Part 35
©️Toyin Taiwo

“It’s ok, everything is fine now” I said.

“Oba we almost died” She cried more hugging me tight.

“It’s over now. You and your mum are safe now”

Daddy Afam eyes was fixed on us as she watched Crystal in my arms.

“Crystal! I said and release her. She got my message and walked into her father’s arm and hugged him. She started crying again as her father comforted her.
Crystal mum walked up to me and hugged me. Thanking me for coming to their rescue. She asked where I got the vigilantes from and I told her I’ll explain everything to her later. Some residents were already in the compound to know what’s going on.
Some landlords too came upstairs to congratulate Crystal and her mum as they heard that they almost got k!lled.

One of the police came in and told us that we have to come to the station in the morning to write statements.

I went downstairs and met with the vigilantes. I thanked them for their help and promised to come see them in the morning. I mean to give them something, they deserve it.

Some minutes later the whole compound was empty again. The police had gone with the alleged criminals and so also the vigilante group. The neighbours too left.
Around 3am, Crystal and her mum had calmed down. Daddy Afam and I waited for them in the sitting room while mother and daughter went to their various rooms to shower and change as the former clothing they had on was soaked with sweats and tears.

When they returned Daddy Afam explained all that happened to them as they we’re curious to know how the vigilante and police came to their rescue. The police was the one who amazed us most as they we’re been radioed from Enugu Police Headquarters.

By 4am we decided to take a little rest before the day break as we all had a long night. Daddy Afam and I slept in the guest room.
______________Toyin Taiwo

I woke up early the next morning and went to the living room. I met Crystal lying on the couch. I startled her a bit but she relaxed when she knew I was the one. She sat up and I sat beside her.

“On a lighter mood. I thought we agree on seeing each other on Saturday” I said

She just smiled and held my hands.

“I thought so too. Thanks for everything Oba”

Daddy Afam walked in us and coughed.

“Good morning sir” Crystal and I chorused.
____________________Toyin Taiwo


I replied them and took a sit. “I think we should start preparing for the day”

“Yes sir… the police station” Oba said feeling a bit uncomfortable, maybe because of the way I walked in on them.

“Crystal is your mum awake?” I asked.

“Let me go check on her” she said. She was about to stand up when Amara showed up.

“Here she comes” I said.

“Good morning to you all” She said as she walked in with her Bible and a book, a devotional book I guessed. She sat on the couch I was sitting on.

” It’s time for morning devotion” She announced and we start.
Thirty minutes later we were done. Mother and child went upstairs to wash up. Oba and I didn’t bother to bath as we have no change of clothes. We only brushed, Amara gave us new tooth brushes.

Some neighbours showed up to greet them. And by 8am we left the house for the station. We got to the station. Amara and Crystal wrote a statement. Then a detective attended to us after wards. I requested to see the DPO and the detective took us to his office.

At the DPO’s office, I introduced myself. We were told that the criminals had confessed after been tortured.

“Please, who sent them?” I asked.

He looked at the four of us. Then turn to face me.

“Who is Beatrice and what is her relationship with you? The DPO asked.
I closed my eyes and placed my right hand on my forehead. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Beatrice attempted to k!ll my daughter and her mother. Despite the fact that I actually came down to Lagos in order to protect them from her. She still got to them under my watch and I almost k!ll them.
______________Toyin Taiwo

Someone tapped me and I jolted out of reverie.


“Beatrice is my ex-wife”

“What?” The three of them chorused.

“Do you know why she wanted them k!lled” He asked.

“Yes” I nodded and explain everything.

“We have ordered the immediate arrest of your ex- wife. By tomorrow she should be in our custody. We already radioed Enugu divisions, they are arresting her today and we will take it from there” He informed.

He gave the detective who was with us some instructions regarding the case.

We thank them for their hard work and left the police station.



Part 36
©️Toyin Taiwo


We left the police station and went back to the house while Afam and Oba just drop us off and left as they haven’t freshen up. Crystal and I couldn’t go to work that very day, we came back late from the police station. We both called our place of work.

Afam and Oba came back in the afternoon and I had to give Afam the piece of my mind.

“Afam! I’m very sorry but I don’t want you around me and my daughter anymore” I poured out..

“You can’t say that Amara. I left Enugu just to protect you from her”

“Yes and you almost have us k!lled by your so called protections. Is it not obvious that she followed you down here”

“I never knew she was stalking me. I thought since I wasn’t in Enugu. She would have given up her search for me”

“Afam that is your business not mine. Just leave my daughter and I alone. We were doing well before you came back into our lives”

“So you are saying….

“I’m saying, I don’t want you to bring your problems and dump them on us” I snapped.

“Take it easy ma. Please!”

“I won’t Oba. We were doing fine before now and we almost got k!lled because of his psychopath wife”

“Ex-wife” Afam corrected.

“Whatever, do I look like I care about who she is to you!”

“Ma, I…..” I cut Oba short.

“Oba, I think I’ve tried. I allowed Father and daughter reunite. People even talked me out of it but still I chose to allow him into my daughter’s life. And please what do I get in return? Death sentence!”

“Mum! Please take it easy. Daddy meant no harm” Crystal pleaded.

“Please Amara, once Beatrice is arrested then you will all be safe” Afam’s statement upset me the more.

“Oh! You think so. What happens when you throw her into prison. You think her sons will fold their hands and applaud you for throwing their mother in jail because of another child and the mother. All this is still coming back to us by the time they plan taking their revenge on you.

“Daddy, My mum is right on this. We are still not safe. Giving the kind of children…you….have” she said avoiding her father’s eyes.

Afam was looking so devastated after Crystal said those words.

“Dad I’m sorry that came out wrong”

He didn’t say anything still.

“Dad you are not talking”

“Daddy Afam!” Oba called out and he looked up this time.

“You sure know I won’t allow anyone hurt you two. Even if it means protecting you two with my life. I’m ready to do it but please don’t push me away” He pleaded with his eyes as he continued.

“Don’t worry about my sons. If by any means they pose to be a threats. I’ll report to the police….

“And have them locked up too!” I cut in.

“That’s not what I meant. I’ll just make sure you are protected from them” he explained.

“I think that’s a good idea” Oba said in support.

Afam announced they were leaving. He came and sat beside me.

“Amara, you’re breaking my heart a million times with this attitude you’re putting up with me. Please don’t be hostile to me. I can’t stand seeing you like this not after everything I’ve caused you in the past”

I didn’t say a word, I just sat with my back rested on the chair, my arms folded on my chest and legs crossed.

“Daddy Afam, please let’s leave. She’ll come around. It’s normal for her to act this way” Oba said.

“Amara you have to come around. You can’t shut me out of your life. We have a house warming party to plan and you already gave me your word that you’ll take care of it”

I kept quiet still. He k!ssed me on the forehead and I melted,, I can’t remember the last time I got that gesture from a man. He stood up, hugged his daughter and left with Oba

“Aww…. Mummy I saw that” Crystal teased acting like an over pampered Child.

“Saw what?” I feigned ignorance. It was now obvious she saw the way I reacted earlier.

“Nothing” She grinned and went upstairs.

God bless you