Part 3
©️Toyin Taiwo

My daughter came in quietly and of course not in the mood she left the house earlier.

“Good evening Mum, you are still awake?”

“Busy watching my favorite telemondo, welcome”

“Good night ma, I’m off to bed”

“Spare me some minutes, I’d like to have a word with you. Sit” I said pointing to one of the chairs.

“I will sleep off on that chair, let me just remain like this” She objected.

“Crystal! How long will you continue going out with your male friends especially the engaged ones. Do you think their fiancé’s are comfortable with it?”

“Why not, they know we are just friends, if I wished to date them, they won’t meet their men single in the first place, I know this guy’s before anyone of them”

“If they are not talking, it doesn’t mean they are not thinking it. I suggest you limit your outings with them, except for the general picnic you use to have”


“Don’t Mummy me, you can hang out with them when their women is around and not the other way round.

“So you want me withdraw from my friends when you know what they mean to me, you know how much I can’t do without their company. You understand how attached I am to them” She poured out.

“Oh! You don’t want to be lonely, then get yourself a man, your own man. Mind you I’m not even talking about marriage here. Marry at God’s time. But if you need quality attention from any man, then your male friends are no longer an option at this stage of your life. You are not painting a good image of yourself in the presence of their women. Last week it was Feso, upper week it was Dume and this week it’s Zite, I’m sure next week will be Onochie.

“Mummy you are just assuming things, nobody is complaining”

“Really, I know you are dating one of them but I’m not even sure about anything anymore. Crystal at your age I’m already a mother”

“Single Mother!”

“Munachimso! Muna!”

“Mum, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way” she went on her knees and held my foot with her hands.

“Hafum aka! Take your hands off me this minute.” I shoved her hands off and went straight to my room in tears.

I locked my door immediately when I realized she’s following me. She knocked and pleaded but I didn’t open the door.

“Pu o B’s a! Go away! I don’t want to see your face. I sat on my bed wept. ____________________Toyin Taiwo\


I got home and freshen up, I changed into my pajamas and settle on the one single chair in my room. I live in a two bedroom apartment though I’ll soon move out.

I’m building my own house which will be completed in some months time. I plan to marry Bisi once I move in into my own house and that’s what’s delaying our wedding. I don’t want to marry into a rented apartment.

Though that was Somadina’s theory which we all agreed to. It was our goal and we are bent of achieving it. The six of us have decided to marry into our own house and everyone of us is on it, infact three of among us had moved into their own house.

Speaking of friends, I need to have a long talk with them. Crystal’s reaction this night still baffles me especially when I mentioned that’s she’s dating or rather dated one of us. Our conversation completely turned sour. I saw her eyes and what I saw was hurting.

We had a WhatsApp group chat for the nine of us, though we plan to add our spouses once we are married to them. But I don’t want us to talk via WhatsApp chat, I don’t want to involve the ladies This was between we guys. So decided to have a conference call with the guys.

I placed the calls and few minutes later we are all connected.

Me: Hi guys, please we need to talk and it’s serious. Please if your fiance/girlfriend is with you please excuse yourself especially Feso and Dume.

Dume: It’s late already, you know Enitan doesn’t sleep over.

Feso: Same here, I’m alone, Hauwa is not with me.

Onochie: My girlfriend is here and she’s sleeping already plus she should be excempted I ‘m dating outside the friendship circle.

Feso: Shut up block head, simple instructions you won’t follow. (We all laughed)

Soma: Onochie is right, since we are dating outside the cycle then we are free to talk in the presence of our women.

Jayamma(Jay): I agreed too.

Me: Why are you all taking like this, I want this conversation to be as discreet as possible and you are saying you can talk in front of your girlfriends? You are all claiming you are dating outside our click. Did you forget our partners and female friends are friends with each other!

Feso: Tell them o. Is it paining the three of you that you are dating outside the circle or something because I don’t get you guys especially Onochie.

Dume: Yes, we are all friend with each other’s partners. We all have to remember that.

Me: Imagine, Bisi and Crystal still talked on phone this evening and she’s even planning to visit Bisi in Akure. So what are you guys telling me, I know what I’m saying. So you guys should do as I say now!

Soma: I’m alone right now.

Jay: Same here

Me: Onochie?

Onochie: I’m still in the room.

Me: Then do as I say, exit the room now!

Few minutes later

Me: Are we all good now?

All: Yes

Feso: So why did you summon us Zite?

Me: Who among you dated Crystal back in School and what did you do to her” I said raising my voice.

Onochie: So all this is about Crystal our great grand friend! (He Laughed)
Me: Don’t bring that your Tom and Jerry relationship with Crystal here abeg.

Feso: Definitely not me, I was with Hauwa right from school.

Dume: Same here, Enitan and I started dating back in school.

Me: I’m with Bisi too, so we are left with Onochie, Soma and Jay.

Onochie: Not me either, I had a girlfriend while in school too.

Feso: Girlfriend or Girlfriends.

Dume: Feso you mean flings (Feso and Dume teased)

Onochie: Whatever, the good news is that I’m a changed person now. All thanks to Crystal.

Feso: Thank God for your life.

Soma: Not me though, I don’t have any serious relationship with anyone in school.

Dume: That’s through he never had a stable relationship then. Jay you are not talking. ____________________Toyin Taiwo

Jay: What do you expect me to say, we are just six and five already opted out and I’m here still wondering what’s going on among us because it’s not me.

Me: Oh goodness! I don die, so who dated her back then. Please talk the person is among us Crystal already admitted to that fact this night.

Feso: Why did she denied it all this while.

Me: Trust me she won’t give a name.

Dume: The person in question should talk na, or are you under an oath or something.

Feso: Right now I’m speechless.

Me: One of us hurt Crystal badly and we all know Crystal doesn’t deserve this. She brought us all together. We are all friends with her separately before she brought us all together. We got to know each other through her and look at the nine of us today, we are inseparable, two of us is even dating her best friends.

Dume: Seriously, this is unfair to her, let the guy in question talk and let’s trash it out once and for all.

Feso: And fix this mess or else…

Onochie: Or else what?

Me: Then this stupid friendship circle is over. I give that person just one month to come out clean and that is before our next picnic. Also the next quarterly get together is going to be different this time.

Jay: How?

Me: Everyone has to come with his partner. No excuse this time.

Feso: Yes we don’t want to hear my babe is not in town.

Dume: That includes the two Americanas among us.

Onochie: What about Jay that is dating a white girl?

Jay: No problem, she’s longing to meet you all before now. She’ll come.

Me: Good, goodnight guys, have a wonderful night rest.

All: Good night

Me: Hold on guys, this must not be mention on the WhatsApp group chat and the ladies must not hear about it. No pillow talk o.

All: Ok.

And everyone disconnected.
I smashed my phone on the bed, when I ended the call.
“I couldn’t believe non of the guys confessed” I said pacing up and down the room with my hands on my head.

“Crystal, who is the guy? Damn! She will never answer that question” I scratched my head. Then I heard my second phone ringing.

It was my fiance, I picked the call. She noticed I wasn’t in good mood but I told her I was fine contrary to the way I was feeling. She asked if I was back home. She also asked after Crystal. I told her I already dropped her off. Unknowing to her the same Crystal’s case is the one giving me an headache.

We talked for some minutes before she disconnected, my mind was not really in our conversation, I was filled with the thought of Crystal and her mystery ex-lover.



Part 4
©️Toyin Taiwo

I woke up in the middle of the night to check around the house and check on my daughter as well, my usual habit. I thought about last night. I suspected something is off about Crystal last night. She wasn’t smiling when she came in, I was about to ask if she was ok before she feigned a smile that over rule my suspicion. On a good day, my daughter will never have spoken to me that way. I know how much she cherished me. She is not a rude child, she doesn’t even talk back at me. Even why she was a teenager, she wasn’t rebellious. God really helped me in raising her well.

Definitely something is bothering her. But Crystal prefers to cover up her pain than share it with me. She doesn’t like bothering me with her personal problems but I wish she could let me in. I just pray she finds a soul mate soon so she could pour out her heart to him.

I opened the door of my room and to my surprise, I saw my daughter lying on the floor asleep.

Fresh tears flows from my eyes when I saw her. I started blaming myself. I should have open the door to her when she knocked and pleaded with me last night.
I pulled her up and guarded her with my arms. She was half asleep, half awake. I lay her on my bed and covered her with the duvet.

“ Mummy….

“Sleep my baby” I said smoothening her hair and she drifted back to sleep.
____________________Toyin Taiwo


I woke up the next morning and found myself on my mum’s bed. I can’t remember how I got there at first but I later remembered.

My mum came out of the bathroom cladded in a blue towel

“Good morning Mummy”

“Good morning my Crystal”

“Mum, I’m sorry for the things I said to you last night, I didn’t mean it that way. I was a little bit upset last night, I wasn’t even thinking…..

“It’s ok, I understand perfectly well but if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m always here. You can always cry on my shoulder. You are a big girl now but you are still my baby” “Thank you ma”

“Now go take your bath and let’s prepare for church”

“Ok ma, we are going in your car o, I don’t feel like driving”

“No way, we are going in your car and you will be my chaperone for today” I said.

Happy that she was back to her good and cheerful mood.

“You win mum” I said on my way out of her room.

I got to my room and thought about my discussion with Zite, the other night. I just pray he doesn’t take the matter up with our friends. I know how over protective he could be when it comes to my case.

I remembered how we all started this wonderful friendship circle and smiled.

“Crystal, you have 20minutes left”

My mum’s voice jolted be out of reverie. I quickly rushed into the bathroom to have my bath.

30minutes later, I joined her downstairs and left the house for church.

After service, a young lady came to greet my Mum. She Introduced us, my mum was the one who invited her to our church. She had already told me about Ezinne during the week. She’s Igbo, She stays in our neighborhood and she’s new in Lagos. She just finished her NYSC and was retained at the telecommunication company where she served. She use to patronize my mum’s supermarket and that’s how she got to know her. Mum said she came to the supermarket wearing a very revealing dress which my mum did not like, she had to call her mentored her on indecent dressing. My mum led her to Christ and that was how they started their Mummy and daughter relationship.

My mum invited her over for lunch but we drove up separately because she came in her car. I take it that she’s from a rich home for a fresh graduate to own that kind of a car.

We got home, I changed and went straight to the kitchen to prepare lunch. Ezinne offered to help, I insisted but my mum asked me to allow her, so she joined me in the kitchen. We dished the food and ate together at the dinning room.

After eating, we went back to the sitting room and started just to know her better.

She’s a sweet girl and beautiful. I’m not gay but I love beautiful ladies. I like already no doubt. I told her I’ve always longed to have Igbo girlfriend, at last my dream just came true. _______________Toyin Taiwo

Crystal was really getting along with Ezinne and I was so happy. Ezinne had no friends here in Lagos aside her colleagues at her work place, I wished she could be among the click of Crystal’s friends. She’s an orphan I could imagine what she would have gone through without her parents. Been raised by members of a family can’t equate to a parental love. Although according to her, she was treated well.

They even bought her a car when she graduated with a first class and she also got her parents insurance policy money that had been sustaining her.

“Crystal, why don’t you introduce Ezinne to your friends, she really needs such company because I want her to mingle with the right set of people here in Lagos” I said interrupting their chat.

” I thought of it too, but we are nine already, I don’t know if they’ll like the idea but I’ll talk to them” Crystal replied.

“Please do, thank you”

“Thank you Crystal. Mummy use to tell me about you and your friends who are like children to her” Ezinne said smiling.

“You are welcome, now let me gist you about them” said Crystal.

“Let me leave you to your gist, I’ll be in my room. Ezinne, I already told you, you are free to come into my room anytime. So let me know when you are going”

“Yes ma, thank you ma.”

I got back to my room and remembered I want to call Zite. I unplugged my phone from the socket where I was charging and placed the call.

“Hello Zite, Kedu”

“Odinma, Mummy. Happy Sunday ma”

“I wish you the same my dear. I called for two things. First, I do not like the idea of your girlfriend staying with you for a whole week, you are a child of God, you should know better”

“Mummy, I’m going to be very honest with you. You know she stays in Akure, you can’t compare me to Dume and Feso, their fiance stays in Lagos. Bisi can’t just come and leave the same day or the following. The only time we spend quality time with each other is when we are both on leave”
_________________Toyin Taiwo

“I understand but….

“Mummy, you may not believe me but we don’t sleep with each other, she stays in the guest room. The only time I see her underwear is when she spread it inside the bathroom”

“I believe you my son”

“Thank you for believing me ma”

“The second thing I want to discuss with you is about Crystal. What happened to her last night. She wasn’t in a good mood when you drop her off. Did you guys had a fight or something” I enquired.

“No ma, I noticed her mood swing last night too but I’m working on it. She’ll be fine ma”

“Do you know if she’s in any relationship I don’t know of”

“I don’t think so, not to worry ma, we’ll iron things out”

“Thank you by son, God bless you”

“Amen ma”

“Have a lovely week ahead dear””

“You too ma, bye” He replied and I ended the call.

An hour later, Crystal stroll into my room with Ezinne

“Hi mum, hope I’m not disturbing?”

“Not at all, you are through with your gist, right?”

“I just told her about myself and briefed her about my friends”

“I’m glad you girls get along fast, at last you have a Igbo girlfriend” I teased her.

“Yes ma, and I’m sure Hauwa and Enitan will die of jealous”

“Ezinne, it’s true o, you have a very big competition before you”

“Don’t worry there’s plenty room in my heart to accommodate the three of them” Crystal said.

“I trust you, so Ezinne how much do you know” I asked.

“Ok….they are nine in number, three ladies, six guys. I know their names too…. Dume, Feso, Jayamma, Onochie, Soma, Zite, Hauwa, Enitan and Crystal herself.
______________Toyin Taiwo

“Really!” I said.

“That’s not all I know. I also know that Feso is engaged to Hauwa”

“Ehn en….I exclaimed

“Ehm…Dume is engaged to Enitan and the rest are dating outside the circle.

Yes….Also Zite’s fiance’s name is Bisi and she stays outside Lagos”

“Smart girl” I said giving her a round of applause. Don’t worry you will soon meet them all they are all beautiful and handsome. You will really love their company.

God bless you