”

“Yes, but does it change anything. I disappointed God”

“I know but you have to forgive yourself too”

“Mum I’ll try”

“Let me excuse you” she said and left.

I checked my phone. No messages, nor miss calls from Oba. I sighed and left the house after dressing up.
____________________Toyin Taiwo


When I got back home. I began to think about my life and future. All job opportunities all closed down in one morning, I need no one to tell me that I just lost all to the devil. I started thinking about the next step to take. I was indoor throughout the day. I called my Pastor in the evening and told him everything, he was sad too but the deeds had already been done. He gave me some instructions and motivation assuring me that God is a merciful God and he’ll restore me.

Very early on Tuesday morning. I started packing my things. I knew I wasn’t thinking straight but that’s the only thing that came to my mind. To leave.

I picked the bag, locked the door. Entered my car and drove to my parent’s house.\

I brought out my bag and went inside the house.

I greeted my parents and my mum replied me with a question.
“Where are you going with this bag. Are you traveling?” My mum asked.

I told her I was traveling and she requested to know where I was traveling to and since I don’t even know where I was going myself. I didn’t answer her.\

“Here’s the cab key. I already call someone from the park who will start managing the cab from now on. He’ll deliver money every day and return the cab daily. Please use that money to maintain yourself till I’m back” I said and kept the car key on the table.

My mother started crying.

“What’s the problem. Talk to me son, do you have another mother aside me. Daddy Oba, won’t you say anything!! help me talk to your son” She held on to my Father.

“Leave him be, It’s Oba. He’s old enough to take decisions on his own” My mum left my father’s hands and held on to me.

“Is this about Crystal. Did you break up with her” she asked.
Speaking of Crystal, we haven’t spoken to each other since the incidence and I can’t even call her now that I’m leaving.

“Answer me. Did you break up with her?” she repeated and I realized I wasn’t listening to her.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“I did not break up with her”

“Then why did you just decided to leave without telling us where you are going? You just want to leave everything behind and leave for no reason!”

“Mother” I said and she looked at me closely as if trying to read something.

“Ah! Ah! Oba!” She exclaimed.

The way she called my name said everything. She had put two plus two together. She knew everything no doubt. Then she bursted into fresh tears hitting her hands against her chest.

“Omo yi ti pa mi o! (This boy has k!ll me o!) Despite my warning, you did not allow God answer my prayers. What have you done. You are the only hope of this family. The only one we are looking up to for a better tomorrow now you have k!lled our dreams. Ha…..” She wailed.

My Father who was lost had to speak up.

“What’s going on here mother and son?”

Since I’m not in the mood for explanations. I carried my bag and left, leaving my mother to tell him whatever she thinks she knows.

I waved a bike down and left, still having no destination in mind. I got to the motor park and boarded a bus and left to only God knows where.
My mum’s word back then came to my mind. “My son, you are like Samson, be careful…”

But one thing the Bible made me understand is that Samson’s hair grew again and he got his power back. One thing is certain, God is a merciful God and just like Samson, I believe my hair will grow again. And I’ll get back everything I lost to sin.

God bless you