Part 45
©️Toyin Taiwo


I made up mind to do as mama said. I set out on the journey to Amukara village.
The place was not easy to locate, but I finally found the place after hours of seeking to locate the place. I entered into the hut and met the baba sitted, I greeted him and he offered me a stool to sit.

“Nnoo Dalu (welcome)Why are you here my daughter?” Great dibia asked.

I told him my predicament and my reason for seeking him.

“I want revenge, I want to k!ll her daughter but my hands are tied, I can do no such thing. But mama told me I don’t have to k!ll them before I have my revenge”

“Hmm….so apart from k!lling them what else do you have in mind” he asked.

“I want to place a curse on her daughter” I replied.

“What kind of curse do you want us to place on her?”

“I want her to be a single parent for the rest of her life. The worst thing that can happen to Amara is for her daughter to experience the same dilemma she went through. I want her impregnated and no man claiming the paternity of the child nor marry her”

“Ok, let’s see” He said some incantations for some minutes. Then he frowned.
“Great Dibia! What is it, what is wrong” I asked immediately I discovered that something isn’t right.

“We can’t touch the girl” He revealed.

“Great Dibia, we can’t touch a small girl. Is she a witch or an ogbanje? Do you know the person who referred me here. Do you know how many hours it took me to get here and now all you could tell me is that we can’t touch her. I didn’t ask you to k!ll her, I only ask you to inflict a curse on her. So what’s the big deal in that” I said with rage.

“Woman! Shut your mouth before I shut it permanently for you. I doubt if you know the person that is standing before you. I am Great Dibia! Who do you think you are that you rant before me? No wonder you never had a man to call your own.

It’s obvious it’s this bad character of yours that mess up your life” He said scornfully.

I realized I went overboard too, so I apologized.
“I’m sorry great Dibia, it’s just that…. that….
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“I know you want revenge, I understand your grief and I know how pained you are for loosing your sons but you have to be patient at this point”

“I apologize again great Dibia” I said with a bow.

“It’s alright. As I was saying before, The girl is untouchable, there are some people like that who can’t be harmed especially when there source of protection is their mother”

“Ah! So Amara is a witch! I knew it, she couldn’t have taken Afam from me ordinarily. I know she has a stronger power”

“Woman! There you go again. Will you let me land or I’ll throw you out of this place”

“I’m sorry great Dibia” I said and he hissed.

“Who told you she’s a witch”

“If she’s not a witch, what is her source of power then” I asked inquisitively.

“Hmm! If they tell you to serve God you will say God is not as fast as charms. That is why impatient people like you run to people like us”

“Great Dibia, you believe in God?”

“I believe in God, we are only here for lazy people like you who can’t pray and wait on God. This God you run from actually knows how to protect those who serve him and also answer their prayers when they call on him.

This woman you are talking about is always on her knees. Praying and interceding for her daughter. That is why the girl is untouchable, God has made a hedge around her” he explained.

“So what do we do now? I was told you are nothing compared to other herbalists around here”

“Oh! So you know that” he said proudly. “We can inflict the curse on her but the curse can only strike on one condition”

I felt a bit relieved but I recalled he mentioned a condition.

“What condition?”

“She can only be curse, if she have s€x. I mean pre-marital s€x” he informed.

I laughed out loud. The dibia was just watching me strangely.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“Great Dibia, this is 21st century, have you seen any youth in this generation that doesn’t fornicate! This is even simply than I thought. Just inflict the curse and let’s get this over with” I said confidently.

Now it was Dibia’s turned to laugh as he laughed scornfully. I watched him as he laugh out loud, I was a bit scared though.

“You think I haven’t checked for that, I already have the girls bio data revealed to me. For your information, the girl doesn’t have s€x presently. She is pure! Ukwa!”

“Eziokwu! I’m finished. My enemy will finally rejoice and laugh at me. Is she a Reverend sister! In this day and age!”

“There’s is one solution left!”

“Really. Thank you Dibia, daalu. I trust you. I know you are capable” I said praising him.

“I will inflict the curse”

“Perfect!” I said with smile written all over my face.

“But it won’t be effective till she have s€x. Once she does, gbam! The curse shall stand”

“How long will that be?”

“Is a matter of hope now. Let’s just hope she make the greatest mistake of her life that will make her dig her own grave”

“She will make the mistake, the head of my sons we push her to make that mistake”

“Ise……” The dibia added.

The Dibia went into an inner room to perform the necessary ritual after which he inflicted the curse.

“Ego ole?” (how much?) I asked the dibia for the amount for the service he rendered and He named his price.

I paid the dibia the money the amount he demanded for his services. I added extra. He was happy and he told me to always keep in touch with him, he said there are some things he needs to tell me once the effect of the curse kick off and I promise to do so.

“Ekele diligi” (Thank you) I took a bow and left the place.

I drove out of the village after some hours drive, I got back into the City. I decided to stop by at a store to get some things before going home.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

I parked my car and crossed to the other side of the road as the store was on the opposite side. I went in and bought the things I needed to buy and left the store. I made to cross the very busy road back to where I parked my car. I made sure I was on the look out before crossing. As I got to the center of the road all I know is that something hit me and the next thing I was lying on the tarred road.

I was knocked down by a vehicle and I saw myself in the pool of my own blood.
“Is this how my life will end?” I thought as I felt life leaving me gradually. In my next life I’ll make sure I do things right. I saw my sons, I wanted to hug them but they begged me to go back.

“Please help me” I said as I closed my eyes weakly.


Part 46
©️Toyin Taiwo


It was the grand opening of the company and everything turned out perfectly well. Thanks to my wife the chief event planner herself. She put in all efforts to ensure the occasion turned out successful.

When it was time for me to give my speech. I told everyone present about my success story and how my wife inspired my success. I told them how AFAMARS was coined from my wife’s name and I. The crowd gave a round of applause when

I revealed to them. After the applause, I continued my speech.

“If you take a look at the name of the company written everywhere around you.

You’ll notice there’s a little change. The name of the company is now AFAMAR C.
The C stands for the name of my precious and only daughter standing right next to me, Crystal!”

I k!ssed her on the cheeks and hugged her while the guest gave a standing ovation with a resounding applause.

“Dad you know I’ve been wondering since I got here what the C stands for. You shouldn’t have done that!” She whispered into my ear.

“I should have done that a long time ago my dear” I whispered back.

“Thanks Dad, I’m greatly honored” She said while I gestured her to sit and commence my speech.

I acknowledged everyone who came and I did not forget to mention Oba, my son in law to be for his support ever since the day our path crossed.

Few hours later the party was over and we left as soon as most of the guest left.
On our way home, my driver was behind the wheels while my wife and I sat at the back seat.

My wife and I were gisting about the event when I heard my phone rang. The caller was Ikenna, Beatrice’s younger brother. Who is also her next of kin. At first I did not want to pick up because I don’t want anything to ruin the day. My wife urged me to pick it which I did.

“Uncle Afam! Beatrice is dead!”
______________Toyin Taiwo

“What! Dead! How?” I asked impatiently, my wife already held my left hand looking right into my eyes in fear.

“She was hit by a hit and run vehicle. I was called because I was the next kin on her ID. I was told to come and identity her body which I just did. Beatrice is dead I just confirmed it” He said and I could feel the pain in his voice.

“Oh my Goodness! I just lost three sons three months ago, now their mother!” I lamented.

“There’s no point keeping her for long in the mortuary since she has no children. I think we should just bury her at once” Ikenna suggested.

“You are right. I agree with you”

“You need to come to Enugu for the burial rite”

“I beg your pardon!”

“Ikenna, I’m not her husband by law and custom. You know this”

“My kinsmen didn’t returned her bride price”

“That’s because I told your mother to keep it”

“In case you don’t know my mother never told the kinsmen that Beatrice is divorced, she didn’t tell because of shame”

“And whose fault was that! Your mother and sister hypnotized me for years”

“More reason why it wasn’t obvious to all the family because you were still living together as husband and wife”

“Oh! In case you don’t know I already told your kinsmen the truth during our sons burial”

“Please, I beg of you. We can’t afford to let her be buried with the shame that she had no children and husband. The villagers did not know the truth and it will be a ridicule. Please cover her shame even in death.

“Ikenna, let me think it through. I’ll call you back”

I ended the call and explained everything Ikenna said to my wife.

“First and foremost, I’m sorry for your loss. My love! Beatrice bore you three sons, even if they are no more. You have to perform the burial rite, If not for anything do it in respect for your dead sons. Don’t let the mother of your children be exposed to ridicule even in death, you know how the custom in our place is. They will spit on her grave”
______________Toyin Taiwo

“And you think Beatrice didn’t deserve that!”

“Di !” (Husband!) she gave me a look that call me to order.

“Fine! I’ll call Ikenna back”

“Daalu di m” (Thank you my husband) And I promised to stand by you although the burial”

“Thank you, you really have a kind heart”

I called Ikenna back and told him I’ll be in Enugu the next day.

My wife and I arrived Enugu safely. We also came with one of the house helps to help with the cooking and all. I don’t want Amara to sleep in the house I once shared with Beatrice so we lodge in one of my houses in Enugu, since our home town is not too far from the city.

Ikenna came to the house with some of the kinsmen who knew the whole story.

My wife came to welcome them and instructed the house help to served them drinks.

They thanked and prayed for Amara. The eldest of them spoke.

“You are a good woman, if not, you won’t allow your husband to come for the rite not to talk of coming with him. May God bless you and protect you and your family from all evil”

“Amen! Everyone in the room chorused.

They gave me a very long list of things to get for the burial rite.

“Just tell me how much everything will cost” I said to them.

“Let’s say #150,000” one of them replied.

I went into the room and came back with two envelope one contained #200,000 and the other envelope contained #800,000. I gave the kinsmen #200,000 to buy whatever they needed for the burial rite. I handed the envelope with #800,000 over to Ikenna, I told him to get casket and use the remaining money to cater for guests coming for the burial. They all thanked me all over again. We concluded on burying her remains that very week so I could return to Lagos since I no longer stay in Enugu.
_______________Toyin Taiwo

Crystal and Oba called in the evening. The two spoke with my wife and I and asked how the burial arrangements was going which I explained to them.

Three days later, Beatrice was given a befitting burial.

After the burial, Beatrice family members called a brief meeting. They thanked me and my wife for standing by them all through. They also apologized for what Beatrice did to me. I told them that it’s all in the past. I dropped some cash for the elders after the meeting and they were so grateful.

The next day, we traveled back to Lagos.

God bless you