Part 43
©️Toyin Taiwo


I got back to school and narrated my ordeal to my room mate who is into runs.

“Benita, I love this guy and one useless rich girl want to snatch him away from me” I poured out.

“You better don’t k!ll yourself because of a boy. This one that you are crying, I’m sure the guy must be stinkingly rich”

“He is not rich, he lives in my house as a tenant. Infact he is a cab driver but he has potential and full of dreams, that I can tell and I want to be a part of his future”

“Did I hear you well. Cab driver ukwa!” Ayo! For the very first time, you fall my hand. I even thought he’s one rich dude so I can take you to one Baba that use to help me get my magas”

“Benita! Benita! I don’t mind, take me to that baba. If I don’t act fast I’ll loose this guy forever. Please” I pleaded with her.

“Okay…….calm down. I’ll take you. I’ll call baba and inform him I’m coming with someone”

“When are we going?”

“Tomorrow, I already have plans for today” She said.

The next day, we went to the Baba’s house. At first I thought the place will be scary like we see in some Nollywood movies. But to my surprise it’s a flat a beautiful house at that. The baba is a porch herbalist though he is of age.
“What do you want child? He asked me as we settled down.

I narrated everything to him. He brought out a red piece of cloth and spread it on a small wooden table before him.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” He exclaimed.

“Baba what is it?” Benita asked.

“Hmm….see glory……” He said in awe.

“Baba we can’t see anything, whose glory” Benita asked and I was just wondering what drama is going on with the baba.
____________Toyin Taiwo

“Sorry you can see it, the boy you brought his case is a great person. His star will shine for the whole world to see”

“I thought as much. Benita didn’t I tell you that he looks like someone with a promising future” I said proudly and blushing at the same time.

“But the sad news is that you can’t have him because we can’t touch him”

“What! Baba don’t fall my hand o. Which one is we can’t touch him. Do something o, just name your price Baba. I’ve told Ayo a lot about you o” Benita said angrily.

“Benita, will you keep quiet and let me land!”

“Sorry baba, go on” she said

“The boy has so much grace upon him and he is untouchable” Baba said.

“So what do we do now?” she asked calmly this time.

“There’s only one way to get people like Oba”

“What way?” I asked curiously.

“You can only get him through s€x. That’s the only time we can strike people like this” he explained.

“Baba that one is not hard, let her go and seduce the boy” Benita said and baba laughed.

“Baba, why are you laughing. She’s right just give me something that I can use to seduce him. I can also put it in his food” I suggested.

“Ha ha ha…….”baba laughed again.

“Baba, what is it. Don’t keep us in the dark” Benita said and baba spoke.

“He will never eat your food. If you have been giving him food before now be rest assured that your food ends up in the trash” he said.

“So he hasn’t been eating my food! Good. Baba just do something and make him fall and have s€x with me” I said.

“He can’t and will never have s€x with you” he stated.

“Huh” Benita exclaimed.

“His only weakness is that lady you talked about. If he can sleep with her then we can hyptonize him as he’ll become vulnerable”
____________Toyin Taiwo

“Really!” Benita and I chorused again.

“So baba, you mean, the guy and his girlfriend never had s€x before now?” Benita asked.

“Isn’t it obvious” he replied her.

“So what are we going to do now?” I asked.

“Nothing, the only solution is for him to have s€x”

“Baba!” Benita called out obviously disappointed.

“Benita! If you leave this place and go to ten thousand places, you’ll get the same answer I gave you. There’s no other way”

“We believe you baba”

“One more thing you need to know. If he has pre-marital s€x, he’ll be as good as nothing as it will rob him off his glory. He may not achieve anything tangible in life. Even the devil himself is waiting for him to fumble so he can strip him off his glory. It’s a pity, you can’t see what I’m seeing”

“Really, an ordinary cab driver” Benita said.

“Sit down there, that cab driver is part of the journey he has to tread to greatness” he replied Benita.

“What will you gain from a man that will eventually become useless” she said to me.

“You see…..just let him go. You will find another man my daughter” he advised.
We both sighed. We thanked baba and left sadly.
____________________Toyin Taiwo


Crystal and I became inseparable and we are always together anytime we are free. I took her to her father’s house on a friday evening after she closed from work.
We met Daddy Afam and Crystal’s mum who was around too. We exchanged greetings and informed them that the two of us are now dating. They were so happy and they gave their blessings.

Though Crystal already told her mum and they’ve both prayed about it and convinced that we are good together.

I also took her to my parent’s house that same but before we went to the house, we stopped at the market first since it’s the end of the month. I got all the food stuffs with Crystal by my side. I told her sit back in the car but she declined so she followed me.

I don’t want to stress her, so I call on one of the market assistants to help carry the goods. We got back to the car and I paid for the services. We kept the goods in the car trunk and left the market.

“Oba! I’m really impressed with this homely gesture of us. A man buying food stuffs in the market! And I also love the fact that you still take care of your parents despite your income” she said expressively.

“It’s my duty. If I don’t take care of them, is it an outsider that will take care of them!” I replied her.

“You are right and I admire your sense of responsibility” she commended.

“That reminds me. I got an email from Exonn Mobil. I’m invited for the final interview”

“Oh my God! She exclaimed.
She was so happy to when I broke the news to her and she urge me to make sure I prepare well for the interview.

We got to my parent’s house. My siblings came out and I told them to bring out the food stuffs, she also helped them in carrying some. The three only exchanged greetings. We entered the house, then I formally introduced her to my parents and siblings.


Part 44
©️Toyin Taiwo


One of the things I love about Crystal is that she’s down to earth. I always pray for that mother of hers, she did a good job on her daughter.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

She’s so respectful and she’s not faking it that’s who she really is. Crystal is the homely type and my family loved her and accepted her. I already told them a lot about her before now. And she didn’t disappoint me one bit.

After spending some time with them, we set to leave. Crystal boarded the car.
I was about to enter into the car when my mum called me back. She said she wants to have a word with me. I told Crystal to wait in the car while I attend to her.

“Mummy, se ko si ma (Mummy, hope there’s no problem) Don’t you like her?” I asked.

“Rara o, mo like e (I like her) who wouldn’t like a lady who came from a good home” she replied.

“So what is it ma that you want to tell me and can’t say in front of her” I asked patiently.

“I had a dream my son. It was a very bad dream. I went to my pastor for more clarification on the dream” she paused.

“Mummy, go on I’m listening” I said and she continued.

“The pastor said He said a very big opportunity is coming your way which will open doors to prosperity. He also said you are destined to be great but the enemy want to steal that glory. The Pastor said the only reason why your God given destiny is intact is because you haven’t soil your hands with sin. He said you should ensure you abstain from pre-marital s€x or else something evil is still ahead” She gave the warnings.

“Thank you Mummy, I’ll heed to your advice”

“Please tell Crystal too, so you can both watch out”

“Don’t worry about Crystal she doesn’t believe in pre-marital s€x too”

“One more thing, the pastor said there’s a girl who want to trap you but he said the reason why she hasn’t succeeded is because you are pure”

“I understand perfectly well”

“But who is this girl, that is obsessed with you?” She asked.

“Don’t worry mum, I know who is it and I’ll fix it” I assured her.

“Please try and avoid her and be very careful, so the devil won’t strip you off your glory. Please I beg of you” She pleaded.
“I will ma. Thanks” I said and hugged her. And she bidded me good bye.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

I got back to the car and apologized to Crystal for keeping her waiting.

“Oba, why did she called you aside. She doesn’t like me right?”

“Far from it”

“Don’t lie to me Oba!” She said giving me a ‘I don’t believe you look’

“Come off it Crystal, who wouldn’t like you. She just warned me about something.

“Ok! I believe you” She said calmly.

“I’m relocating” I said before starting the car.

“This is about Ayo right?”

“Something like that” I said and drove into the street.
____________________Toyin Taiwo


Three months after the death of my sons. My late mother’s friend came to visit me. She just got the news recently and stopped by to give her condolences.

“Nnoo dalu” (welcome) I said and offered her a seat.

“Kedu ka odi? She greeted.

“O di mu mma” I replied

“My daughter, I was so shocked when I heard the news o. I traveled to Benin for omugwuo, I just came back” she informed.

“Welcome mama, how’s is the baby and the parents?”

“They are all fine. Nwa m nwaanyi na-eme na i mejoo! (My daughter, who do you offend) Three children ukwa! All in one day! Ifemelu n’etiti?” (What happened?)

“Lee m o mama” (See me o, mama) That is what I saw o. Sometimes I still wish it was all a dream”

“Hmm…how I wish my friend, your mother was still alive. She would have protected you and your children”

I know what she meant. She is my mother’s partner in crime when it comes to diabolical things.

“Did you suspect anyone that might be responsible for the death of your children?” She enquired.

“Who else if not Afam and Amara!” I replied.

“Afam I know but who is Amara?”

“Mama did you remember the lady Afam impregnated then…….

“Huh! Huh! Huh! I re….mem…ber…. But I thought the woman is out of the picture!” she said sounding confused.

I looked around to check if there’s no one around before I replied her.

“Mama it’s a long story. Things as gone out of hand o. Afam eyes is now clear. He now has his memory back. He remembered everything”

“Eziokwu!” She held her head with her two hands.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“He is now in Lagos. He went back to them when he got back his memory. Infact he will soon move the company to Lagos”

“Ana m’anu! (What a story!) See what your mother’s death caused. You have no one to fight for you”

“I lost everything at the end mama. Nothing came out of the marriage after all I did to have him for myself”

“Don’t think that way, nwa (child)

“It’s the truth, nothing to show for over twenty years of marriage with Afam” I she’d few tears, counting my losses.

“What’s your plan now, what do you intend to do?” She asked.

“Nothing o. Like you said, I have no one to fight for me”

“Don’t say that. I’m here now, I will help”

“Really” I said and my heart leapt for joy.

“There’s one dibia in Amukara village. I’ll direct you to him”

Mama! I can’t k!ll them. I already signed an undertaking. I will be the number one suspect if anything happens to them”

“You don’t need to k!ll them physically before destroying them, you are not born yesterday. If you know what I mean”

“Mama, I’ve heard of that village before. The place is far, it’s like traveling to another place biko”

“That means you are not ready to avenge your sons death”

“I want to but…..

“No but, you have to destroy that woman and her child. I know you don’t have your mother’s power backing you again but I won’t open my eyes and watch her only daughter suffer”

“Ok, I’ll do whatever you bid me do”


She gave me the address and description on how to locate the dibia in Amukara village. I promised her I’ll visit the dibia. I don’t have any time in mind because I plan to think it through though I know I have nothing else to loose.
____________________Toyin Taiwo


I went to Amara’s house with a ring. I intend to propose to her, I can’t stand living without her. I want her back in my life again.

She was the only one in the house when I got in.

“Kedu” I said and she replied.

“What can I offer you?” She asked as she gestured for me to sit.

“What I came for is much more important than food Amara”

“And what could that be?” I stood up and stood in front of her.

“Afam don’t scare me, what is it?”

I dipped my hands into my blazer pocket and brought out the box of ring and placed it on a stool beside Amara.

“I hope this is not what I think it is!” She said pointing at the little box.

“It is Amara. I want us to get back together and I want it legal this time. I lost you once and I don’t plan on loosing you again”

“Afam, I can’t give you children. Even if I want to but I can’t. I’ve reached menopause.

“I’m not marrying you for children, we have Crystal and she’s better than ten sons put together. I want this because I want to spend the rest of my life with you” I poured out my heart.

“Are we not too old for this?”

“Is there a age restriction for marriage?Well, except for minors. Amara let’s spend the time we have left with the only person we ever loved in our whole lives”

“Afam, it’s our daughter’s marriage we should be preparing for and not….

“The more reason why we should make ours snappy” I cut in. “Or you want us to sit next to each other on that day as illegitimate couples!”


“I know it from the very first day I set my eyes on you again that you still love me.

Let’s put the past behind us and move on”

“Okay” she shrugged.

“It’s that a yes?”
____________________Toyin Taiwo

She smiled and nodded. I picked the box from the stool, opened it and brought out the diamond that cost me a fortune but the woman standing before me worth much more. I took her left hand as I slide the ring into her fourth finger. She smiled and a stray tear escaped her eyes, I understood everything without her saying a word. I hugged her and I whispered sweet things into her ears.

“What’s going on here?”

I released Amara from the embrace, we both look back and standing by the door is Crystal and Oba.
____________________ Toyin Taiwo

God bless you